2013-2014 Craftsman 30 in 420cc Model 29000 Riding Mower Review

Executive Summary: This is Craftsman’s Small Yard Solutions Rider.  I have had a chance to test it and the RER-1000 is a great mower for 1/3 to 3/4 acre lawns. It features a 30 inch 3-in-1 deck and a very tight turning radius for a riding lawn mower.  This mower has the same proven transmission and motor as the LT 1500 series tractors.

NOTE: In 2012 the safety switch on the deck discharge chute was improperly designed.  Craftsman changed the design for 2013 and decided to also change the model number for this mower to avoid any confusion. It is still the same mower that got great reviews and the one small issue many owners had with it is fixed.

This rider has a very nimble metal rack and pinion steering. It steers very easily and the turning radius is shorter than the other mowers this size.  I like the tire size on this mower. The tires are sized well for this mower and you will not have the traction issues other small riding mowers have. There is a mulch kit and a bagger for it.

You can adjust the steering wheel height!  This means that short and tall people can comfortably drive this mower!

5 foot 2 inch rider with steering down / 6 foot 2 inch rider with steering up

Another First For Craftsman!

No one else has a motor of this quality in this price range! This is the first under $1000 riding mower that has a full pressure lube OHV motor!  If you have a few slopes and ditches to mow a full pressure lube motor has a much better chance of lasting a long time than one with only a splash-lube oil system.  This motor is made by MTD and as you know the MTD motors have developed an excellent reputation for plenty of power and dependability.  This is a major upgrade in this price range because it has a full pressure oil system with oil filter, ball bearing supported crankshaft and automotive style oil filter!

One complaint you will here from your local service shop is they can’t get parts for new engines.  Sears has every part available for this new engine! Right Click Here to see the entire engine breakdown and parts list: Model-4P90HU Engine. You can even get 10% off the parts using this code! Shop at Sears PartsDirect and get 10% off your purchase with code: 90055

Here is a complete article on the Craftsman 420 cc engine What is, Who Makes the Craftsman 420 cc motor On The LT1500 Model 28882 Lawn Tractor and Model 29000 Rider?

Is this the right mower for you?: If you want a good mower and you have a flat lawn about 1/2 to 3/4 acre put this little rider at the top of your list. This mower will go through a 32 inch gate. This mower is fun, agile and easy to drive, but it is limited to mowing a flat lawn and pulling a small yard cart. If you try to pull heavy loads or use this mower on hills you will not be happy with it.   This tractor will mow up to .75 acres an hour.

This tractor uses the popular and dependable MTD shift-on-the-go transmission. The 30 inch deck is a vented design so it has good lift and evenly cuts the grass.

Compare it to the Troy-Bilt TB30 R Neighborhood Rider The Troy-Bilt has a much smaller 340cc motor.

Buy It Here!  Craftsman 420cc 30″ 6-Speed Rider (49 States) Mid Back

Brand/Manufacture: Craftsman / MTD

Model/Series: Craftsman 420cc 30″ 6-Speed Rider (49 States) Mid Back

Type: (Riding Mower, Lawn Tractor, Yard Tractor, Garden Tractor, Estate Tractor, Sub-Compact, Zero Turn, Stand-On) Riding Mower.  This is considered a rear engine rider even though the motor is in front of the rear axle for better weight distribution.

Craftsman 420cc 30 in 6-Speed Riding Mower

Proven Transmission
Tight Turning Radius
EZ on and off
Will Fit Through Most Gates
Full Pressure Lube Motor

For Small Yards
Use for light attachments ONLY
No anti scalp wheels

Retail Price: $1239.99. Regularly on sale for $999 or less.  Check The Best Sale Price Here: Craftsman 420cc 30″ 6-Speed Rider (49 States) Mid Back

My Review:

There is not a large market for this small of a mower and when Briggs (Simplicity) decided to stop making their 30 inch a few years ago no one wanted to fill the gap right away.

MTD has developed this mower for Craftsman. It features their bulletproof 6 speed shift-on-the-go trans and proven 420 cc motor.

This mower is designed to go through most gates, mow small yards and be inexpensive. ($400-$600 less than other 30 inch mowers)

Customers give this little mower good ratings as long as they use it for it’s intended purpose.

This article was first published at TodaysMower.com 

I don’t expect ANY problems with the rider.  This mower uses “standard” technology and won’t give you problems in normal use.  If you have specific questions leave a comment below and myself or the readers will be glad to answer them.

Comfort – Ease of Use:

Power For Mowing:  The motor is more than adequate for side-discharge and bagging. Owners state it has plenty of power for mulching.

Reliability – New to 3 yrs: This tractor is serviced by Sears. With the exception of the discharge cover switch (redesigned for 2013) this mower has not had any service issues.

Handling – Traction/Steering:  This tractor has a low-effort steering.   I recommend you never use a mower like this on wet or drought-dry slopes.  It is too narrow to work on slopes.

Mow – Mulch- Bag:  The 30 inch blade on this mower will cut great, but will tend to scalp your rough lawn.   If you have a rough, uneven lawn be aware of this and just raise the deck up a notch and it will mow fine.

Mower Specs. Go here to see the specifications for this mower: Craftsman 420cc 30″ 6-Speed Rider (49 States) Mid Back

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  47. Troy-Bilt $1199.99 plus $50 for lift gate service. You find your own service and haul it to the service center.
  48. Craftsman $999.99 + $5.99 for a quart of oil. Minus $125 in rewards points. (Spends like cash at any Sears, Kmart or LandsEnd) If any service is needed Sears comes to your house.
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