2009 Craftsman Excellerator GT 5000 26 HP/54″ Garden Tractor Model 28947 Review

This tractor has been replaced with the Model 28861 with Turn-Tight!

Craftsman Excellerator GT5000 26 HP/54″ Garden Tractor

Sears item# 0718947000 Mfr. model# 28947

Craftsman Excellerator

Craftsman Excellerator


Sears likes to make mowers for every customer and new for 2009 is the high speed lawn mower the Excellerator.  It is a truly hard-working garden Tractor.  Not only can the Excellerator be used as a high speed mower, it is also compatible with a wide array of attachments that will do everything from throw snow to haul landscape rocks. A large engine and 54 inch cutting deck are just the start of this tractor’s list of features.


28 hp Engine, 54 inch deck, heavy-duty hydrostatic transmission.

Deluxe seat with arm rests, large tires, steering grease zerks.

4 anti-scalp wheels, cruise control, electric PTO clutch


This mower will mow as fast as commercial mowers costing $7000 to $10,000.  If you have 5 acres or more of lawn with few obstacles (or like to get done fast) and don’t want to spend the extra money for a commercial mower this is a good choice.

The 28 hp motor is large enough to mow at 8 mph under most conditions.

There is no learning curve like a zero-turn mower.  It is much easier to drive and more comfortable than the residential zero-turns.

This is also a garden tractor with a heavy duty transmission and is capable of pulling all the ground engaging attachments Sears offers.

This garden tractor is big but is surprisingly maneuverable. It’s 18-inch turning radius and 54-inch deck allow it to get around trees and shrubs fairly easily, thereby eliminating the need for a lot of trimming. The hydrostatic transmission features cruise control, a welcome feature if you find yourself mowing expansive lawns.

It’s hard to find much fault with a machine that is as powerful and versatile as the 28947. It may be too expensive for some users, but it is Sears top of the line garden tractor and it does provide you with the pulling power and speed that you need to accomplish a variety of tasks.


Not as agile as a zero-turn.  Yes it will mow fast, but if you have a lot of landscaping, trees and obstacles to mow around a good zero-turn like the Husqvarna MZ5424S will be a better choice for you.

Having had my own lawn maintenance company I know how much damage you can do with a mower that runs at 8 mph.  I have had workers knock decks clean off the commercial grade mowers.  Because this is a residential garden tractor that mows fast and not a heavy-duty commercial mower I would strongly suggest you purchase the optional  3YR In-Home Repair Protection Agreement.  This plan will not only fix warranty problems with the mower but take care of wear and tear on the machine.

Update 2/27:  In my opinion I see this mower as a good machine for mowing large areas like the backyard where your children play ball or  that huge expanse of lawn in front of your farm house.  BUT ………. I think we should be real here with the mowing speed for this tractor.  Yes, the mower will mow at 8 mph but don’t expect the cut to be as good as a true commercial machine.  The garden tractor, the supension and the weight of the deck just are not heavy enough to keep the deck from bouncing around at 8 mph.  Don’t expect your lawn to look as good one mowed with a commercial mower.  A few suggestions to help you get the best cut out of the 28947.  The tractor is delivered to you with too much tire pressure.  Reduce the tire pressure to the amount shown on the tires. If your deck is bouncing up and down and cutting unevenly, slow down.  You will soon find a speed that works for your lawn.  Not all of your lawn will be rough and with practice you will quickly learn where you have to slow down to get a good cut.   Most of you will do just fine with this mower, just be aware that you may not be able to get that “manicured” look the more expensive commercial machines give you.  If your cut is uneven—–slow down!


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