2011-2013 Craftsman Tractors Exclusive Turn Tight Technology

2011 Craftsman Tractors Exclusive Turn Tight Technology


Craftsman’s new & exclusive Turn Tight Technology gives Craftsman tractors the tightest turning radius of any yard or garden tractor in the industry.  The 2011 Sears Craftsman Yard and Garden Tractors will beat the turning radius on ALL other brands, even the Cub Cadet!  This new technology is close to the practical limits of all the residential zero-turn mowers on the market today at a much better price.

This exciting new technology can only be found at Sears.

I personally like that this new feature will be offered on not just the higher priced tractors, but will be available on models ranging from $1399 to $2999.  Almost everyone will be able to buy a tractor with Turn Tight Technology if you want.

Here are some of the things you should know about  Turn Tight Technology .

 Turn Tight Technology  Definition:

Turn Tight is a turning radius that enables a tractor to cut around small landscape objects.  The new steering has an industry leading 6 inch radius on 2011 Craftsman Yard and Garden tractors.

 Turn Tight Technology  Explained:

“Turn Tight utilizes an innovative steering system accomplished through a patent pending control system that allows the front wheels to increase their turning range without contacting the mower deck or tractor chassis.  With this technology, the wheels turn to match their corresponding radius, i.e. the inside wheel matches the inside radius and the out side wheel matches the outside radius of the turn.” (This means the inside wheels have the same track and the outside wheels have the same track around an object.)

Turn Tight Advantages Over Competition:

It is the tightest turning radius available on a non-zero turning tractor.  The turning radius on Craftsman Yard and Garden tractors now exceeds their closest competition by over 30%. (Craftsman’s 30% improvement represents an 6″ turning radius on a Craftsman YT vs. a comparable Cub Cadet with a 12″ turning radius)

Here is a quick list of the common turning radius’s as posted on these manufacturer’s websites for 2011:

2013 Craftsman Yard & Garden Tractors:  6 inch.

2013 Craftsman Lawn Tractors 16 inch

2012 Cub Cadet Series 1000: 12 inch.

2013 Snapper 18

2013 Husqvarna: 14 inch.

2011 Toro LX series: 15 inch.

2011 Ariens and Poulan Pro Lawn Tractors: 16 inch.

2011 Troy-Bilt: 18 inch.

2013 Simplicity Broadmore:  18 inch.

2011 John Deere 100 Series: 18 inch. (Yes, that’s what they list on johndeere.com!)

Craftsman Turn Tight Technology

Turn Tight Facts:

A tractor’s turning radius is measured at the rear wheel when a tractor steering wheel is turned as far as possible while the tractor is moving. The smaller the turning radius, the easier it is to mow around obstacles and corners.

20 years ago 18 inches was considered quite good for a lawn, yard or garden tractor.


For the open areas, a tight turning radius allows you to quickly turn around and mow parallel to the last mowed swath in the opposite direction.  (If you are one of those people who likes a perfectly striped lawn this is a big advantage!) This is a big improvement from a tractor with a larger turning radius.  The larger turning radius requires more time to turn around and many times you have to use reverse to get lined back up for the next parallel mowing path.

A tighter turning radius indicates a smaller turn. As result, a tractor with a tighter turning radius is able to mow around smaller obstacles without having to back up.  This can save you a considerable amount of time when mowing a yard like mine with a lot of trees and landscape beds.  Since radius is 1/2 of a circles diameter, an 6″ turning radius will allow you to completely mow around a 16″ obstacle without backing up or making a second pass.

A tighter turning radius allows you to get around tighter mowing areas like sheds, landscape beds, bird baths, etc.  In many cases, you may not even need trim mower.

Here are the new Craftsman Mowers that feature Turn Tight!!

Find out more here!  Turn Tight Technology

Go Here to see large Pictures of the front axle! http://todaysmower.com/2011/article-craftsman-turn-tight-technology/


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