2013-2015 Husqvarna LGT2654 Review | Beware! This Is Not A Garden Tractor!

My Opinion:  I first saw this mower at Lowes in 2012 and it had me confused.  It looked like a Garden Tractor but the price was too cheap. The data on Lowes was normally cryptic and Husqvarna did not have it listed. Well, Husqvarna finally has all the data sheets available so I am ready to write a review.

Lowes continues to sell this lawn tractor and lists it as a Garden Tractor. At least they don’t state it can handle hills or ground engaging equipment – because it can’t.

by: Paul Sikkema

The LGT2654  is not a Garden Tractor.

I don’t like to write negative reviews because I know that 98% of the time the manufacture’s build a lawn tractor specifically for a certain user and my goal on this blog is to match that customer to the right lawn tractor. But in this case it appears this mower is targeted solely as a way to get market share away from other retailers. I have no idea if Lowes intentionally has applied P.T. Barumn’s “There’s a sucker born every minute” rule or if the buyers just did not know what they were ordering when they set this tractor up. (Sorry Lowes, I know you read this blog regularly) Build.com does list this mower correctly as a lawn tractor. (Husqvarna 960 43 01-48 Self-Propelled 54″ 26HP Lawn Tractor 960 43 01-48)

Now in Lowes defense, the definition of a garden tractor was never clearly defined. Even Wikipedia/Garden Tractor reroutes to a page on lawn mowers. Popular Mechanics does have an older article on garden tractors  Comparison Test – 5 Garden Tractors. But the general consensus in the industry is a Garden Tractor is a dual purpose machine. Garden Tractors are intended to not only mow your lawn but to also pull ground engaging equipment. It can mow your lawn, disk up your garden and haul a full load of firewood out of the timber. The LGT2654  is not a Garden Tractor.

While the LGT2654 has a Garden Tractor Frame it does not have a garden tractor transmission. This tractor has a smaller, weaker lawn tractor transmission, the K46 Tuff-Torq installed.

If you actually want a Garden Tractor start your research by looking at the Craftsman G5000 Model 20403 or Craftsman Pro GT Model 20443 or 20445. Read my reviews here. Craftsman G5000 Review Craftsman Pro GT Review

If you want a lawn tractor with larger tires like this also look at the John Deere D170. The D170 has more history and the owners generally like the machine.

I am still not done with the negatives:

Before I discuss why you might actually want this tractor I still have a few more details of why this tractor is a poor design. I want you to completely understand why this is not a good garden tractor or even a good lawn tractor for some of you. If I am going to recommend a tractor I want you to feel confident that it will last and I have some concerns about the transmission life in this tractor.

Let’s get technical:  The K46 Tuff-Torq transmission in this tractor is very popular and you will find it in many of the current lawn tractors. John Deere, Craftsman, Husqvarna, Simplicity and others all use it. It is dependable and can be modified for many applications. But it does have limits and they are: 20 inch max tire size, 3/4 inch axles, 675 lbs axle load, and 170 ft lbs of torque. (A Garden Tractor trans has 1 inch axles, 700-1000 lb axle load and a minimum of 300 ft lbs of torque) Because the K46 is not rated for 22 inch tires on this tractor, I feel the torque applied to the transmission with these larger tires may cause premature transmission failure. Using it on hills will cause the trans to overheat and fail. When pulling loads (like firewood) the transmission may not even have enough torque to pull the load up a hill. Instead of spinning the tires if the load is greater than the traction this transmission may just stall out. I have had a few transmissions stall out on hills over the years and it is a very scary situation. You can’t go forward and backing down with a trailer is next to impossible. You really don’t dare to put in the clutch and use the parking brake because you know the brakes on lawn tractors just are not that good. About all you can do is turn off the tractor, get off and get out-of-the-way as it careens back down the hill. 

I am even concerned about installing a snow thrower or snow blade on this tractor because pushing that much weight may cause too much stress on the transmission.

