2014 Craftsman T2400 Model 20383 46 in Hydrostatic 19 hp Yard Tractor Review – 540cc Single Briggs Platinum

2014 Craftsman T2400 Model 20383 46 in Hydrostatic 19 hp Yard Tractor Review – 540cc Single Briggs Platinum

Is This Mower The Best For You?

In this review I will go through the new Craftsman T2400 Model 20383. It features a 46 inch deck and a 19 hp Briggs & Stratton Platinum motor and a sleek new look.

Unfortunately, this will be a very short review!

203843 I like the deck. I like the motor. But I don’t like the deck and the motor together. Strange? Not really.  As far as I can tell this is the same tractor as the 28852 with a new redesigned hood. And even though the 28852 was a popular mower over 30% of the owners who bothered to write a review on sears.com complained about the vibration. It appears that combination of the single cylinder motor and 46 inch deck creates a harmonic vibration that really shakes the tractor and the rider. In addition, I have listened to about 50 of the 28852’s running and every one of them has more vibration than all the other mowers Craftsman makes.

I want to be very clear. I like the 46 inch deck. It mows, bags and mulches well.  I also like the rest of the tractor. The Platinum Briggs & Stratton engine is very dependable. The fender mounted hydro trans works well for mowing, snow plowing and pulling a cart around your yard. But when you put them all together in one package the harmonics get in the way of a good product.

Instead of saying “Don’t Buy” I would like to suggest you either consider the 42 inch Craftsman Model 20381 – Hydrostatic – Craftsman – 19 HP – Turn Tight® , or the  Craftsman 19HP 46″ KOHLER Turn Tight Hydrostatic Yard Tractor – Non CA 15″ X 6″ – 6″. Neither one of these tractors has the same vibration issues.

If this new tractor proves not to have the harmonic vibration issues of the past I will update review.

by: Paul Sikkema TodaysMower.com

My Opinion: The Craftsman Yard Tractor are arguably the most popular lawn tractors on the market. The combination of features, price and service make them some of the best values around. For 2014 Craftsman kept all the features that make this tractor one of the best and added a sleek, new look! This sleek new look has fixed the biggest complaint previous owners have had. The new hood is designed so it won’t rattle around. It features a new hinge that is stronger and keeps the front from vibrating. There are now cushions at the back of the hood just like you would find on the $6000 tractors. In addition new side panels and air plenum keeps the dirt out the engine compartment and funnels clean air into the engine cooling system. There are other new features like a 48 inch deck and new 8 mph, bulletproof transmissions that I will review later. 

This lawn tractor review covers the Model 20381, 19 HP, 42 inch version of the Craftsman Yard Tractor with Turn Tight. There are seven other models in the series: (plus 4 CA-only models)

  1. 2014 Craftsman T2000 Model 20380 42 in Gear Drive 19 hp Yard Tractor Review – 540cc Single Briggs Platinum Typical Price $1449.99 Item # 07120380000P  Craftsman 42″ 19HP Tractor 1 Acre and Above
  2. 2014 Craftsman T2200 Model 20381 42 in Hydro 19hp Yard Tractor Review – 540cc Single Briggs Platinum Typical Price $1499.99 Item # 07120381000P  Craftsman 19HP 42 Turn Tight Hydrostatic Yard Tractor Non CA 1 Acre and Above
  3. 2014 Craftsman T2400 Model 20383 46 in Hydrostatic 19 hp Yard Tractor Review – 540cc Single Briggs Platinum Typical Price $1569.99 Item # 07120383000P  Craftsman 46″ 19HP Tractor – Non CA 1 Acre and Above
  4. 2014 Craftsman T2400 Model 28853X 46 in Hydrostatic 19 hp Yard Tractor Review – 540cc Single Kohler Courage Typical Price $1779.99 Item # 07120385000P Craftsman 19HP 46″ KOHLER Turn Tight Hydrostatic Yard Tractor – Non CA 15″ X 6″ – 6″
  5. 2014 Craftsman T3000 Model 20390 42 in  Fast Tractor 22 hp Yard Tractor Review – 724cc V-Twin Briggs Platinum Typical Price $1699.99 Item # 07120390000P  Craftsman 22HP 42 Turn Tight Fast Yard Tractor 49 States 1 Acre and Above
  6. 2014 Craftsman T3200 Model 20391 48 in  Fast Tractor 22 hp Yard Tractor Review – 724cc V-Twin Briggs Platinum Typical Price $1999.99 Item # 07120391000P Craftsman 22 HP V-Twin 48″ Turn Tight Fast Tractor – Non CA 1 Acre and Above
  7. 2014 Craftsman T3400 Model 20393 54 in Hydrostatic 22 hp Yard Tractor Review – 725cc V-Twin Kohler Elite Typical Price $2299.99 Item # 07120393000P  Craftsman 22HP 54 Kohler Powered Turn Tight Yard Tractor Non CA 1 Acre and Above

