Stanley/Beast/DEK Commercial Zero Turn Mower Reviews

Dek/Stanley/Beast contacted me in April 2012 and clarified who makes these mowers and where the company ownership is located.   There is a lot of wrong information published on the web about this company so I really appreciated that they introduced themselves.

Fact: GXi Outdoor Power is a US based company who manufactures their products in china and completes final assembly in the US.

From GXi:


GXi Outdoor Power, LLC is a Licensee of Stanley Black & Decker.  GXi develops, manufactures and sells a range of outdoor power equipment targeted at high-end do-it-yourselfers and professionals. The products are sold under several brands including STANLEY®, Beast (The Home Depot®) and DEK®.  Products include commercial lawn mowers, brush mowers, pressure washers, chipper shredders, snow blowers and generators.   GXi differentiates its products through innovative designs, exclusive features, high quality, low cost manufacturing, strong marketing and superior customer service.  Headquartered in Clayton, NC, the company employs over 200 employees with worldwide operations in: Phoenix, AZ, Hong Kong, Fuzhou and Liaocheng, China. For additional information, please visit:www.gxioutdoorpower.com.

GXI is very proud of their mowers.  They spent considerable amount of time sending me specifications and literature about their machines.

They have repair facilities and prove-design at their Clayton, N.C. facility.

But, I am not going to review Stanley/Beast/DEK Zero Turn Mowers at this time.  Even though they seem to be at many retailers, I have not seen one, or test driven one, so I can’t honestly give you enough information to help you decide if these mowers are the best for you.

I will review them when I get enough info and there is an established maintenance history and sales record.

Stanley/Beast Mowers

What do you know about these mowers?  Do You own one? Leave your comments below.

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