Chat Live with John Deere Lawn Expert today 5/24/11 on Facebook!

Join John Deere live for a Facebook chat 5/24

Mark Schmidt, John Deere’s resident lawn expert, will be answering fan questions about Deere lawn equipment, yard care and gardening. Submit your questions now and we look forward to talking with you at 3pm ET!

Go to the Facebook link below and ask your questions for this afternoon.

I asked this question: Who/where makes the John Deere line sold in Home Depot and Lowes?  There have been a lot of rumors this year that they are being made by MTD.

John Deere

Great questions everyone! Another common question we received yesterday from Paul S. was “Who/where makes the John Deere line sold in Home Depot and Lowes?” The 100 Series, sold through the John Deere dealer network, The Home Depot, Lowes and online at, are manufactured in the U.S.A at the John Deere Power Products facility in Greenville, Tenn. See all of our worldwide locations here:


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