What it is good for:

Flat lawns, no slopes or hills. The large tires will soak up bumps better than the smaller 20 inch tires on lawn tractors. Because of the larger tires the deck will lift up about 1 inch higher than a Craftsman YT4500 or Husqvarna YTH26V54.  A lot of us prefer to mow our bluegrass/fescue lawns at 4 inches or higher and this tractor’s lift will allow it to mow that high. If I had 2 acres or more and just wanted a larger lawn tractor to mow my lawn I would consider the YTH26V54. If I thought I would use ever it for landscape work, plowing snow or hauling more than mulch in my yard cart, I would look at a different mower.

Brand/Manufacture: Husqvarna
Model/Series: Lawn Tractor or Light  Garden Tractor
Item Number:  Item Number Varies By Retailer
Where To Buy: Husqvarna LGT2654 26 HP Hydro Light Garden Tractor, 54-Inch

Street Price: $2299.99

Basic Quality: (Cheap, Good, Best, Premium, Don’t Buy)  This is Husqvarna’s Good Quality. There is a better quality sold at your local Husqvrana Dealer.

Type: (Riding Mower, Lawn Tractor, Yard Tractor, Garden Tractor, Estate Tractor, Sub-Compact, Zero Turn, Stand-On) Lawn Tractor.
Compare it to: Craftsman YT-4500 



Great Deck
Good Price for the size!
Step-through Platform
Large tires, rides well!

Makes a mess when mulching
18 inch Turning Radius!
Transmission too small!

Summary: If you are looking for a yard tractor but you don’t need the Craftsman Turn Tight Steering or an 8 mph ground speed this may be for you.  This tractor uses the same hi-flow 54 inch deck as the  Craftsman YT-4500 . It is a good cutting deck and great for side discharge and bagging.

You will hear a lot of comments in the tractor forums about the idea that you need a fabricated deck when you get to this size (54 inch).    This deck has superior air flow over a fabricated deck.  It lifts the grass well and cuts it evenly. It throws the grass out the side discharge well and spreads it evenly.  You can use a bagger with this deck and not have to spend the extra $400 to $500 on a discharge blower. (a fabricated deck does not have the airflow this one has and you need to add a grass blower to it to use a bagger)

This lawn tractor will mow in reverse.

People who buy this lawn tractor know what they are buying and this is just what they want.

This article was first published at TodaysMower.com 

Comfort – Ease of Use:  Deluxe seat, easy to use operator controls, good field of view.  With large tires this tractor is comfortable to ride for this price range.

Power For Mowing:  This tractor has plenty of power for side discharge mowing and/or bagging every week.  It has plenty of power for mulching.

Reliability – New to 3 yrs: This tractor is serviced by your local Husqvarna dealer if you buy it from Lowes, Build.com or Northern Tool.

Handling – Traction/Steering:  This tractor has average traction and handling and is similar to all the other garden tractors.   I recommend you never use a mower like this on wet or drought-dry slopes.

Mow – Mulch- Bag:  This tractor’s deck gets high marks by owners for mowing and bagging but not for mulching.  This deck is a high-air-flow deck and cuts very evenly for a 54 inch deck.  But when you plug the discharge with a mulch plug the air still has to go somewhere.  The air comes out the right front and if you are mowing dry grass the clippings fly out there and usually right into your lap.  If you want to mulch all the time buy a Husqvarna with a fabricated deck.  With this tractor/deck you set the height of cut using a lever on the tractor.

Buy it here: Husqvarna LGT2654 26 HP Hydro Light Garden Tractor, 54-Inch

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Frank Garton

Have owned my LGT2654 for 4 years. I do not mow a level lawn. The frame has broken in to on both sides of the mower. I see now online that it’s a common problem. It has the Husqvarna name on it but every part I’ve bought has been generic to several other cheaper brands and now the frame is broken. I guess I’m one of Barnum’s suckers.

