Comments will be closed from July 1 to Sept 15.

Visitors!This week a major milestone was achieved.

10,000,000 visitors.

I would like to thank all of you who have visited this blog this year. I have really enjoyed working with and helping you find the best Lawn Tractor or Zero-Turn Mower for you.

I am closing the comments for 2 months. I need this time to get ready for snow blowers and do a few projects around the house.

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Daniel K

Paul, Love the site and your reviews. I am purchasing a new property that’s about 3 acres of mowing. I have looked at several of the ZTR’s and know that they would provide the fastest mowing time. However, it would be nice to have something with more versatility so I’m thinking of buying a UTV and pulling a tow behind mower. Do you have any tow behind recommendations or reviews?

Donald Olschafskie

Im looking to replace my Troy built 33 wide cut over 10 years old. I have about 1/2 acre, a little hill in the back. I would like to move on with my mowing experience to a nice rider, but I don’t know what is the best for me that will last me till my mowing days are over… or at least another 10 years. I also don’t know weather to buy from a dealer or big box.

MK Hawley
Paul, I appreciate your website and advice. It looks like I just missed your cutoff and of course am in crisis mode re lawnmower. I will probably need to replace my Swisher, 42″, B & S 18.5, zero turn with something less expensive. Zero turn not a requirement, but it does need to handle moderate work….mowing 4 acres every 6-10 days in central Illinois. Mostly flat, some ditches and trees/landscaping to mow around in the “house yard”. Am in a rural area and have limited access to all brands. Looking in the $1500-1800 price range. I didn’t notice many Husqavana… Read more »
Greg T.

Greg from Milwaukee county.

Thought my first post had vaporized so I posted a shorter version a few minutes ago. See both are now on the site. Sorry for the “wasted” bandwidth.

Paul, First off. Great job with all the information you provide. Learned more here than all the other sources combined. Have a 20,000 sq. ft. property. There is about 15,500 sq. ft. to mow. About 60% of it is flat. The rest two slopes lead to a very shallow and narrow swale. Immediately next to that is an earthen berm that varies in height from about 0.5 to 2 feet and runs the length of the back property line. That berm’s top is covered with “scrub” trees, bushes and ground cover along most of its length making for difficult trimming… Read more »
Mike C

Thanks Paul for replying! I have a few follow up questions if you don’t mind. Would someone like me have a hard time getting used to a tractor style mower like the Craftsman 25081?Would I be giving up much in the Craftsman 25081 vs one of the more expensive ZTR’s you listed? I see a lot of guys are kind of down on Briggs & Stratton engines in favor of Kohler… what’s your take on this especially since the Craftman 25081 has the former? Apparently only more expensive mowers come with Kohler engines.

Mike C

Hi I love your website and was hoping you help recommend a new riding mower for me. I’ve used a Dixon ZTR for the last 35 years with my last one a 3303 model (30″ cut) just giving out after 18 years. I have about 1/4 acre of pretty flat ground and have to mow around normal things like a fenced in back yard, deck etc. Could you recommend some options for 30-42″ (or so) mowers between $1500-$2000? I like ZTR’s but if the price points don’t justify them I’m open to tractor style. Harper, Kansas Thanks! Mike

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