Craftsman PTY 9000 Model 28972 26 HP 48 inch Professional Yard Tractor Review

This Tractor Has Been Replaced with the Craftsman Premium CTX Tractors!  

Craftsman Professional PYT 9000 26 HP 48 Inch Yard Tractor Model 28972 Review

Sears item# 07128972000 Mfr. model# 28972

PYT9000 Model 28972 26 hp 48 inch Craftsman Professional

PYT9000 Model 28972 26 hp 48 inch Craftsman Professional

The PYT 9000 model 28972 comes with the Briggs & Stratton 26 hp ELS V twin engine. It features a heavy duty 48 inch precision cut deck, Electric clutch,  deluxe analog gauges, and tricked out front bumper.

The 48 inch deck is a made of thicker steel than the decks on the red and gray Craftsman mowers.  The deck is vented on the top to allow more air into the deck allowing the airflow of the cutting blades to stand the grass up better.

If you want a decent mower that will mow 2 acres or more well and can handle a snow thrower this is one of the best mowers in the Craftsman lineup.


Premium hydrostatic/ automatic transmission with fender control

26 hp Briggs & Stratton ELS (Extended Life Series) V-Twin Engine

Heavy duty 48″ precision cut deck with 4 adj. gauge wheels. Spring loaded deck lift system. Washout port on deck.

Electric clutch for ease of engaging the blades

Cast iron front axle., Bumper included, Deluxe gauges

High-back seat with automotive style adjustable seat system

2 year full warranty (manufacture defects only), 5 year frame/front axle, optional 3 yr Protection Agreement (covers all of the lawn tractor including wear and tear, labor, and attachments bought with the mower)


The 28972 is unique to the Craftsman line.  It is the only mower for 2009 with a 48 inch deck.  It fills a gap where the 42 inch decks are too small and the 54 inch decks are too big.  I think the PYT9000 28972 represents a good value and a machine that if taken care of properly will last you a long time.

As you know I like Kohler engines, but Briggs & Stratton has really produced a great motor in the Extended Life Series.  The Briggs engineers I know are proud of this motor and feel it is the best motor Briggs has ever produced and maybe the best motor for lawn tractors in production today.  The ELS motor  features  advanced debris management, anti-vibration system, chrome plated exhaust valve, Dura-Bore Cast Iron Sleeve (cylinder liner), full pressure lubrication with spin-on oil filter, heavy-duty upper bearing, and automotive style oil fill tube and dipstick.

This yard tractor is capable of handling all the non-ground engaging attachments Sears offers including a snow blade and snow thrower.


Do not confuse the PYT 9000 with a commercial mower.  While this mower is built better than the normal consumer mower it does not have the features or the life expectancy of a true commercial machine.  (No one makes a commercial “lawn tractor”)  Commercial mowers have 7 gauge, 5 inch deep decks and 1/4 inch thick box tube frames.  Commercial mowers cost thousands more than consumer models. (A typical 48 inch commercial mower costs 7 to 10 thousand dollars )

There are very few negatives with this mower as long as you understand that it is a good quality mid-sized riding lawn mower designed to mow lawns well. It is heavier built than a normal consumer mower.  I like this lawn mower for what it is designed for. It is capable of pulling a wide range of attachments.

Craftsman Professional PYT 9000 26 HP 48 Inch Yard Tractor Model 28972 Review

Sears item# 07128970000 Mfr. model# 28970 


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  1. @Colin, You should be using SAE 30 when you are using your tractor in temperatures above 32 degrees. You may use 5W-30 when the temperatures are less than 32 degrees (W stands for winter)

    Always use a high quality motor oil. API rated SG-SJ or the new SN

    Kohler also allows you to use their 10W-30 oil in all Kohler engines.

    Briggs has a 5W-30 synthetic that they allow you to use in all temperatures.

    Your confusion may be someone told you to use a specific oil for “commercial” engines. The Kohler Command and Briggs Vangard series are commercial grade. Your “pro” engine is a residential grade with additional features that make it better than the Kohler Courage and Briggs Intek engine series.

