2014 Craftsman 46 Inch Model 20413 Zero Turn Riding Mower Review

Is This Zero-Turn Mower Best For You?

I know … zero-turn mowers are all the rage. These mowers are supposed to save you time and make your life easier I like them and use them all the time. But if you are new to zero-turns I would like you to read this article before you buy one.  Do I really need a zero-turn mower?

Summary:  This Craftsman is completely new! If I were to buy a ZTR for my 1 acre yard this year this is the one I would pick.  Using this ZTR compared to a standard lawn tractor I can cut my mowing time from over 2 hours (including trimming) to about 45 minutes. This is one of the most rugged residential zero-turns with a 46 inch deck. With a top speed of 6.5 miles per hour you can easily mow 2 acres or so of relatively flat terrain. For maneuverability, efficiency and convenience in a residential zero-turn mower package, this is my pick.

204134 204133 204132 New: Craftsman 22 HP Zero Turn Riding Mower with 46-in deck
New Model: Z6200
New Model Number: 20413
New Color: Red
New Manufacture: HOP
See All Buying Options Here: Craftsman NEW 46″ 22 HP Series Zero-Turn Tractor Non CA 11 x 4

Is this mower for you?

  • Fully adjustable foam padded steering bars: You can adjust the feel of this ZTR for any size operator. They are close enough together so you can operate the mower with one hand in a straight line ( to scratch your nose or move a branch out of the way. It also has adjustable tracking. (This mower uses an independent transmission for each rear wheel. It is normal for one to to wear a little differently over time causing one steering bar to have to be moved a little more than the other. The adjustable tracking allows you to “even” the bars so you steer it with one hand)  Hydraulic dampeners on the levers give you smooth control. (Zero-turns without dampeners are very jerky and hard to control)
  • Powerful, 22 HP Kohler Elite Series engine
  • Air induction mowing technology: This lets more air into the deck. This allows the blades to lift the grass better and cut more evenly. The deep deck gives plenty of airflow to disperse clippings smoothly and evenly in side-discharge mode and it allows plenty of room for the grass to be recut in finer particles when mulching. This is one of the reasons the Craftsman 46 inch decks cut so well. The two blade 46 inch deck is one of the best for bagging. Yes, It mows in reverse and has a washout port.
  • Maintenance-free transmissions: The EZT transmissions are sealed for life and never need maintenance.
  • Removable foot pan for easy access: One of the best features of this zero-turn. You can remove the floor board quickly so you can clean the top of the deck or change the belt.
  • Easy-access service points: Make maintenance fast and simple. Every maintenance item on this mower is easy to get at.
  • Comfortable operation that you’ll appreciate: Convenient control panel includes an hour meter with service minder. All the control are in one spot so you don’t have to hunt for them every time you want to adjust the throttle or turn off the deck. The standard electric PTO clutch is easier on your deck belt and is built to last for years
  • Headlights
  • Adjustable High back seat
  • 3.5 gal. gas tank


NOTE: Most zero turn mowers under $3000 use Hydro-Gear EZT  transmissions. Zero-turn mowers with EZT transmissions are not designed to pull a yard cart, sweeper or leaf vac.  In fact most of them do not come with a rear hitch.  The transmissions are designed to give you years of use but they will burn out quickly if you try to pull loads like a yard cart filled with dirt. If you would like a more detailed explanation just ask in the comments below.

There will be a bagger available.
Craftsman 46 in. Hi-Lift Tractor Blade
Craftsman 46″ Premium Bagging/Discharge Blade
Craftsman 46 in. Advanced Mulching and Bagging Blade Set

Complete Product Description:: Craftsman NEW 46″ 22 HP Series Zero-Turn Tractor Non CA 11 x 4

See All Buying Options, Special Offers:: Craftsman NEW 46″ 22 HP Series Zero-Turn Tractor Non CA 11 x 4

See All Pickup and Delivery Options:: Craftsman NEW 46″ 22 HP Series Zero-Turn Tractor Non CA 11 x 4

See All Financing Options: Credit, Special Financing: Craftsman NEW 46″ 22 HP Series Zero-Turn Tractor Non CA 11 x 4

California Model: None

2014 Craftsman Zero-Turn Mowers. You Asked, They Listened!  If you want a new zero-turn this year it is going to be tough to compete with Craftsman this year. They have taken the best and made a complete selection of residential zero-turns. They did all of that while keeping the price the affordable.

You will have a hard time not buying a Craftsman this year.