David a Kurzdorfer
Paul baught a Lt 2654 from Lowes had crappy transmission took a dump …own a nice piece of property almost 15 acreas mostly woods don’t need mower …but have a 600 feet one car wide driving way mostly gravel stone …looking to get a good snow blowing machine and tractor to pull a small wagon behind to haul a little bit of fire wood was wonder who makes a good little garden tractor I could buy to use …don’t need a huge $20grand tractor with attachments but would like something the size of the husqvara lt2654 becuse being disabled from… Read more »
Bradford DaPont

Paul, many thanks for your reply. Just a few more questions:
1. Does the 20383 Craftsman have a fender-mounted transmission speed control?
2. Does the 20383 Craftsman have a transmission strong enough for hills?
3 . Is the Country Clipper safe on hills?
4. Does the Country Clipper have a transmission strong enough for hills?
Your professional opinion is much appreciated,

Bradford DaPont
Dear Paul: My 1996 Craftsman 917 251 522 has performed beautifully cutting my smooth two acre Whidbey Island acreage north of Seattle with a 20% hill but the transmission is worn out, irreplaceable and she’s ready for honorable retirement. I need a tractor with a fender mounted, hand-operated transmission speed control (like my Craftsman uses) because I am a paraplegic and cannot operate a foot pedal. A zero-turn tractor would work but is dangerous on hills I hear. A professional suggested a Husqvarna GT2654 (which has been discontinued) but your article warned me away because it has a weak transmission,… Read more »
Tom Ogden
lawn mower or lawn tractor… all we want is to mow the grass as fast and as much as possible. we want one that is easy to operate man or woman and as i age one for a old man… i have a fused right ankle so i do not want to use my right foot for throttle control. we live in dothen alabama and have 12 ac, pecan orchard, pond… i am sick of mower homework and need a pro’s advice as i want to buy today… (no nothing just mow) yes slopes but will hand mow or something… Read more »
Eddie Gonzalez
Thanks for your review. I wish I had read it, or it was available, before I bought the Hasqvarna LGT 2654 3 years ago thinking it was a Garden Tractor. The mower just quit driving on me, of course one month after the warranty expired. Engine & blades work fine but it won’t go forward nor reverse! Just quit in the middle of a mow without showing signs of weakness or slowing down. Hasqvarna referred me to a nearby dealer that is backed up 4 weeks in repairs. I wish I could figure out the problem myself to fix it.… Read more »

Love the review Paul, wish it had been there a couple years ago when I bought mine, but so far so good.

I was wondering if there is an aftermarket oil filter part number you could supply for me. We live 30 miles from town and I cannot drive any more, so Amazon has become my friend in getting items out here without bothering my wife to much.


Whats the best 26 HP or greater riding lawn mower? Whats the best in zero turn?

Carlos Runkle

Does anyone know the following part numbers for this model:
air filter- ?

oil filter- ?

fuel filter- ?

spark plug- ?

oil- sae ?


I’ve been reading your posts and really like them. Thanks for the information.
I have 2 acreas i’m mowing and have to buy a riding mower. I am looking at the Husqvarna’s at Lowes. I like the LGT24K54 but the review about the trans as me concerned, Have they fixed that in this model. I like the 54 inchs. The other model I’m looking at is the Husqvarna YTH24V48 it seems to have better reviews and is faster. My property is fairly flat with one long hilly spot,

Carl curtis

I saw your comment on the husqvarna 54 inch mower I bought one in 2013 and had the same problem. The deck would not raise high enough to cut heavy grass and some times would stall. So I bought larger wheels and tires I went up a size. I bought Arvest rear tires and one size larger on front. That took care of the night problem but l have to re balance the deck because it wants to leave streaks in the grass. I hope to get that taken care of

Chris Pinnix

Hey Paul, I am looking at the Husqvarna YT42DXLS 42 inch fabricated deck, 21.5 Kawasaki Engine, and Tuff Torque Transmission. Should I be concerned about the transmission? I have an acre lot, some dips in the yard. I was also looking at the Cub Cadet XT2 , but was worried about it digging in to slopes and heard it was great for flat yards, but mine isn’t. Thanks for your input.

