Here is a list of the 2016 Lawn Tractors over $1500.

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There are over 425 lawn tractors, residential zero-turns and landowner zero-turns available for you to pick from this year so I’ve broken them down into four lists.

2016 Lawn Tractors over $1500 (This List)
2016 Lawn Tractors under $1500
2016 Economy Residential Zero Turn Mowers (R-ZTR)
2016 Estate Zero Turn Mowers (L-ZTR)

Note 1: The retailers now use pricing optimization software and the price can go up or down in as little as 4 hours. Please see the retailer’s website or your local dealer for the current price.

Note 2: This list will give you a link if the item is available to buy from the comfort of your home and a link to my review. If you are uncomfortable buying through that link (I make a small commission) please visit the brand’s website to find other ways to purchase the item.

Note 3: It appears Home Depot will be carrying the Poulan Pro Lawn Tractors instead of Ariens for 2016. FYI, the Ariens and the Poulan Pro tractors are/were made by Husqvarna.

Note 4: This list is not updated completely as of March 1, 2016. There will be a few more tractors coming out in the next 6 weeks. I’ll update the list as they are available.

Lawn Tractors over $1500 includes Yard Tractors, Garden Tractors, and Estate Tractors. Yard Tractors generally have heavier frames and can handle snow removal BUT NOT ground engaging work. Garden Tractors historically by definition can perform ground engaging tasks like roto-tilling, moldboard plowing and driveway leveling but the brands have destroyed the term as we used it here in the U.S. For 2016 do not assume if it has big tires or is labeled a “garden tractor” it can handle ground engaging work. Ask me and I’ll guide you through the mess this has become. Estate Tractors have transmissions stronger than yard tractors and most garden tractors and can handle most jobs around your property. They are a “step down” from Compact Tractors but are all high quality (read expensive) machines and built for durability not selling price.

