Who Makes Sears Craftsman Lawn Tractors and Riding Mowers for 2015?

Who Makes Craftsman Lawn Tractors and Riding Mowers for 2015?

Updated: Jan 21, 2014

by: Paul Sikkema

We all know Sears and Craftsman have had their products made for them since the 70’s. This article will go through the current Riding Mower, Tractor and Zero-Turn Manufactures of the 2015 products Sears sells under the Craftsman Brand.

It’s almost comical how many “expert” answers there are out on the Internet to this question. And to make matter’s worse, I know a few local businesses that will intentionally misguide their potential customers by telling them the wrong information about Craftsman Lawn Tractors and Riding Mowers.

Craftsman Model 25061 Zero-Turn Sears, Craftsman has never had the factories to produce their own equipment.  Sears is a retailer and they have always used OEM’s (original equipment manufactures)  to make the items they sell.  Even when they did own Roper in the 60’s they left the design, production and distribution to Roper. There is always a lot of confusion to who makes what for Craftsman because the manufactures change over time.  Companies like Haban go out of business, others get bought out (like Emerson, Snapper, Gravely, Wheel Horse, Lawn Boy, Cub Cadet, Hahn, Roper, Eclipse)  Sears even has used different names for the products they sell over the years (Companion, Dunlop, Evolv, Craftsman, Craftsman Professional, Craftsman Premium.)  This is muddled even more because the Internet is full of out-dated and wrong information.  The information I will show you here is freely available…just go to http://www.shopyourway.com/, put in the Craftsman model number of the mower (from Sears.com) and the owners manual comes up.  On the manual there is a model number.  The first three digits is a manufacturer’s code that tells you who made the product.

The products are made by someone else but I want to make it very clear though that Sears has always spec’d their equipment. What this means is that just because the mower is made for them by a particular manufacture, i.e., Briggs,  in a specific facility, i.e., Snapper Plant … the equipment is made to Craftsman’s specifications … and the quality that Craftsman dictates is the best possible for that tractor/mower series and price range.  (For example, The 30 hp Craftsman Premium tractor looks like a Simplicity Prestige on the outside, but the specs are different than the tractor sold as a Simplicity Prestige.  The engine is a larger, premium motor, instead of a residential series. The deck is designed for Craftsman customers, and the price matches Sears volume, not a small dealer’s margins.)  Craftsman Labs test every new product extensively to make sure it meets their customer’s quality needs.) 

Here is the list: You can go to this article to learn more about these manufactures: Riding Mower Brands

Who Makes Craftsman Riding Mowers?

Craftsman Riding Mowers:   The R1000 is made by MTD.

Who Makes Sears Craftsman Lawn Tractors?

Craftsman T1000, T1400, T1600 series:  MTD,  there are three Lawn Tractors for 2014

Who Makes Sears Craftsman Yard Tractors?

Craftsman T2000 Series, T3000 Series with Turn Tight: Husqvarna (These mowers are still made in the same plant that used to be owned by AYP (Amercian Yard Products) and Electrolux. Husqvarna is now the world’s largest Lawn & Garden Equipment Manufacture)

Who Makes Sears Craftsman Garden Tractors?

Craftsman G5100, G5500 with Turn Tight: Husqvarna

Who Makes Sears Craftsman Zero-Turns?

2015 Craftsman: MTD.  There are a few 2014 models left made by Husqvarna

1025 Craftsman Pro: MTD

Who Makes Sears Craftsman Premium Series? Series is discontinued for 2013.

Craftsman Premium (CTX) was made by Briggs & Stratton. There may be a new line announced this spring

Who Makes Sears Craftsman Professional Series? 

2014 Pro Series sold at the Hometown Stores is made by Husqvarna. Look under the seat and the model number starts with 917.

2015 Pro Series with Turn-Tight Extreme is made by MTD. This is the tractor that is in the ads and getting all of the great reviews. Model number starts with 247.

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Leonard White

I have a craftsman Canada lawn tractor (made in USA) I believe early 2000yr
Model Number is 944.600041
Serial # 050800B0020822
Briggs and Stratton 14.5hp IC Gold OHV
Tractor is green & Black with White wheels
Looking for some steering shaft and gears
Blade drive activator cable
and a Manual.
the model 944 comes up as not known everywhere I look
Thank You for your time Paul
Best Regards

Jack Williams

Will 917.256552 and 917.276390 take the same Mower Deck? I can’t seem to find this on the net… I have TRIED!


Thanks for your help Paul!


Thanks Paul!!


K thanks

Larry Martin
Hi Mr. Paul, I have a Craftsman 2007 lawn tractor and I am trying to find out for a certain what company made this mower. On the Operator’s Manual the model number is 917.28712 and on the Repair Parts Manual the model number is 917.287121. The hood label has DLS 3500 on it. I am told that with the model number beginning with 917 it was made by Husqvarna but the tractordata.com web site says that the lawn tractor was made by AYP. I have seen some newer models of Craftsman with the first three numbers beginning with 917 stating… Read more »

Paul, just wanted to say thanks . You led me to some great gator blades for my t1900. They are a such an improvement!


Hi Paul I bought craftsman riding mower model #944 609 800 tried to use the fit up chart and my number don’t match any thing looking for a snow blower that will fit if u could point me in the right direction would be cool thanks

Charlett Nail

I’m in the need for a new lawnmower and would like to know which would be best for uneven ground, lots of slopes and a long 500 foot ditch that has to be mowed riding at a slant. I even mow the pasture some. My neighbor has a husgvarna, and another a cub cadet and both like them . What’s your best suggestion?


