Craftsman Turn Tight Tractors – 2011 Was Better Than Advertised!

From Craftsman:

6 inch Turn Tight

At just 6 inches, Craftsman Yard & Garden Tractors continue to set the bar with the tightest turning radius among all major brands in it’s class, beating the closest competition by 50%! The Turn Tight Technology has not changed from 2011, but Craftsman Lab testing has validated that the technology and has found the turning radius is not 8 inches as previously advertised, but 6 inches!  If you have a 2011 model, be assured that the steering on your tractor is actually 6 inches.

From Me:

I like the Turn Tight Technology.  I think it is the  answer that most of you have been looking for that want the maneuverability of a zero-turn mower but don’t want the hassles of a zero-turn.  Zero-turns are expensive,  notorious for tearing up your lawn, being hard to learn to drive and the residential zero-turns in particular, being terrible on hills.  Besides…these new tractors will pull stuff!

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