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Becky Hamilton
Paul, We have just over 2 acres to mow in the country. The front yard is approx 60 X 100 ft. Two pasture areas with low native grasses. The land is flat with few obsticals. I am 5’3″ and my husband is 6′ 3″. He has not been able to use our Lawn Tractor due to the short leg space. My budget is 3,000. From what I have read I am looking at the Husqvarna z246i, but I have found the RZ46i for $300 to $400 less. My question is when you say the RZ46i is being discontinued, does this… Read more »

Would you recommend he push button start over key start with the Husqvarna z246/z246i? Any major issues wihh push button system on Husqvarna?


Would you recommend the Craftsman 46″ ZTR model 20413 over the Husqvarna 46″ Model RZ46I? Both cost the same and I know the craftsman is made by Husqvarna, but is one better then the other?


Would this be a good mower for me to get if I am starting a lawn care company? I live at the jersey shore and most yards are completly flat and I will not be towing anything. I have been doing research for days trying to find the right mower to get. I am between this, the toro time cutter, and a husq. Please help!!


Greg-Athens, MI Thanks Paul. So is the HD the same model as the Fastrak? I saw an SD in the Hustler brochure but not an HD. I looked at the Simplicity today and it too looked like a nice machine with some interesting suspension and deck roller features. So Craftsman is pretty much out you think?

Greg, Battle Creek
Paul. Thanks for the very informative article. Has certainly given me lots to think about. Just had the crankshaft in my 1996 JD 425 AWS give out. Dealer said plastic part failed and estimate to repair was $1,200. After just putting $800 in for new o-rings and valve cover gasket, not sure the old girl is worth the $1,200. But a comparable new machine in the 700 series is over $9,000. Stopped at another dealer today who happened to have the Hustler line you’ve talked about. Looked like a very solid machine. One nice feature was the higher blade speed… Read more »
Thanks for the recommendation, Paul! I was concerned about the ZTR’s longevity with my usage, but I really did want the convenience. Oh well. If I go standard tractor, I really want to stick with the pedal-drive automatic like I’ve had (no going back to the lever-drive from there…), and I’d really prefer to have a 2-cylinder motor (had a 22hp Intek on my Craftsman) for both power and longevity. I want to stay with a 2-blade deck for smoother cut and better discharge, especially for bagging, so I’m limited to 46″ width. Craftsman really doesn’t have any tractors with… Read more »
Paul, I need a rider that does 2 things – cuts & BAGS WELL at least once a week, and pulls a 48″ plug aerator (with a few concrete blocks) once a year. My yard is 2/3 acre, slight slope to the back yard (maybe 1′ over 30′ or so) with a ditch near the street that has at the deepest point about a 16″-18″ drop over 15′-20” total width. The back yard is fenced and there are several obstacles (flower beds, storage shed, dog run, etc.) to go around. I’ve been using a Craftsman 42″ tractor (2002 LT2000 series,… Read more »

Hello Paul thanks for all the info. I weigh about 200, I am contemplating attaching a spreader unit to the front of a z6200 model that ways about 70 pounds with a capacity of 100 max. I will have to check if this negates some or all of the warranty. I would appreciate your thoughts on the transmissions ability to handle this load…. and load over time (325-375 lbs including rider). Mostly flat terrain. Thank you! Jim


Thanks for the mulch link Paul! Do you know if the gator blades, or the ones sears sells: http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_07133826000P?sid=I0084400010000100600&aff=Y&PID=4195712&AID=11034749 are any better than the blades with the kit you linked? I appreciate your quick response!


Is there a mulch kit for this 46″ ztr crafstman? I see there are mulching blades and high loft blades listed above and on sears.com but no cover/plug for this model? How do you mulch with it?


Chadron, NE
After reading your very informative reviews, I am leaning towards a 2014 Craftsman 46 Inch Model 20413 Zero Turn Riding Mower. Before I make my final decision, I need help! I did not find any comments on baggers for the mowers. I have bought several riding mowers only to have bagging issues. I have pine cones but as a rule, I try to sweep the areas first if I have a lot to remove. Any suggestions?


[…] it to:  Craftsman 42 inch or Craftsman 46 inch zero […]

Mike Parker
Enjoyed your review. Very informative. I looked at this model yesterday and liked it but was hesitant to hit the buy button. I now feel much more comfortable about buying this mower and hope it turns out as good as I think it will. It seems you like the extended warranty as well and I am giving that option serious consideration. Thank you again for a great review. Made my decision much easier. Mike Parker, Gainesville, Fl.

How do you feel about this mower vs the Troy-Bilt 42″ Mustang? Mustang has a smaller deck, but is well rated (#1 zero turn by consumer reports) and this one looks like a slight improvement at minimal cost difference, but I’m hesitant without more reviews.


Just bought this mower online. Ended up paying right at $2100 after taxes. I am interested in your take on pulling loads with zero turn mowers. Do you mean NO TOWING EVER. Or will occasional light duty kill the hydros just as fast.

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