Hey Paul,,,,have a model 917 .25583 sears craftsman lawn tractor purchased this year. on the walls of the tires it says the front tires which are much smaller then the rear take the same amount of air as the back tires. Can this be? Front tires, min. 10 pounds, max 14…rear tires min 10 Max 14. can’t believe it.

Hi Paul, Just read your article about the zero turns and I’m now convinced I need one with a steering wheel and I’ll be fine. I have 2.5 acres that is mostly flat but I have a lot of trees and a couple of horse stalls as obstacles. My question is about pulling a yard vacuum with a ZTR. You stated this will damage the transmission on zero turns. Is there one that doesn’t have this issue and/or can you suggest a lawn tractor that would do the job and allow me to use the yard vacuum? I currently have… Read more »
Dear Paul , Do you know of any reliability issues for the Sears Item # 07120442000P Model # 20442 46″ pro series lawn tractor with 24hp Kohler engine+ tight turn (6″ radius)? I am assuming this model is made by MTD is that correct? What do you anticipate the life expectancy of this tractor will be if it is used solely for mowing and assuming proper care and maintenance? I live in central VT on the east side of the state. I would be mowing about 3/4 of an acre. Included are some small areas with hills at reasonable slopes.… Read more »

Hello, I have a craftsman pyt900 whats is the part # for a grass bagger for this model? I have 1 acre I mow smooth surface for the most part

Rob Kruckman

Great Web: I don’t hav a question. Just wanted to tell U thanx. Iam going on the 11th season on my Craftsman rider No problems.

steve wood

just bought a T1000 craftsman series tractor. I’m 5’6″ tall and have moved the seat as far forward as I can. I’m still too short without REALLY strechting out to push the drive pedal forward for the ground speed. Any factory fix for this short of making a block to secure to the peddle. It’s probably close to a safety issues, espicially if someone really short tries to operate the unit and slides off the seat. Thanks

Patricia L Rodriguez

Hi Paul…Just bought a sears craftsman model 917.25583 19.0 HP 46″ lawn tractor. How do I know if it is 2015. or 2016 model. Also Who is the Manufacturer? Thank you. Pat R. April 24, 2016


Speaking of supposed “expert opinions” and “outdated ínformation”……..
The site you mention, (managemyhome.com) does not seem to exist. All I get is a redirect to (shopyourway.com). Also, as stated in other comments, Husqvarna does not manufacture their own tractors so no answer there either.


Hi Paul. I just bought the T1600 19HP 46″ Craftsman lawn tractor #203744. The woman at sears said husqevarna makes it. But you’re saying it’s MTD. I’m now a little uneasy, given MTD’s reputation. It seems to run fine. But I did notice one of the bolts to adjust the seat is missing. Didn’t consumer reports rate this a best buy? Am I overreacting?


Paul. Who makes the craftsman 2015… model 20403……. garden tractor ? I saw a suggestion somewhere that it was MTD. Do you know if it’s true that it does NOT have the B&S Platinum engine ? Any further info ? I see some bad reviews on the sears website.

One more: You now have to get the garden tractor with the non-key start I believe…..and the mower ( blades ) will stop if you try to mow in reverse without pushing the ROS button ( reverse operation system ) . Do you know if it’s true that you only have to push it once ? Meaning not every single time you want to back up with the mower engaged. My current G5500 has the forward reverse control on the fender ( hand lever). I think I will not like the fact that you have to press a separate pedal… Read more »

Who makes the craftsman 2015 46 inch lawnmower


[…] Originally Posted by vaskeet Craftsman (starting with the Yard Mower series) Husqvarna and poulan pro are made by AYP Lawn tractors (Craftsman T1000, T1400, T1600 series are mtd I think that's backwards? I believe Husqvarva bought AYP. Who Makes Sears Craftsman Lawn Tractors and Riding Mowers for 2014? | TodaysMower.com […]

Ray Still
I own craftsman model# 247288881 (PYT 9000) . Do they make a bagger for this tractor and if so which one? I consulted with sears parts and they sent 3 bin, 9 bu. bagger #24904 which fit except for where the chute attaches to the deck. I talked to 2 different CU reps, one said the correct bagger is (MTD,Troybuilt) #19A30003OEM, another said craftsman # 247240191. They sent the MTD bagger which is still not fitting the deck. The 1st rep I talked to today said craftsman # 917249030 fits and the next rep said they don`t show a bagger… Read more »
Bill Graham

I have a ten year old craftsman lawn tractor, model 917-273372 and it needs a brake job. I call the sears repairman. He tried to order brake pads and says that they are no longer made for my model. What do I do now?


I have a craftsman model 917.288533 lawn tractor. I would like to know who manufactured it. thanks.


Husqvarna lawn tractors and zero turn mowers are made by the Husqvarna Group at their factory in Orangeburg, SC, Exit 149 on I-26. In addition to the various private labels held by the Husqvarna Group (McCulloch, Poulan, Weedeater, etc.), the Husqvarna Group also produces some of the tractor range for Craftsman and Ariens.


have you reviewed the John Deere Z Trak Z235 nad Z255 found on the Deere web-site any info on these worth buying or should I go with either the Toro ss4235 or the Toro ss4260 Thanks


The problem you have here is that even Husqvarna mowers are not made my Husqvarna, so you’ve not really fully answered the question here.

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