2014 Craftsman 42 inch T1400 Model 20373 Lawn Tractor Review – Is this mower for you?

It’s Not What’s Best, It What’s Best For You! Higher Price does not always mean a better mower for you.

This mower drives just like your car! The 2014 Craftsman 42 inch T1400 Model 20373 replaces the Craftsman 19.5 hp LT 2000 Model 28884  and improves it with mow in reverse feature and a great new look.

203733 I did not rate the 2013 Model 28884 last year because it did not mow in reverse. I felt there were better lawn tractors for just a few hundred dollars more. It wasn’t that the lawn tractor had issues, it just didn’t have all the basic features that most owners wanted. My opinion has changed for 2014.

Think of this lawn tractor as the 2WD Ford 150 of mowers. Decent tires. Decent seat. It’s easy to drive.

There are Craftsman lawn tractors that will mow faster and haul more but if you just have a small 1/2 to 1 acre yard and don’t need to pull loads if dirt or plow snow this is a great value tractor. With the new mow-in-reverse and great new looks I predict this will be a best seller for Sears.

This lawn tractor compares very well to your old green Craftsman, Yard King or Cub Cadet but cuts better and has a better engine than your old mower.  With an 18 inch turning radius and a mid back seat it is not designed to mow acres at a time, but it will still mow and mulch your 1/2 to 1 acre lawn well with the deep 42 inch deck.

For 2014 Craftsman is using the revised SAE J1940 engine horsepower rating standard. This engine is exactly the same as last years 19.5 hp but the HP is now rated at 17.5 hp. 

Summary: I gave this mower a low rating for the last two years only because it did not mow in reverse. With the addition of mow-in-reverse safety feature this year it will become one of Craftsman’s best sellers.

Is this mower for you?

  • It will mow about 1 acre an hour
  • Terrain: As listed by the Manufacture : Flat, Some Slopes, Hilly. I don’t recommend this tractor for slopes or pulling heavy loads.
  • Better seat than the T1000
  • I spent the last 3 years giving the old version of this mower a hard time for only one simple reason. It didn’t mow in reverse
  • Turning Radius similar to the John Deere, Troy-Bilt, Ariens or Husqvarna
  • It has the same quality engine as the John Deere, Troy-Bilt, Ariens or Husqvarna
  • It is easy to shift, operates like an automatic in a car. Just put it in F or R and press the right foot pedal. To stop just lift your foot. A parking brake is on the left.
  • It is priced at $1199 and is $300 less than the D105 John Deere and LTH2038 Husqvarna
  • If you don’t want to spend a lot of money.
  • If you want the cool new Craftsman look.
  • If you don’t have a lot of small landscaping features and trees to mow around.
  • If you just want to mow your lawn and maybe use a bagger to collect the clippings.
  • If you want a good, basic lawn tractor that drives like your car
  • If you want a better engine but don’t mow steep slopes or ditches
  • If you want someone to come to your house to maintain and repair your mower (Sears Repair Service)
  • Standard 2 year warranty on the tractor, a 5 year warranty on the frame and 10 year warranty on the axle. Optional 3 or 5 year at home Protection Plan

203732 Recommended Attachments:

Craftsman 10 Cu Ft Poly Dump Cart 13 in. 4.00-6 ribbed tires
Craftsman 42 46 In. Cut 2-Bin Bagger
Craftsman 42″ Mulch Kit

The Craftsman Yard Tractors have more features and are easier to use. (I’ll add links later)

Complete Product Description:Craftsman 17.5 HP 42 Auto Transmission Lawn Tractor non CA 15″ x 6″

See All Buying Options: Craftsman 17.5 HP 42 Auto Transmission Lawn Tractor non CA 15″ x 6″

Special Offers: Directly under the Product Description there will be a “Special Offer” tab. Click there to see Special Financing, Delivery and % off deals.

See All Pickup and Delivery Options: Pick up at store, delivered to your home. Craftsman 17.5 HP 42 Auto Transmission Lawn Tractor non CA 15″ x 6″

See All Financing Options: Credit, Special Financing, Shop Your Way Rewards Points, Craftsman Club Craftsman 17.5 HP 42 Auto Transmission Lawn Tractor non CA 15″ x 6″

 California Model: There is no California Model Offered

2014 Craftsman Lawn, Yard and Garden Tractors. You Asked, They Listened!  If you want a new tractor this year it is going to be tough to compete with Craftsman this year. They have taken the best of their line, made the little tweaks that a few of you found irritating and added a sleek new look. They did all of that while keeping the price the same. I have a feeling they said, “Let’s make these the best tractors and zero-turns we can, for the best possible price. Who knows, just maybe, that guy or gal who just bought one will tell all his friends.”

You will have a hard time not buying a Craftsman this year.


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Does anyone know what size deck belt needs. Gone to sears and always the wrong belt or model number


HI Paul

I love my Craftsman Model # 20373. However, I have had a minor issue with the deck shortly after purchasing it. It will make a pinging sound when the blades have engaged for a while in thicker grass and will get louder as I cut the grass. I had someone come out 3 times with little change or resolution. He thought it was a spring hitting the deck. Have you run into this problem. Any suggestions how to resolve the issues?


Don Partney

My mower will not engage the blades without killing the engine.

carol kiggins

love the mower, but almost decapitated myself on a limb and couldn’t reach the leaver to put it in reverse. Wish I could trade-up.


Chesapeake,, VA. Good review that helped me make a purchase decision. Odd however that you put so much emphasis on reverse mowing. That is but one factor in ownership of a riding mower- engine reliability, seat comfort, available baggers and their efficiency, reliability, etc all matter more than a convenience feature.

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