Craftsman YT 4000 46 inch 24 hp Riding Lawn Tractor Model 28857 Review

Introducing the 2011 Craftsman YT 4000 46 inch 24 hp Yard  Tractor Model 28857 with Turn Tight Technology. This new 46 in tractor let’s you spend a lot less time trimming your yard.  Get done faster without the problems of a zero-turn mower. This easy-to-use riding mower is great for your suburban lawn. It feature’s the great 24 hp Briggs & Stratton motor!
It’s Not The Best Lawn Tractor….It’s The Best Lawn Tractor For You!

My Rating of this Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower:

Craftsman Model 28857 with Turn Tight!

My Value/Cost Rating: Yard Tractor,  Mows Lawn Well, Mulches, Gets Through Fairly Tight Spaces Well.  Great for 1/2 to 2  Acre Lawns, Light Hauling, Light Snow Removal. Accepts Light Attachments & Bagger.

Type: Yard Tractor.
Engine Type: Better.
Transmission Type: Hydrostatic. explanation.
Speed Control: Pedal Infinite
Accepts Medium Duty Attachments:

Don’t Forget Your Trailer, Dethatcher, Aerator, Broadcast Spreader.

What I Like!

Half of you who buy a Craftsman tractor this year will buy a YT 3000 or YT 4000.  The leading consumer magazine and I have rated these mowers as a “Best Buy” and with the new Turn Tight Technology I feel they are the “best mower for about $1500.”   This is the best Craftsman for value, cut, durability and overall satisfaction for your typical suburban yard and snow removal for your driveway.  This Yard Tractor specifically has a 46 inch deck and 24 hp twin cylinder Briggs & Stratton engine. Please read my reviews of all the YT models so you can find the best yard tractor for you.  Over the last 2 years I have mowed with this 46 inch deck and it will cut as well or better than any other mid-sized deck from all the other brands.  You will not be disappointed with the cut.  With correct blades for your lawn the fully vented deck has good lift for poor lawns and gets rid of the grass evenly and quickly for well kept lawns.  With premium mulching blades and a mulch cover they mulch well.  With hi-lift blades both decks bag very well.

Watch the New Turn Tight Technology In Action!


Craftsman YT 4000 46 inch 24 hp Yard  Tractor Model 28857

Read More Here,Buy Here from Sears:Craftsman 46″ 24hp Turn Tight Hydrostatic Yard Tractor Non CA Up to 2 acres

My Review:

Priced at about $900 less than the highly comparable 48 inch D 160 John Deere and $200 less than the 23 hp LTX1046 Cub Cadet, this Craftsman is one of the best values on the market today.  This model features the new Craftsman Turn Tight Technology,  step through operator’s platform, B&S oil pump lube engine with oil filter, and a 46 inch deck that has been rated a Consumer Reports Best Buy. (2009 Model 28724)

The 28857 has a pedal control hydrostatic transmission.  This transmission is easy to use and will perform well for mowing and medium duty yard tasks.  (it drives more like your car)

If you want a mower that will mow 3/4 to 2 acres well, handle a snow thrower, and all the non-ground engaging attachments this is a great choice for you.  This tractor is heavy enough to handle moderately hilly and rough lawns.  There are other mowers in the Craftsman lineup that will mow faster, or pull more, but this is a great all around mowing machine.  This lawn tractor is one riding mower that will work well for your suburban lawn.

I like the mid-size YT 4000 series.  I think they represent a good value and a machine that if taken care of properly will last you a long time. If I didn’t have 34 inch gates to go through on my own yard I would seriously consider this model for myself.

This yard tractor is capable of using all the non-ground engaging attachments Sears offers including a snow blade.


The YT 4000 is heavy enough for a snow plow and snow thrower (with rear weights and chains).  Craftsman does make 4 other models that have larger tires and 6 other models that are heavier for areas of the country that get a lot of snow.

Final Thoughts:

I personally feel the new Turn Tight Technology this yard tractor changes the game for just about all residential yard owners.  For most of you this will mow as quickly as a residential zero-turn.  It is easier to drive, is easier on your lawn and less expensive than the comparable zero-turn models.  There is no “learning curve” like there is with a zero-turn. It will handle slopes that the residential zero-turns won’t.  And………it will pull stuff!

There are very few negatives with this mower as long as you understand that it is a good quality mid-sized mower designed to mow lawns well.  Take care of it (do the normal maintenance all lawn mowers need) and it will last you a long time.  I like this lawn mower for what it is designed for.  With the Turn Tight Technology and at around $1699 on sale it is a great value.

Product Description From Sears

Powerful, convenient, durable, and nimble, this yard tractor comes equipped with a Briggs & Stratton® 24 hp Platinum V-Twin engine for long-lasting performance and also features Craftsman’s exclusive Turn Tight™ technology which gives you the tightest turning radius of any yard tractor available in the market at 8″ for best in class maneuverability. A tighter turning radius lets you cut more closely around landscape obstacles and prevents you from needing to repeatedly reposition your tractor. Combining speed and versatility, this yard tractor gets the job done with a large 46″ deck for greater cutting area. Featuring foot pedal drive, this yard tractor is simple and easy to use, and your yard will be looking its best in no time.

  • Exclusive Craftsman Turn Tight™ technology delivers an 8″ turning radius
  • Exclusive 24 hp Briggs & Stratton® Platinum V-Twin Engine with full pressure lube
  • 46″ precision cut mowing system
  • 4 adjustable gauge wheels
  • Foot pedal drive for added convenience
  • Premium hydrostatic automatic transmission
  • Spring loaded deck lift system
  • Handy cup holder
  • Wider step thru area
  • Automotive type slide seat system
  • Weight: 526 lbs
  • Color: Black and red
  • Fully assembled
  • 2-year full, 5-year frame and limited lifetime front axle warranty
  • Not available for sale in California

Craftsman 46″ 24hp Turn Tight Hydrostatic Yard Tractor Non CA Up to 2 acres Buy Online – Pick Up At Your Nearest Sears, Buy Online – Have Delivered To Your Home.

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