2014 Craftsman 42 in 19hp T2200 Hydro Model 20381 Yard Tractor

203842 Brand: Craftsman
Manufactured By: Husqvarna
Model/Series: 20383/T2400Yard Tractor
Item Number:  07120383000P (49 State) 07120384000P  (CA Version)
See All Buying Options and Online Only Deals Here: Craftsman 46″ 19HP Tractor – Non CA 1 Acre and Above Buy Online 24/7, Pickup At Your Local Sears at your convenience, or have it delivered to your home.
Street Price: $1425.99  Online Only. Sears wants you to buy online this year. They will have the best deals online this year and your local store is not able to match this price. Buy Online 24/7, Pickup At Your Local Sears at your convenience, or have it delivered to your home. Check the Special Offers tab on the product page to get the special deals price and exclusive discounts.
CA Model: Craftsman 19HP 42 Turn Tight Hydrostatic Yard Tractor – CA Only 1 Acre and Above

This is Craftsman’s Best Quality. The Craftsman T1000 is less quality.  This is a direct replacement (upgrade) to your old green Craftsman Lawn Tractor and most of your attachments will fit. If you liked your old Craftsman, you will love this one!

Craftsman calls this a Yard Tractor. It has more features than a lawn tractor but less pulling power than a garden tractor.

Quick Summary Review


  • Fender Control Trans with integral cruise
  • Step-through Platform
  • 6 inch Turning Radius Easy to maneuver.
  • 46 inch deck with spring assisted lift and washout port
  • Disperses clippings evenly in side-discharge mode.
  • Mulches well, fine clippings with little or no clumps.
  • Fills 2 bin bagger to capacity.
  • Easy adjust, comfortable high-back seat.
  • 19 HP Full Pressure Briggs & Stratton Platinum Engine
  • Type: Yard Tractor
  • Maximum mowing area per hour (acres): 1.4 acres at 4 MPH
  • Recommended for moderate slopes? Yes, Moderate slopes
  • Excels in mowing around obstacles? Yes
  • Will Mow In Reverse? Yes


  • Too many owners of the 28852 have complained of vibrations.
  • I recommend the 22 HP V-Twin if you want to attach a snow blower.

See All Buying Options and Online Only Deals Here:  Craftsman 46″ 19HP Tractor – Non CA 1 Acre and Above Buy Online 24/7, Pickup At Your Local Sears at your convenience, or have it delivered to your home.

Specifications, Features, Benefits

The rest of this article is taken from the retailers website. Specs subject to change.

Product Specifications
Cutting Deck & Blade:

203844 Blade Material: Steel
Blade Type: 3 in 1
Blade Width (in.): 21.25
Cutting Deck Material: Steel
Cutting Deck Nose Roller: No
Cutting Deck Style: Mulch/Rear Bag/Side Discharge
Cutting Height Adjustment Type: Spring Assisted
Cutting Height Maximum (in.): 4
Cutting Height Minimum (in.): 1
Cutting Positions: 6
Cutting Width (In.): 46
Deckwash System: Yes
Number of Cutting Blades: 2
Controls and Features:
Blade Engagement Type: Manual
Blade Lift: Manual
Speed Control: Fender Control
Overall Item Dimensions: 72.75 x 49.5 x 46
Wheelbase (in.): 48
Product Overview:
Commercial/Residential: Residential
General Warranty: 2 Year / 5 Year Frame & Axle
Recommended Terrain: All Types
Recommended Yard Size: 1 Acre and Above
Terrain Type: Flat
Terrain Type: Uneven
Terrain Type:Hilly
Terrain Type: Steep
Terrain Type: Obstacles
Frame Material: Steel
Frame Type: Stamped steel
Front Axle Material: Cast iron
Handling & Operating:
Cruise Control: Yes
Hour Meter: Yes
Drive System:
Maximum Forward Speed (mph): 5.5
Maximum Reverse Speed (mph): 2.9
Mow in Reverse: Yes
Number of Forward Speeds: Infinite
Number of Reverse Speeds: 1
Turning Radius (in.): 6
Turn Tight: Yes
Air Filter Type: Dual
Cooling System Type: Air Cooled
Cylinder Liner: Cast iron
Electronic Ignition: No
Engine Brand: Briggs & Stratton(r)
Engine Cycles: 4-cycle
Engine Series: Intek Platinum
Engine Displacement (cc): 540
Horsepower: 19
Number of Cylinders: 1
Oil Filter Type: Full pressure
Overhead Valve Engine: Yes
Wheels & Tires:
Anti-Scalp Gauge Wheels: Yes
Front Tire Size: 15″ X 6″ – 6″
Rear Tire Size: 20″ X 8″ – 8″
Accessory or Attachment:
Accepts Bagger: Yes
Ground-Engaging Attach.: No
Hauling Equipment: No
Snow Blade or Thrower Capable: None
Fuel System:
Fuel Capacity (gal.): 2.5
Fuel Gauge Location: None
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Adjustable Seat: Yes
Cup Holder: Yes
Headlights: Yes
Gauge Accessory:
Gauges: No
Convenience Features:
Power Steering:None
CARB Compliant: Not Compliant with Cali. Air Resource Board
Location: All other
Arm Rests: No
Tractor Grade: Yard Tractor

