Yazoo and Kees Brands To Disappear

Husqvarna announced today they are discontinuing the Yazoo/Kees brand and focus on the Dixon and Husqvarna product lines.

Many of you won’t even remember the Yazoo Mower and didn’t even know it was still being made.

Early Yazoo 16 hp

Yazoo was one of the early attempts at making a zero-turn mower. Before the Yazoo most small acreage farmers were using small farm tractors with underbelly mowers. The Yazoo cut their mowing time in half. It was very popular in the Midwest.

Compared to mowing cemetaries with a Heckendorn it saved even more time.

While the Yazoo was a real time-saver it did have it’s faults.  The biggest fault was the Tilt-a-Whirl ride you got hanging off the backend of the mower while trying to control it.  The first time you drove one it scared you half-to-death.  But, wow could you mow lawn compared to others on the market at that time. When Gravely came out with the Pro-Master 50 and others like Skag developed the mid-mount the Yazoo was dead.

Kees came along a lot later and focused on the commercial walk-behind market.  I don’t know why but they bought the Yazoo brand and proceeded to produce commercial mid-mount and walk-behinds until Husqvarana finally bought the struggling company out.


Yazoo, Kees, it’s been a long run …… it’s been fun!

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I was lucky to stumble upon one of the last real Yazoos. Kohler twin, 62″, nearly new condition.
A dealer had it on consignment from the owner and I bought it for $1200, delivered, no tax. I have had it for several years now with zero problems and I have a huge park-like lawn. It was out by the road with some other mowers and I think no one else bought it because it’s so damn ugly.


I had one and I couldnt get a dime out of it! Ended up selling it for junk and it ran and looked good too!

John Champion

Hi. I have a Yazoo Eagle 1. It runs and mows. Any idea what it is worth and where to get top dollar?

Samuel S. Morgan
My name is Samuel s. Morgan. I am president of Morgan’s Landscape Maintenance. I started cutting grass in Tampa, Florida in 1972. Today 2016 we spray and fertilize lawns. We stopped mowing yards in 1999. I started using Yazoo’s in 1976. I was one of the first to use these mowers commercially in Tampa. John Aoki and Mike Lupin were the first. I purchased a Yr-48 with a 12 h.p Briggs and Stratton motor. What a great mower. Four (4) different bolts. All easy to get too. Very easy to service and maintain. I then bought a YR-60 with the… Read more »
kenny illges

Hi! I have a yahoo eagle in great shape except in reverse it goes really slow! Do you think it is just the pedal? IOt barely moves when you push down on it! Also, what year were these mowers made? Thanks!

danny jarvis

im trying to find anew wheel motor for my yazoo #te023ous250aakf is the #off the orig. the problem is this model had a bypass valve that no longer is available …..what can be done?

scott degarmo

i found a Yazoo mower for sale, its an older version, maybe an 80-90’s version. it has a 76″ deck. im wanting to use it for camps and large amounts of land but there very hilly. Are yazoo mowers good for doing hills and inclines or just flat land? its about $1000 and it has around 700 hours on it. is this a good buy?
please reply to the email listed. (adegarmo9412@yahoo.com)

Raymond Higby

I know I finally found a drive belt put it on and boy it is fun.

Raymond Higby

I just got one of the yazoo master mower for junk.
But I’m not junking it because it looks cool. I can’t
Wait to drive it. It looks like it would be fun.

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