2010 Craftsman LT2000 42 inch 19.5 hp Model 28902 Review

This mower has been updated: Go here to read my review: Craftsman 42 in 19.5 hp LT 2000 Model 28884 Lawn Tractor Review

The LT Yard Tractor is all new this year.  For about $100 more than the 28901 you get a B&S Gold series motor.  The mower has no history and I will not have a chance to test it until April 15.   So … this review will only cover a visual inspection and my first impressions of the machine.

Listed on Sears.com as: Craftsman 19.5 hp 42 inch Lawn Tractor

Series: LT2000
Model: 28902
Ca Model: None
Engine HP: 19.5
Engine Brand: Briggs & Stratton Gold
Cylinders: 1
Transmission: 7 speed shift on-the-go
Transmission Control: Fender Control with Foot Clutch
Mower Width: 42 inches
Blades: 2
Cutting Positions: 5
Gauge Wheels: None
Washout port: No
Blade Engagement: Manual
Turning Radius: 18 inches
Front Axle: Welded Tube
Rear Tires: 18 x 9.5
Seat: Mid-Back
Slide Seat Adjust: Yes
Service Minder: No

My Review:

This mower is considerably different than the 2009 Model 28902 from last year.  While it has the same gray paint scheme, the frame, deck, transmission, tires, controls and overall appearance are different.

The deck is very similar to the deck on the Yard Man Model 28906.

The frame is an “U” design.  It appears to be strong and stiff for the price range of the mower.  I don’t expect you to have any problems with this design.

That’s it for now.  When I get a chance to drive it and as it gets some history I will update this review.

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  1. Just picked one of these up at my local Sears for $989 plus a free 2 year warranty. Not bad at all I don’t think considering the 2011 comparable model with a 17.5 hp engine is going for $999 right now. Anyone else have any more thoughts on this tractor? I won’t be able to use it until the spring, still snow up here in New England.

  2. I’m looking to buy my first tractor. My local sears store has one of these 2010 models. Were you ever able to review this tractor more thoroughly and do you have any comments on how this model will compare to the 2011 model? Thanks!

    • @Dk, Yes, I did get a seasons worth of reactions to this mower. There is nothing basically wrong with the 2010’s but the 2010’s had a few items that the customers did not like. The 2011’s have all those little quirks fixed. Namely, the seat sits at a better angle, the gas tank holder is stronger, the levers are more robust, the seat is easier to adjust, and the brake pedal is more ergonomic. The steering components are beefed up to reduce the play in the steering and the hood looks better (less like a Transformer)

      The 2011’s will be on the store floors Mid-Feb so you may want to wait and see the new models. I personally feel the 2010 will still be sitting there at that time and you can make your decision then.

      If you can get the 2010 at 30% off retail (there is a Family & Friends night coming up Jan 9) …………..