See All Buying Options and Online Only Deals Here:  Craftsman 46″ 19HP Tractor – Non CA 1 Acre and Above Buy Online 24/7, Pickup At Your Local Sears at your convenience, or have it delivered to your home.

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Russ C.
RE: Craftsman LT2400 19hp. 46in. Deck I bought this mower in May of this year. I’ve had nothing but trouble & aggravation out of it. I do like the engine & looks of the mower but I guess looks are deceiving. The very first thing I noticed after getting it home was the major vibration everybody complained about when blades were engaged. It was bad enough that I immediately checked the blades but they were fine. Reverse was really week from day one & after some research & a adjusting the lever I found out that the plastic insert around… Read more »

I just bought a 2015 of this exact model tractor. I had an old one with same style transmission. When I first got the old one (brand new) the thing took off slow and smooth as I increased the throttle. The new one, the throttle lever is stiff, won’t go all the way forward or reverse nor will it stay in the spot I put it. It also JERKS like hell no matter where I start from. I’ve always started movement using the throttle. Not sure I’m gonna keep this one.

sean merrigan

Any updates on the 2014 Craftsman T2400 Model 20383 riding lawn mower concerning vibration issues? Your last report noted numbing of hands. There is a great Black Friday deal on this mower for $1199. Feedback? Thanks in advance.


Easthampton MA Paul, your website has been very helpful. Debating between the Craftsman 20390 and the John Deere D125. Have .4 acre lot.Front yard flat with a few trees. Rear is flat with gentle slope on sides. Will mulch most of the year with some bagging in the fall. Also like the option of future snowblower capability when my 1993 Simplicity meets its final winter. Like the Craftsman turning radius for the trees and the zigs and zags of the yard…and the price. The D125 seems a bit sturdier.Have a Deere dealer several miles away for service. Any thought? Thanks… Read more »

My driveway is about s 1/2 acre long gravel that goes behind the house and to the garage.
We also live in a very rural area where the snow tends to pile higher.
So i believe i am going to go take a look at what snow blowers sears has.
I have my eye on 88173 for now
But i have never never owned one before


Paul how good would this mower be at snow removal? getting closer to winter i was considering either a walk behind snow blower( craftsman of course) or chains,weights and a plow for this mower.

I just picked this up about 2 months ago and i have been happy with it. Ive noticed the only time i get significant vibration is when the blade is at 3 setting or below which is ok because 5 tends to be my norm. Its also had enough more then enough power to pull my lawn cart full of mulch or fill dirt ( fixing gulleys and ruts in my otherwise flat lawn) and my 400 lb lawn roller with ease. A key reason ive always picked craftsman is because the ease of service,parts and repair. Through in the… Read more »
Brooke Willson
I don’t understand why you keep recommending Craftsman riding mowers instead of the equivalent — or better — Husqvarna mowers. I’ve come to believe that service is as important as the machine, and Sears doesn’t service their own mowers. They will sell you a service contract by a third party supplier, as will the big box stores. After literally a year of research I bought a Husqvarna YTH22V46 from the local Husqvarna dealer for $ 1599. It has a three year warranty. The dealer set up the machine himself, delivered it, and will fix it. The 22v46 has a B&S… Read more »

I have this mower and I love it ..the more I use it the more I lke it..i have been on cub cadets and john deer that are just as noisy


Lansing, MI
Ok, so I ended up returning this mower because it doesn’t have the cvt transmission. None of the t2000 series tractors have them. You have to get a t3000 series to get it. This unit has Hydro Gear hydrostatic transmission. I ended up getting the t3200.


Lansing, MI
I thought the element v transmission was left fender control only and hydro was right fender control.


Lansing, MI
Does this have the new element v transmission?


Why do you think the B&G 19hp vibrates on the 46″ deck but the Kohler 19hp doesn’t? I actually looked at this tractor today.

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