robert rembold
Paul i would love if you could help me out, im pulling my hair out try to decide on a new mower. I recently just sold my 2008 toro lx 466 riding mower 22hp v twin B&S 44 inch cut with hydro trans. Now im wanting to upgrade and i mow 1.5 ac that has some small hills and i like to haul things in my trailer. Im really trying to stay away from the K46 trans and im looking at the Poulan PRO 54 in. 24 HP Intek V-Twin B&S from home depot or the Husqvarna YTA24V48 from lowes… Read more »
Queen Justice

I’m a female and just figured out the flooding problem with these rending lawn mowers. Check your spark plug gap. It should be 0.030. I bent the top of the spark plug down and used a gage to get it to the correct position and it worked. It started right up. I had just purchased two new plugs and it would not start. I changed the gap and got the results I needed. It started.

Need advice of old wise men who know there engines …Have a nice 2007 lgt 2654 garden tractor from Lowe’s all ready had friend put new k66 last year the engine is dying called equipatron they recommended a Briggs Stratton professional motor 44t877 type 0001-g-1 for $899 free shipping no tax 24, hp they said going to kolher engine would almost be double and that the Briggs professional series are heavy duty used on golf courses by pros …looking to use this to pull small wagon for fire wood and snow blow in the winter have 600 feet long drive… Read more »
Philip Jones
Recently I bought an Lgt2654 26Hp Husqvarna riding mower. It has the tuff torq 46AW113525 transaxle in it. I have 12 hrs on the mower. I mow a 2 acre lot. The mower when engaged in forward motion wants to shift back to neutral. I have noticed a reduction in forward speed and slower on hills. Sometimes the transaxle makes like a grinding noise if I try to hold shifter in gear before transaxle takes hold. I paid roughly 2200.00 dollars for a mower that I don’t know will hold up through the next mowing. I am also concerned this… Read more »
Centerton, AR. I bought this for a standard neighborhood lawn for my better half to mow. Yes. She is the mower and don’t argue with her. Now we are moving to a 20 acre partially cleared home where I will need driveway work done and weed/ticks sprayed for. Should I simply just keep her on the clean grass and sub/compact tractor the rest OR Is there a swap of axles and/or transmission that can be done WHEN it gives out to keep her mower going and allow her to have fun helping with gardening, weeding, and tick killing? If there… Read more »

I purchased by LGT2654 in 2008 from Lowe’s… I guess I was one of those suckers you speak of. For the first couple years it worked great… 6 years later the transmission is GONE!! I will never buy another Husky product due to this.. I don’t trust a company who is willing to pinch pennies and take advantage of consumers.

Needless to say… this year I’m in the market for a new GARDEN tractor in every sense of the word GARDEN as we have a lot of acreage and alot of hills. (Open to any suggestions 😉 )

Dennis Collins
I have owned the Husqvarna LGT2654 since purchased at Lowe’s in Bartlett, TN, in 2008 and mow my 3 acres with it, including steep hills/slopes around my pond. I think it is great on slopes and I weigh in at above 250. All I have ever done is change the battery, belt, blades, and oil. I have done most of the things you’re not supposed to do with it, as running over smaller fallen branches, accidentally running into trees & wood fence posts with the mower deck or bumper, up and down maximum possible slopes, towed wood loaded trailer, etc….… Read more »
John Car in Charlotte NC
John Car in Charlotte NC

I upgraded from a 42″ mower to the LGT 2654 and it cuts good on flat yards. However is hangs up on uneven spots such as swells. The deck lifts the rear off the ground enough to lose traction, and have to push mower out of area. The deck will barely cut 3″ high. How do I get additional clearance. Would prefer to cut @ 4″.
Can spacer blocks be used under frame to raise front & rear axles 2″ or so?

