2010 Yard-Man Zero Turn 50 inch 22 hp Model 28983 Review

Another new model for Sears this year is the Yard Man 50 inch Zero Turn.  This economical is capable of cutting your mowing time over a conventional lawn tractor.  It features a Kohler motor and twin hydrostatic transmissions. If you have a relatively flat property and are looking for a cheaper machine to quickly mow your lawn the Yard Man Zero Turn is for you.


Read My Review Below These Specs:

Brand: Yard Man
Series: Zero Turn Tractor
Model: 28983
Ca Model: None
Engine HP: 22
Engine Brand: Kohler Courage
Cylinders: 2
Transmission: Twin Hydrostatic
Transmission Control: Dual Lever
Mower Width: 50 inches
Blades: 3
Cutting Positions: 6
Gauge Wheels: 4
Washout port: Yes
Blade Engagement: Electric
Turning Radius: Zero Turn
Front Axle:
Rear Tires: 18 x 8.5
Seat: High Back
Slide Seat Adjust: Yes
Service Minder: No

My Review:


This machine is cheap for a 50 inch zero-turn.  It is a fairly solid unit and from what I can see will mow your lawn as well as the other “under $3000” zero turns on the market.

The oscillating front axle is a nice feature.  This gives you a smoother ride than the older zero turns and allows better traction for the rear wheels.

This is a relatively light unit so an inexperienced driver will not tear up the lawn quickly.


I measure all zero-turns against a the commercial ExMark Laser Z and a Toro Grandstand.  The Laser Z is one of the few zero turn’s that mows well, and doesn’t tear up your lawn easily.  The Toro Grandstand is one of the few zero turns that can mow on slopes.

Like all residential zero turns this Yard Man is great for trimming and getting the yard mowed much faster than a conventional lawn tractor but you will not like it for mowing hilly areas.  The zero-turn’s inherent design makes it unsuitable for hills.

I am not a fan of any of the current residential zero-turns.  Husqvarna currently is the only manufacture who has made an effort to develop a good line of zero-turn.  The rest of the industry is still just following each other.

It is a twin lever zero-turn.  (If you are unfamiliar with driving one of these it will take some practice for you to mow your lawn without leaving “divots” at the turns.  Zero-turns do not have differentials like a lawn tractor. You have to keep the rear wheels moving like a differential does.  If you let the inside wheel of your turn stop you will pivot on that wheel and dig a hole in your turf.)

It rounded rear tires.  With a zero-turn tires that are flat across the treads tear up your lawn the least.

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I will add accessories in a few weeks.

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