2009 Craftsman LT2000 Model 28907 19.5 HP 42 Inch Lawn Tractor Review

This tractor has been discontinued by Craftsman

Craftsman LT 2000 6 Speed

Craftsman LT 2000 6 Speed

Craftsman LT 2000 19.5 HP/42″ Lawn Tractor

Sears item# 07128907000 Mfr. model# 28907

For $100 dollars more than the Model 28903 you get a completely redesigned lawn mower for 2009.  The model features the new Craftsman style, step through operator’s platform, pressurized lube engine, and a 42 inch deck redesigned around the  46 inch Model 28724 Consumer Reports 2008 Best Buy.

If you want an inexpensive mower that will mow smaller lawns well (under 2 acres) and last you many years this is the cheapest mower in the Craftsman lineup that will do the job for you.


6 speed gear drive transmission

19.5 Briggs & Stratton Gold Series Full Pressure Engine with oil filter

42 inch 2 blade mower deck. 13 gauge steel

11 gauge steel frame with steel front axle.

2 year warranty (manufacture defects only), optional 3 yr Protection Agreement (covers all of the lawn tractor including wear and tear, labor, and attachments bought with the mower)


This is also a lawn tractor and is capable of pulling all the non-ground engaging attachments Sears offers.


No gauge wheels.  If your lawn is hilly and rough gauge wheels helps to keep the deck from gouging and tearing up your lawn.

There are not a lot of  negatives with this mower as long as you understand that it is a good quality inexpensive mower designed to mow lawns well.  I like this lawn mower for what it is designed for.  It is capable of pulling a small garden cart, spreading fertilizer and other LIGHT yard work but I would not recommend this lawn tractor for anything else.  It is too small to effectively plow snow and to lightweight and under powered to push a 42 inch snow thrower adequately.

After you use your new mower for a while,  come back and tell us how well you like your Craftsman LT 2000 6 speed!

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  1. I bought this new in 2009. With the 4th season coming up, I may have used it to the equivalence of one year. The first season, the valves were loose to the point that the top was almost 1/4″ off! No where in the user manual does it say to have them adjusted at a certain point. A week or two after setting the valves, the lower push rod (VERY cheap aluminum) broke and I replaced it with steel. Beginning the 2nd season, I couldn’t get the tires to hold air and had to replace all 4. Also, the brake pucks were worn down to almost nothing. Replaced them and within 2 months had to replace them again (year 4 – now – I had to replace them again). The clutch does not engage, even with my foot on the pedal to the very bottom. The mower will not go into gear OR come to a stop. My wife was using it with me nearby and she went down a hill and was unable to stop, putting her into the middle of a highway! Of 3 mowers I have owned, this has got to be the most troublesome one yet. One would think that $1200 – $1300 for a riding mower you could get more than 3 years out of it.
    My opinion – Buy something else (which now I see this is discontinued and I understand why!).
    Pros – powerful motor (when running); cutting circumference very good (replaced the blades just 2 months after buying); comfortable enough for a riding mower; easy access to belts
    Cons – I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Poor workmanship; problematic engine; poor braking/clutch operation; totally unreliable; poor user manual.

    • @ Brian, That lawn tractor is now an Ariens 42 in 17.5 HP 6-speed Riding Lawn Mower sold at the Home Depot. Yes, Craftsman decided to change manufactures on the lawn tractor line in 2011 and it was one of the best decisions they have made. The new lawn tractor series all have pressurized lube motors and better transmissions. The new 2013 Lawn tractors do not have any of the problems the 2007-2009 had. Because of the change the line has gone from “repair-prone” to “best buy” by the leading review magazine.

  2. lt 2000 lawn tractor manual clutch too sensitive??.

    I have owned the LT2000 for 1yr. no problems except for manual clutch.

    Need a fix or help , this can be dangerous.

    • @ Arwin,

      I don’t have a good answer for you, but I do have a few practical solutions.

      On most of the manual lawn tractors the clutches are sensitive. It doesn’t matter what brand or model. Most of them get a little better when the drive belt wears after a year or so. The clutch is simply a lever that releases the tension on the belt from the engine to the transmission. The spring attached to the lever also provides the proper tension for the belt to drive the trans. It is pretty much an on-off type system. There is no “feathering” like you can do on a car, truck or farm tractor.

      I know a few guys who went to a hardware store and found a weaker spring for the clutch engagement. This works, but also make the drive belt slip more and wear out faster.

      My suggestion is to rest your heel on the floorboard and then slowly release the clutch with your toe. You can also put the transmission in a low gear and then with the mower moving, just move the gear lever to the speed you want without depressing the clutch. It will jerk a little from gear to gear, but it is better than the jerk from the clutch. You really don’t have to put in the clutch each time you change gears….. just when you go to reverse or stop do you have to use the clutch.