    Briggs and Kohler both recommend using regular oil. Personally I used Mobil ONE in my commercial mower engines. I ran a few over 2500 hrs without any issues.

  2. Hi, Paul.
    What kind of oil should I use ? traight 30-W or synthetic 5w-30. I have heard that syn 5w-30 is the best for the pro series. What do you think? Please help. Thank you.

  3. Hi Colin, You need the yellow filter.

    Briggs & Stratton doesn’t tell us why but the Yellow ELS Filter can be used on any of their pressure lubricated engines (most Intek™, Vanguard™, Extended Life Series™ and Professional Series™ OHV engines and selected L-head twin cylinder).

    This includes all the Gold, Platinum and Professional series motors in the Craftsman line.

    The Black Filter (with the yellow label) on the other hand should only be used on the Intek™ and Vanguard™ OHV engines. This includes only the Silver and Gold series motors in the LT 1500-2000) series.

    NAPA may have a filter that mimicks the Yellow B&S filter.

  4. Hi Paul,
    My name is Colin I bought this tractor this year and this is my first oil change. I went to Napa gave them the oil filter model number and the tech guy told me that Brigg and Stratton oil filters are all the same (even I told them that it was pro and 26 horse power series) went home and changed the oil. A week latter I was @ Sears and the tech guy told me a different version. I bought the correct filter anyway. Now I’m confused, please help, what should I do?

    Thank Paul

  5. I just bought my PYT 9000 46 inch deck,luv it and hope not to have problems. Very powerful compared to the Husky 2448.

    Paul your support of the product is amazing-please keep me in the info loop.



  6. @Vance,

    This is the last three blade 48 inch Sears made. The new ones are two blade 42, two blade 46 and three blade 50 inch. Remember, if you purchased the Protection Plan there is a lemon clause and you should be able to get the tractor replaced.

  7. I bought one of these in October 2009. I have have problems with many things falling apart. It is still under warranty and the technician has had to come out three times already and will be here again in another week or so. The parts that he has ordered in the past and now are the wrong ones. I am assuming that it is because the machine is discontinued. The mower works well when it is running, but I have not been able to use it for 2 of the 7 months that I have had it because of the issues it has had. The deck lever plate pops out, so I cannot adjust the height. Something has come loose in the deck and the blade hits it, so now I cannot mow at all. I've had 2 flats. The bumper nearly fell off and every piece of rubber imaginable has fallen off. The engine runs great, but I would have preferred that the mower would have had the parts tightened correctly and adheared better and that they would have focused on making the rest of the machine work as well as the engine. The tires appear to be super thin because I have not used it to tow with or drive over anything unusual. Sears service line is a headache. I have talked to 5 people today just to get someone to have the tech to give me a call so that we could get the right parts order, hopefully. The service line people are programed like robots and shuffle you from department to department as the repeat their scripted apologies over and over again without solving the issue. At least that is all of them except one who was actually able to think outside the box and has sent word to have my technician give me a call. Really, when this mower has past its time, I strongly doubt I will ever consider a Craftsman mower again.

  8. @Roy,

    Over on the right side of the screen you will see a banner for SearsPartsDirect. Write down the code in the banner and then click on the link.

    It will take you to the Sears parts site. Enter your model number (it's under the seat and starts with 917.28972- ) Using the diagrams and lists order the parts you need. Use the code you wrote down during the checkout to give you a 10% discount. If you are looking for something specific and you can't find it write back and we will help.

  9. How am I to buy maintenance parts for the PYT 9000 Model 28972 48" 26hp mower now that Sears no longer lists this product for sale?

  10. @John, There are few 28972’s around. My Sears up here has a bunch of 28970, 28933, 28908, and the rear engine rider. For everyone, you should be able to use the link in the article and go to Put in your zipcode and see what is available in your area.

  11. I just bought one these at my local Sears Store. It was “on Sale” and marked as a clearance item. I bought the floor model. After looking at other lawn tractors in the 1300-1800 range I knew I found a great deal. I hope I was right.

