Batteries in outdoor power equipment are improving

Here is a quick article that came off the OPEI Smartbrief this morning.

Click on the link to see a video of the new mowers, trimmers and chainsaws.

New technology from the auto industry has improved the performance of batteries for outdoor power equipment, as seen at the recent industry trade show in Louisville, Ky. “The performance of batteries today far exceeds that of prior technologies,” said John Marchionda of Husqvarna. “[T]hese are now lithium-ion batteries, and the best part about it is the recharge time is … generally an hour, but you can probably get 80% use in maybe 30 minutes of recharge,” said Peter Sawchuk from Consumer Reports. New England Cable News (Boston) (10/27)

You May Leave a Reply but I am busy for the month of August working on home projects and getting ready for the 2016 Snow Blowers. I may not respond until my projects are complete.

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