2013 Husqvarna RZ4219 19.5 hp 42 inch Zero Turn Lawn Mower Review

For most of us this is the perfect mower. It will replace your current 42 to 48 inch Lawn Tractor and get your mowing done in considerably less time.

This zero-turn is lightweight without sacrificing quality so it will mow your lawn without tearing up the turf.  It has a good deck with vented spindles so it lift the grass and cuts well.  If you decide that zero-turns are the way to go, seriously look at this machine.  Yes they cost more, but they will save you so much time!  This is a great homeowner machine for up to 2 acres.

Husqvarna has developed a good, solid, zero-turn mower at a great price!

by: Paul Sikkema

Click here to go to Build.com to check prices and purchase this zero-turn mower. Husqvarna 966 80 90-01 Self-Propelled RZ4219 19.5HP Zero Turn Lawn Mower with a 42″ High Performance Air Induction Mower Deck 966 80 90-01 At this point in time they have free shipping.

RZ4219 (Click for a larger view)

Husqvarna RZ4219

Since purchasing Dixon in 2006 Husqvarna has been quietly rebuilding their zero-turn line.  This mower is a great example of that merger.

Deck:  The 42  inch vented steel deck is capable of  mowing and bagging well.  The floating suspension coupled will give a nice even cut.   Having this deck on this small tractor frame will allow you to mow around obstacles and trim landscape beds easily.  The deck sticks out the side just enough to make trimming easy.

Weight: For it’s size the RZ4219 is very lightweight. If you have light or sandy soil this will keep the machine from “divoting” your lawn and tearing up the turf  like a lot of the other residential zero-turns tend to do.  I haven’t tested this mower on slopes so I will assume it will have difficulties mowing your septic mound.  (You can usually mow these diagonally instead of across and get it mowed)

Speed: The engine size is plenty for this type of mower.  I see too many lawn tractors getting into a “Power Race”  and 19 hp is quite adequate for this size machine. If you are currently using a 42 inch yard tractor to mow, this zero-turn will cut you mowing time considerably!  In open areas it will mow about the same speed as your 42 inch Craftsman Yard Tractor but turning around, trimming and maneuvering around obstacles is where you save the time.  A zero turn is much faster than a conventional tractor.

Maintenance-Free Transmission

The drives are strong enough to handle all residential mowing.  I would pull a yard cart, dethatcher or a 15 gallon sprayer with this zero-turn but nothing else.

Price: At about $2399 on sale this mower is one of the best values on the market.  I can easily compare this machine to other brands costing $500 more.

Cons: If you have a lot of steep hills, ditches, and inclines you may not want a residential zero-turn.  They tend to have difficulties when mowing along the slope. If you have small slopes or short slopes that you can mow diagonally you can easily learn to use a zero-turn on them.   They are also not designed to push snow or use a snow thrower.  If you have questions about this leave a comment and I’ll happily discuss the benefits and whether a zero-turn is right for you.

You can read more and purchase your new mower at by clicking on the link below:

Husqvarna 966 80 90-01 Self-Propelled RZ4219 19.5HP Zero Turn Lawn Mower with a 42″ High Performance Air Induction Mower Deck 966 80 90-01 at Build.com

The rest of this article is information taken from the Husqvarna website.

For maneuverability, efficiency and convenience in a homeowner zero-turn mower package, the residential series really delivers. True zero-turn mower performance with twin, maintenance-free integrated transmissions, heavy-duty front casters and a rugged tube steel frame. High performance Air Induction cutting decks allow side ejection or optional mulch and collection capability. Convenient control placement, foam padded steering levers and an adjustable seat make these units easy and enjoyable to operate.

Engine: Briggs & Stratton
Engine type: Pro Series
Power: 19 hp
Air Filter type: Standard OEM
Fuel tank volume (with reserve) 3 gal.
Drive system Transmission type: EZT
Speed forward, min-max: 0-6.5 mph
Speed reverse, min-max: 0-3.5 mph
Cutting deck Cutting width: 42 inch
Cutting deck type: Stamped
Cutting height, min-max (approximate) 1.5 – 4 inch
Blade engagement: Manual
Blades: 2
Seat type: Vinyl with built in slide
Dimensions: Tire size, front 11×4-5″
Tire size, rear: 18×7.5-8″
Base machine, length: 72 inch



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