  12. Paul your assessment of this 48″tractor is right on target. The only next step for the public is another 3000.00 or more and go with a professional mower. My son bought 2-1/2 acres back in June of 09 and of course he needed a tractor. I let him use my 3 year old LT1042 42″Cub with a Kohler, and of course he likes it and when I cut his yard for him two weeks later I told him he would need a 46″ deck or so. After looking at the new Cubs LTX1046’s I felt the quality was falling off from my LT series, So I started looking at other mowers and talked to some Lawn Mower shops and one name kept coming up. Craftsman Professional Series. Sears had them on sale, but I had to drive two states west to pick this thing up because they were selling out everywhere, but it was well worth it, The Deck, and steel hood scream quality and the ELS engine is super strong and the front bumper is extremely strong. It cut the yard about 30 to 45 minutes quicker than my 42″ (is that about what you would have guessed?) and as my son said, Dad this is a man’s tractor. Well I love my Cub and its been solid for 3 years, but I wasn’t confident with the new ones and the saleman wasn’t either. Yeah this mower I feel is better than mine, but isn’t that what we want for our children. I highly recommend this mower and feel confident it will last for sometime to come. Yes, when I picked it up, Sears cranked it and made sure the PTO worked and it ran well, But 24 hours later we broke it in on 2-1/2 acres and just loves cutting grass, Yeah the 26 HP BS sounds great and is stronger than my Kohler 19 HP, but it should be right? Thanks Paul, and keep up the good work.

  13. @John

    The current snow thrower is designed for 2006 and new tractors. Sears does not make a retro-fit kit for your older snowthrower to the 2006-2009 machines.

    The model 24838 snowthrower will fit ALL the current YT, GT, PYT, and PGT series tractors. It will NOT fit the Revolution.

    Most people want a 42" or 46" deck for their suburban yards and the rest want a big deck (54") for their acreages. The 48" has not been popular and because of that there is only one tractor left with that deck.

    The GT and PGT are the ONLY two tractors Sears recommends for heavy-duty use. From what I have heard the K46 trans is no longer being produced and will be replaced next year.

    Think of a hydro just like the accelerator on your car. To go up hill you have to press harder on the accelerator. Even with the $26,000 commercial mowers (New Holland Boomer) the hydro's take more power to go up a hill than on flat level ground.

    The Courage Kohlers I have seen in the GT tractors I have seen have a manual choke. The only carb/ignition problems I have heard of is on the 28 hp Briggs. The ignition module for that motor is on extended back-order

    The hoods are metal with plastic front grill. They are lasting well.

  14. there anyway to find out if my current Craftsman Snow Thrower 486.24853 will fit this machine? Or for that matter the upgraded Garden Tractors? My 2001 DLT 2000 #27223 is on it's last legs. That 20 HP Kohler was a really bad design..Head Gasket problems, and is starting to smoke again, and I'm tired of the machine nickle and diming me. Other than the motor, and I can't blame Sears for that..the tractor has been good, so I'm considering another Craftman. If this Snow Thrower will fit the newer models…this is a huge plus….cost wise. It states on the Sears website that the 42" Thrower is for tractors with 20" tires, so I'm concerned that if I did go for a GT that it wouldnt fit properly since all GT's have 23" tires.

    Also do you think the K46 is up to the task? I would rather have a manual trans, thats what I have now, and NEVER had a problem with the trans…but Sears doesnt make a heavy duty manual with a 48" deck. Seems like if I want that, I have to go to a GT which only comes in a 54" deck. I don't understand that decision as well….but it is what it is! My concern here is that part of my property is sloped, and I heard of some slowing down with the hydrostatic trans in particular on slopes and now I'm worried with pushing snow on top that this could be a problem. I heard the K66 is beefier, but I don't think that trans is offered on any Sear tractors. I also read that a 730? trans is good, but I don't know if that is offered on any Sears tractors as well.

    I also heard some complaints about an electric choke on this model….is that true? No manual choke? What are your thoughts on that? Someone wrote that you have to turn the key on and off a few times to get the choke to open full.

    Is the hood metal or at least some stronger material on this tractor? My current DLT was plastic and it cracked day one from hitting the Snow Blower mounts.

    Many Thanks In Advance! Hope this wasnt to lengthy and you didn't have to go crazy with research on the Snow Thrower.