2009 Craftsman YT 3000 YT3000 Yard Tractor Review

I just finished the reviews for the new YT 3000 with Turn Tight.  You will want to read all about these new tractors that replace the ones on this page.  Click on the links below to read my reviews:

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2010 Models:  Click on the link below to go to the review.

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This review covers the following four yard tractors:

Craftsman YT 3000 21 HP 42″ Yard Tractor
Sears item# 07128921000 Mfr. model# 28921

Craftsman YT 3000 21 HP 42″ Yard Tractor
Sears item# 07128922000 Mfr. model# 28922

Craftsman YT 3000 21 HP/46″ Yard Tractor
Sears item# 07128924000 Mfr. model# 28924

Craftsman YT 3000 22 HP/42″ Yard Tractor
Sears item# 07128934000 Mfr. model# 28934


Craftsman YT 3000 21 hp 46 inch deck

For 60 to 370 dollars more than the Craftsman Model 28910 Lawn Tractor you can move up to the mid-sized yard tractor series. These models feature the new Craftsman style step through operator’s platform, pressurized lube engine, and a 42 or 46 inch deck redesigned around the 46 inch Model 28724 Consumer Reports 2008 Best Buy.

If you want a mower that will mow 1 1/2 to 2 acres an hour well, handle a snow blade, and all the non-ground engaging attachments this is the mower in the Craftsman lineup that will do the job for you.  This tractor is heavy enough to handle hilly and rough lawns.  There are other mowers in the Craftsman lineup that will mow faster, or pull more but this is a great all around mowing machine.


Model 28921 six speed manual.   Models 28922, 28924, 28934 Hydrostatic transmission

Models 28921,  28922, 28924, 21 hp Briggs & Stratton Platinum Series Full Pressure Engine with oil filter, Model 28934 Kohler Pro Engine

Models 28921, 28922, 28934 42 inch 2 blade mower deck. 13 gauge steel. Model 28924 46 inch 2 blade mower deck

Four gauge wheels.  If your lawn is hilly and rough gauge wheels helps to keep the deck from gouging and tearing up your lawn.  The mower deck does not rest on these wheels during normal mowing so they don’t wear out.

Red tractor, red deck

11 gauge steel frame

Cast iron front axle

High-back seat

2 year warranty (manufacture defects only), optional 3 yr Protection Agreement (covers all of the lawn tractor including wear and tear, labor, and attachments bought with the mower)


I like the mid-size YT 3000 series.  I think they represent a good value and a machine that if taken care of properly will last you a long time.

These yard tractors are capable of pulling all the non-ground engaging attachments Sears offers including a snow blade.


The YT 3000 is heavy enough, but I recommend going to a twin cylinder motor (YT 4000)  if you want to attach a  snow thrower.   You will wish you had bought a larger engine for snow throwing.

Consumer Reports gave the 2008 46 inch model a best buy and Sears.com went though the whole line this winter and redesigned the other decks to mow as well.   (The Craftsman YT 3000 model 28924 is the 2009 version of the 2008 Craftsman YS 4500 model 28724 Consumer Reports best buy)  There are very few negatives with this mower as long as you understand that it is a good quality mid-sized mower designed to mow lawns well.  I like this lawn mower for what it is designed for. It is capable of pulling a wide range of attachments and using a snow plow. 

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I am trying to reinstall my mower deck on my 46 inch Craftsman YT3000. After reinstallation I could not remember how to reinstall the front attachment point to the tractors attachment point. It has an 10 inch I think rod that goes through a hole in the front of tractor then connects to front of mower deck. There are two nuts and a bushing on it and I can’t figure out what goes in front of forward attachment point and what goes behind it.

Kevin Craig
Paul; I have a Sears YT3000 Lawn Tractor, 21 hp platinum series Briggs & Stratton gas engine, 46″ deck, model # 917.288526. I have ran it several times this season already, however, yesterday after running it for a while and shutting it off and then trying to restart after a few minutes, it wouldn’t start. It does spin over good and it does fire 3-4 times, but does not start. If you try to start again right away, it only spins without firing. Wait a few minutes and it will fire 3-4 times and not start. It did disconnect the… Read more »
Hi Paul, Recently, one of the supports on the deck of my tractor broke off. By support, I mean the painted metal piece that appears to have a tab inserted into a notch in the deck itself and is then spot welded at a few points to the deck. The welds broke off and separate from the deck, so now the left side is hanging down and the tractor is unusable as a lawn mower. Hoping you can picture what I’m trying to explain. In terms of what I think needs to happen: remove the deck, take it to a… Read more »
I have a yts 3000 like many of yall. 2 make a long story short it was my brothers and he let it sit in the rain for 2 years. So I got it this summer and fixed it up put new gas line on it with new gas filter and changed all the oil and everything. Run it 3 times worked perfect. It got to a point where it wouldn’t run cleaned carburetor twice started working again but when u put it in high mode where it’s suppose to cut grass and u turn the blades on it Boggs… Read more »

I have starting issues with my YT3000. With the clutch pushed in, and turning the key I get nothing. If I hold the key in start, and repeatedly depress the clutch it will start at some point usually three to five depressions. I think either seat switch or a clutch safety. What you think?
Doug in Salem, OR



it’s been a long time since my last visit 🙂

which fuel filter brand/micron size do you recommend for the 2009 YT 3000 28922 model?

can I use the 125 or 150 micron? it feels like the 40 micron isn’t good enough when the gas level is under 40% in the fuel tank.


Hi Paul,
It’s been a while since I sought your expertise. After warming up my YT3000, when I then try to go forward, backward or engage my snowthrower I immediately stall out. The engine sounds fine otherwise…what do you think?


2009 YT3000-28922 model

been along time since the last time I posted here.lol

last month I changed oil,,battery,spark plug,Air filter and gas filter(right flow way:-) ) now every time I use it it shots off after 15/25 min during the mowing.

any ideas why? thanks


Paul, I have the 28921 and have had it for 2 yrs. its starting to squeak alot around the front wheels when I turn. Do you know what that could be. do I need to grease the front bearings?


Paul, I tried to start my mower today and it did nothing. I am assuming its the battery. is it common that the battery die after 2 yrs. i have had it just over two yrs and dont have a big yard really at all and it seems to be dead. I’m new to riders so i was surprised.

Thanks again.

I’ve had the YT3000 28922 for two years and am not pleased with the unevenness of the cut. I’ve been using the Gator Blades, but recently have taken off the mulch cap and just using the side shoot. I cut the grass in a clockwise fashing leaving a wide strip of clipping at the end which I then pick up with a sweeper. The lawn is healthy and thick and grows quickly especially in the spring and early/mid summer, so that I have to cut it at least once a week and the grass can get quite high even during… Read more »

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