Yard & Garden Tractors

 ReviewBuy LinkDescription/ModelTypical PriceEngine BrandHPDeckTrans
Review AmazonPoulan Pro
Model 960420188
1499B&S20HP46INGT RS 800
ReviewAmazonPoulan Pro
Model 960420190
1499B&S19HP46INT2 Hydro
Review AmazonPoulan Pro
Model 960420184
1599B&S22HP46INT2 Hydro
ReviewAmazonPoulan Pro
Model 960420185
1799B&S22HP48INK46 Hydro
 Home DepotJohn Deere D1101699B&S19HP42IN TLT200A
 Home Depot John Deere D110 CARB1799 B&S 19HP 42IN TLT200A
Review Sears.comCraftsman Fast Turn Tight
Model 20390
1699Kohler22HP46INGT RS 800
 Home DepotCub Cadet XT1 LT461699Kohler22HP46INK46
 Home DepotCub Cadet XT1 LT46-CARB1699Kohler22HP46INK46
AmazonTroy Bilt TB22461699B&S22HP46INHydro
Cub Cadet XT2 LX42″ KH1699Kohler22HP42INK46
AmazonHusqvarnaYTH18K461799Kaw FR18HP46INK46
Review Home DepotJohn Deere D1251799JD20HP42INTLT200A
 Home Depot John Deere D125 CARB1899 JD 20HP42IN TLT200A
 Sears.comCraftsman Pro without Turn Tight
Model 20438
Review Home DepotJohn Deere D1301899JD22HP42INTLT200A
AmazonTroy Bilt Super Bronco XP1899Kohler24HP50INHydro
DealerCub Cadet XT2 LX46″ KH1899Kohler24HP46INK46
 Review AmazonPoulan Pro
Model 960420186
1999  B&S 24HP 54IN K46
 Home DepotCub Cadet XT1 LT501999Kohler24HP50INK46
 Home DepotCub Cadet XT1 LT50-CARB1999Kohler24HP50INK46
ReviewHome DepotJohn Deere D1401999JD22HP48INT40J
Home DepotPoulan Pro Model 9604600801999B&S24HP54INGT RS 800
Review Sears.comCraftsman Fast Turn Tight
Model 20391
1999B&S22HP48INGT RS 800
Sears Sears.comCraftsman Pro
Model 20440
Sears Sears.comCraftsman Pro
Model 20442
DealerCub Cadet XT2 LX461999Kawasaki21.5HP46INK46
DealerSimplicitySimplicity Regent 20/422099B&S22HP42INT2HP
AmazonHusqvarnaYT42LS2099Kaw FR18HP42INK46
DealerHusqvarnaYTH24K542099Kohler Courage24HP54INK46
 Review AmazonPoulan Pro
Model 960420189
2299 Kohler 7000 26HP 54IN K46
 Home DepotJohn Deere D1552199B&S ELS24HP48INT40J
 Home DepotCub Cadet XT1 ST54 FAB2499Kohler24HP54INK46
AmazonSnapper NTX 23422599B&S Pro23HP42INT2
 Sears.comCraftsman Pro
Model 20444
DealerCub Cadet XT2 LX502299Kawasaki23HP50INK46
DealerSimplicitySimplicity Regent EX 22/382399B&S Pro22HP38INK46
ReviewHusqvarnaLGT26542399Kohler26HP54INK46 AW
DealerCub Cadet XT1 LT54″ -Fabricated Deck2499Kohler24HP54INK46
DealerJohn DeereS240 Sport2499JD18.5HP42INK46DP
DealerCub Cadet XT2 LX46″- Fab Deck2499Kawasaki23HP46INK46
AmazonSnapper NTX 23462977B&S23HP46INT2
DealerHusqvarnaYT54LS2649Kaw FR23HP54INK46CR
 Home DepotCub Cadet XT1 GT50″ Garden Tractor2699Kohler25HP54INK58
DealerSimplicitySimplicity Regent EX 23/462699B&S Pro23HP46INK46
Review Sears.comCraftsman  Light Garden Tractor
Model 20407
ReviewHome DepotJohn Deere D1702799JD25HP54INK46AC
Sears.comCraftsman Pro Power Steering
Model 20439
2799Kohler E24HP46INK46
ReviewHusqvarnaGTH24K542899Kaw FR24HP54ING7
DealerAmazonTroy Bilt TB26542899B&S Pro26HP54INK46
DealerHusqvarnaYT48XLS2899Kohler26HP48INK46 CR/LD
Review Sears.comCraftsman Garden Tractor
Model 20408
2999B&S24HP54ING 730
 Sears.comCraftsman  Pro Garden Tractor
Model 20443
Review Sears.comCraftsman  Pro Garden Tractor
Model 20445
Dealer OnlyJohn Deere X3002999iTorque18.5HP42INK46
DealerSimplicitySimplicity Regent EX 25/482999B&S Pro25HP52INK46
AmazonSnapper NXT 25/483299B&S25HP48INK46
DealerCub Cadet XT2 LX54″ with Fabricated Deck2999Kawasaki23HP54INK46
Review Sears.comCraftsman  Garden Tractor
Model 20409 – CA ONLY
3099B&S24HP54ING 730
DealerCub Cadet XT2 GX54″- Fabricated Deck3299Kohler25HP54INK58
DealerHusqvarna GT52XLS3299Kaw FR24HP52ING7
Sears.comCraftsman  Pro Garden Tractor
Model 20447 Power Steering
John Deere X3003399iTorque18.5HP48INK46
DealerKubotaKubota T18803599Kubota18HP42INNot Listed
DealerCub Cadet XT3 GS3799Kohler22.5HP42-54Hydro-Gear
John Deere X3043799iTorque18.5HP42INK46
ReviewHusqvarnaR 220T3999B&S12.6 kW41-48K46CR
ReviewsRavenRaven MPV-71003999RACOHybrid46INElectric Cast Iron
DealerJohn DeereJohn Deere X3103999iTorque18.5HP42INK58
DealerJohn DeereJohn Deere X300R4199iTorque18.5HP42 RK46
DealerCub Cadet XT3 GSE4299Kohler22.5HP42-54Hydro-Gear
DealerJohn DeereJohn Deere X3204299iTorque22HP48INK58
DealerKubotaKubota T20804299Kubota20HP42INNot Listed
DealerCub Cadet XT3 GSX4599Kohler25HP42-54Hydro-Gear
ReviewsRavenRaven MPV-7100S4599RACOHybrid46INElectric Cast Iron
DealerJohn DeereJohn Deere X3204599iTorque22HP48INK58
DealerJohn DeereJohn Deere X3244799iTorque22HP48INK58 4WS
DealerKubotaKubota T23804998Kubota23HP48INNot Listed
HusqvarnaR 322T AWD5299B&S12.6 kW41-48K574
DealerJohn DeereJohn Deere X3605299iTorque22HP48INK58
DealerKubotaKubota GR2020g8399Kubota20HP48INNot Listed
DealerKubotaKubota GR21209260Kubota21HP48INNot Listed
JonseredNo listings at this time

Estate Tractors Please See Your Local Dealer For Info On The Tractors Below.

BrandDescriptionTypical PriceEngine BrandHPDeckTransmission
SimplicityBroadmoor 22/443599B&S Pro22HP44INK57
SimplicityBroadmoor 23/504099B&S Pro23HP50INK57
SimplicityBroadmoor 25/504799B&S Pro25HP50INK62 High Speed
SimplicityBroadmoor 25/525099B&S Pro25HP52INK62 High Speed
SimplicityConquest 25/505799B&S Com25HP50INK66
John DeereJohn Deere X5005899iTorque24HP48INK72B
John DeereJohn Deere X5006199iTorque24HP54INK72B
SimplicityConquest 25/526699B&S Com25HP52INK66 High Speed
John DeereX5306999iTorque24HP54INK72A
John DeereX5347499iTorque24HP54INK72C
John DeereX5407599iTorque23.5HP48INK72A
John DeereX5407799iTorque23.5HP54INK72A
SimplicityPrestige 27/507899B&S Com27HP50INK72 High Speed
SimplicityPrestige 27/527999B&S Com27HP54INK72 High Speed
SimplicityPrestige 27/54 4WD8199B&S Com27HP54INK664 High Speed
SimplicityLegacy XL 27 2WD8349Kohler Com27HP54-61INK92
SimplicityPrestige 27/549199B&S Com27HP54INK72 High Speed
SimplicityLegacy XL 27 4WD10559Kohler Com Pro27HP54-61INK92
SimplicityLegacy XL 27 4WD11699Kawasaki27HP54-61INK92
SimplicityLegacy XL 27 4WD13549B&S Diesel27HP54-61INK92