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There are over 425 lawn tractors, residential zero-turns and landowner zero-turns available for you to pick from this year so I’ve broken them down into four lists.

2015 Lawn Tractors under $1500 (This List)
2015 Lawn Tractors over $1500 includes Yard Tractors, Garden Tractors, and Estate Tractors.
2015 Residential Zero Turn Mowers (R-ZTR) Includes Residential Steering Wheel ZTR’s
2015 Landowner Zero Turn Mowers (L-ZTR)  Includes Heavy-Duty Residential and Entry Level Commercial

Note 1: The retailers now use pricing optimization software and the price can go up or down in as little as 4 hours. Please see the retailer’s website or your local dealer for the current price.

Note 2: This list will give you a link if the item is available to buy from the comfort of your home and a link to my review. If you are uncomfortable buying through that link (I make a small commission) please visit the brand’s website to find other ways to purchase the item.

Note 3: It appears Home Depot will be carrying the Poulan Pro Lawn Tractors instead of Ariens for 2016. FYI, the Ariens tractors were made and the Poulan Pro tractors are made by Husqvarna.

Note 4: This list is not updated completely as of March 1, 2016. There will be a few more tractors coming out in the next 6 weeks. I’ll update the list as they are available.

Lawn Tractors under $1500 is a general classification and is generally accepted as an economical riding lawn mower that will mow your lawn and perform light chores around your yard. Pulling a sweeper, small yard cart for leaves and branches. Most are not designed for snow plows, snow blowers and ground engaging work.

Lawn Tractors over $1500 includes Yard Tractors, Garden Tractors, and Estate Tractors. Yard Tractors generally have heavier frames and can handle snow removal BUT NOT ground engaging work. Garden Tractors historically by definition can perform ground engaging tasks like roto-tilling, moldboard plowing and driveway leveling but the brands have destroyed the term as we used it here in the U.S. For 2016 do not assume if it has big tires or is labeled a “garden tractor” it can handle ground engaging work. Ask me and I’ll guide you through the mess this has become. Estate Tractors have transmissions stronger than the vulnerable K-46 and can handle most jobs around your property. They are a “step down” from Compact Tractors but are all high quality (read expensive) machines and built for durability not selling price.

 Review Buy Link Description/Model Typical Price Engine Brand HP Deck Trans
 Review  Amazon Poulan PRO
Model # 960420183
$1,099  B&S 15.5  42 in Auto/CVT
 Review  Amazon Poulan PRO  –
Model # PB30
$1,174  B&S 10.5  30in Auto/CVT
 Review  Amazon Poulan PRO  –
Model # 960420182
$1,299  B&S 15.5   42in Hydro
 Review  Amazon Poulan PRO  –
Model # 960420190
$1,499  B&S 19.5  46 in Hydro
Review  Amazon Poulan PRO
Model # 960420188
$1,499 B&S  20 46 in Auto/CVT
 Review  Home Depot Poulan PRO  – California
Model # 960460076
$1,099  B&S 17.5  42 in  6-speed
 Review  Home Depot Poulan PRO -California
Model # 960460078
$1199  B&S  19  42 in  Auto/CVT
 Review  Home Depot Poulan PRO
Model # 960460077
$1199  B&S   19  42 in  Auto/CVT
 Review  Home Depot Poulan PRO
Model # 960460079
$1,399  B&S  20  42 in  Auto/CVT
 Review  Home Depot Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro
Model # LT42 CARB
$1,499   Kohler  18  42 in  Hydro
 Review  Home Depot Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro
Model # LT42
$1,499  Kohler  18  42 in Hydro
 Review  Home Depot John Deere D105
Model # BG20873
$1,499  Deere  17.5  42 in  Auto/CVT
 Review Sears Craftsman
Model # 20370
$999.99  Craftsman  420cc  42 in  7-Speed
  Review  Sears  Craftsman- CA Only
Model # 20371
$999.99  Craftsman  420cc  42 in  7-Speed
  Review Sears  Craftsman
Model # 20372
$1099.99  Craftsman  420cc  42 in  Auto/CVT
  Review Sears Craftsman
Model # 20373
$1199.99   B&S  17.5  42 in  Auto/CVT
  Review Sears Craftsman
Model # 20374
$1299.99   B&S 19 46 in  Auto/CVT
Sears Craftsman
Model #20380
$1399  B&S 19  42 in  6-speed
Sears Craftsman
Model #25581
$1449  B&S  19  42 in  Auto/CVT
Sears Craftsman
Model #25583
$1499  B&S  19  46 in  Auto/CVT
 Review  Amazon Troy-Bilt Neighborhood Rider $1099 PowerMore 420cc 30 in 7-speed
 Review Troy-Bilt  Troy-Bilt
Model #Pony
$999  B&S  15.5  42 in  7-speed
  Review Troy-Bilt  Troy-Bilt
Model #TB42 Lawn Tractor
$1199 PowerMore 420 cc  42 in  Auto/CVT
  Review Troy-Bilt  Troy-Bilt
Model #TB46 Lawn Tractor
$1399  B&S  19  46 in  Auto/CVT
  Review Troy-Bilt  Troy-Bilt
Model #TB1942 Lawn Tractor
$1499  B&S  19  42 in  Hydro