Carl curtis

I live in fayetteville ar and I just bought a husqvarna yth2654 mower it has 20 inch tires on the rear but it just does not mow high enough and hangs up on the least clot of dirt or grass can I put 20 inch tires on it without hurting the transmission

Bob Tuscan

Bob in Ohio 5/28/2014
Paul , i am looking at the YTH24V54 Husky to mow only about 4 acres . would this be a good unit ?

Mike at the farm
I came here to see what others have said about the ‘LGT 2654″ that I just purchased yesterday at my local Simplicity / Husqvarna dealer. I am in farm country here on the NY/Pa border, so yes, I have a few hills to mow. No, I don’t plan on towing, pushing and don’t have any ground engaging equipment. I was just looking for a larger mowing deck than my previous Craftsman LT1000 with a 42″ deck. My dealer did warn me about the tranny and axle problem with this ‘Husky.’ But I still chose it over the 52″ Simplicity that… Read more »
michael uchida ault colorad
michael uchida ault colorad
bought this mower in 2013 now the trans axle is whining up hill and losing power never had attachments on it or pulled more than 100# on flat ground. why would husquvarna put such a small trans axle in a LGT model and expect it to last. I do understand the point of a heavy duty lawn tractor but market it as that instead of lies to people in the store that you can put decent attachment on it no prob. I was looking into a sleeve hitch for this year and the ratings recommended for tractors with 23″ tires… Read more »
I bought my LGT2654 a few years back and it was great for a little while. I do occasionally pull my small “lawn mower trailer” with rocks, dirt, trash etc… but mainly just mow about 4 acres. Last year I had an axle break between the transmission and rear wheel. My local shop stated that transaxle “parts” weren’t available but a $900 transmission was. After much internet research, I found a new axle for $89 (internet) and repaired it myself (somewhat of a pain in the @$$). I also found that many, many, many other 2654 owners have found themselves… Read more »
Randal Statha,
Bokoshe, Oklahoma I bought this (LIGHT GARDEN TRACTOR) LGT 2654 new from Lowes 12/5/2009. The only issues I have had with it were fuel and filter related. Be sure you purchase the correct fuel filter for this mower, B&S PART NUMBER 695666, 30MICRON IN LINE FILTER per B&S customer support. Also, as most of you are aware, special precautions should be taken when using gas with ethanol in it. Beyond that, I mow 3 acres with this mower regularly. Rough ground with dips, holes, trees, limbs, mole hills, and for the first 2 years of use hit big unmovable rocks.… Read more »

amen! I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. Expensive lesson learned by me.


do you even own a lawn mower? I have owned this exact tractor for 5 years, I mow 4 acres, plow my driveway, and mow the trails in the woods. is it perfect, no and it could be more heavy duty but all I have ever done is change the oil and grease the bearings

[…] 2013 Husqvarna LGT2654 Review | Beware! This Is Not A Garden Tractor!  If the price is to good to be true – it probably is and this is a prime example of it. Some companies make their living selling “gimicky” products and for some reason unknown to me Lowes is taking this marketing angle in holiday tools (5 Lowes Kobalt Disappointments-2013/) and with this  lawn tractor. Take a garden tractor frame, put a lightweight lawn tractor transmission in it – reduce the price $500 and sell it to the masses. To all the manufactures: Please, try to keep the terminology… Read more »


Jim in Brandywine.
Thanks for your advice. I checked out the lawn tractors in the price range but went for a new model, the Husqvarna YT46LS with 21.5 Kawasaki motor and automatic locking differential at $2199. A little over my price range but worth it to me for the motor, traction and better warranty. It will mess up the lawn a bit with locking differential and a tight turn but I can deal with that and today it mowed up my fairly steep hills on wet grass without spinning a tire. Too soon to know if it was a wise choice but I… Read more »
Jim in Brandywine.

Looking for the best lawn tractor under $2000 for 1.5 hilly acres.

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