2010 Craftsman LT1500 42 inch 17.5 hp Model 28901 Review

This mower has been updated: Go here to read my review: Craftsman 42 in 17.5 hp LT 1500 Lawn Tractor Model 28881 Review

The LT Yard Tractor is all new this year.  It features a B&S Silver series motor and a 7 speed shift on the go transmission.  The mower has no history and I will not have a chance to test it until April 15.   So … this review will only cover a visual inspection and my first impressions of the machine.

Listed on Sears,com as: Craftsman 17.5 hp 42 inch Lawn Tractor


Read My Review Below These Specs:

Brand: Craftsman

Series: LT1500
Model: 28901
Ca Model: 28911
Engine HP: 17.5
Engine Brand: Briggs & Stratton Silver
Cylinders: 1
Transmission: 7 speed shift on-the-go
Transmission Control: Fender Control with Foot Clutch
Mower Width: 42 inches
Blades: 2
Cutting Positions: 5
Gauge Wheels: None
Washout port: No
Blade Engagement: Manual
Turning Radius: 18 inches
Front Axle: Welded Tube
Rear Tires: 18 x 9.5
Seat: Low Back
Slide Seat Adjust: No
Service Minder: No

My Review:

This mower is considerably different than the 2009 Model 28901 from last year.  While it has the same gray paint scheme, the frame, deck, transmission, tires, controls and overall appearance are different.

The deck is very similar to the deck on the Yard Man Model 28906.

The frame is an “U” design.  It appears to be strong and stiff for the price range of the mower.  I don’t expect you to have any problems with this design.

That’s it for now.  When I get a chance to drive it and as it gets some history I will update this review.

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  1. Do they make a snow plow attachment? Would it be able to handle a half dozen 6" snows on a 1/4 mile driveway? We have a cabin in Northern Minnesota and we wonder if it could do the job. Sales person at sears said the welded front end wouldn't handle a plow.

    • @James,

      Sears does not offer a blade or snowthrower for the 2010 Gray Tractors. Snow plows are really hard on tractors and this tractor is designed for mowing only.

      You get a lot more snow there than I do in Eau Claire. Plus, with a cabin you most likely would not get to plowing the snow until it has a chance to settle which makes it really hard to scrape off a drive. Even the red Craftsman's are not heavy enough to work that kind of snow.

      I would recommend no less than a 28947 with weights, chains and a dozer blade for a 1/4 mile drive. Or hire a plow to come in and clean it when you want to use the cabin.


    • @John,

      Where are you from? I’m going to guess Parkersburg….

      Yes there is a 2 bin soft bagger available. Search on sears.com for 24019. The mulch kit is 33748. You can order it off my site through sears and then pick it up at the Waterloo Store or even the Mason City Store.

      By the way the 28902 has a pressurized Briggs with an oil filter. If you have side-hills to mow you may want to consider this tractor.