Lawn Mowing Calculator | Acreage Chart | Mower Productivity Chart

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Here is a mower productivity chart to help you determine what is the best deck width for your yard.

Keep in mind a 17 hp 42 inch mower will not be able to mow as fast as a 24 hp 42 inch mower.

A good guess for mowing speeds is:

3 mph for a cheap, low hp lawn tractor (like the Yard Machines 38 inch or Troy Bilt Pony)

4 mph for most other residential yard and garden tractors (like the Craftsman T2200 or T3000)

5 mph for the 2014 Craftsman 46 inch zero-turn

6 mph for the Cub Cadet Z-Force and most prosumer zero turns (like the Craftsman 20417 or John Deere 400 series)

8 mph for most commercial zero turns (like the Toro Grandstand)

11 to 13 mph for the high end commercial mowers (Like the Wright Stander ZK or Ferris IS 5100Z))

The numbers are acres per hour. For example if you have a 42 inch deck and it will mow at 4 mph you can get about 1.4 acres an hour mowed.

80% Efficiency, (Mower Width in Inches)

2 MPH0.350.370.
7  1.82.452.
9      4.55.4
10     56
11      5.56.6
12      67.2
13      6.57.8