Putting Craftsmanship back into Craftsman: 10 Reasons To Own The New Craftsman Premium Tractor

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 Here are 10 reasons why the new Craftsman Premium Tractor is the most luxurious and technologically advanced lawn tractor in its class.  Craftsman named the series CTX (Craftsman Tractor Experience) because the premium experience you will have with these tractors. In this article I am going to give you 10 reasons to buy the new CTX mower this year.

“All-new Craftsman CTX Tractors deliver a finely tuned balance of power, performance and control.
With superb handling and convenient features, it’s never been easier to get a great cut fast!
Plus, with optional attachments, your CTX tractor can load, till and haul, or even clear away snow.”

Putting Craftsmanship back into Craftsman: 10 Reasons To Own The New Craftsman Premium Tractor 1

Craftsman CTX-9500 with slip-scoop

 Back in the day, “American lawn tractors” were vast pieces of rolling noise powered by low-hp motors driving the rear wheels through three-speed non-synchronized gearboxes. Huge frames, tiny seats, and steering that took longer to turn a corner than boiling eggs. You were wore out just thinking about mowing the lawn.  And the decks. Tiny 38 inch decks that whacked off the grass. If you went faster than a walking pace the decks would leave strips and clumps. The paint fell off them within two years and within 3 years they had huge rust holes that threw grass everywhere.

Fast forward 20 years. The lawn tractor manufactures decided that strength is not what we needed. We needed cheap, throw away tractors. You only bought a car that would last 100,000 miles (5 years) so why would you need a lawn tractor that lasted any longer? The steering got quicker, but within two years there was enough “slop” in it that you got your exercise just trying to keep your mower in a straight line. And the price got cheaper and cheaper every year.  For some reason

Fast Forward to today: The Craftsman CTX series  is a work of art. Everything fits, everything works, everything is built to last, everything is just as it should be.  Craftsman, Craftsmanship

When you are done with this article you can read my reviews of the CTX line here:  CTX 9500 Reviews  

Here are 10 reasons why you should buy a Craftsman CTX Lawn Tractor this year.

1. Exterior styling: appropriately American

The styling is reminiscent of todays high end luxury cars.  Smooth sloping lines.  The toned down grille. A little rake to the hoodline giving it a more dynamic appearance. No choppy “transformer” like square corners.  Metal still has a place on todays great lawn tractors. And one of the best places to put metal is on the hood. The Craftsman CTX line has a full metal hood. No plastic grills, no plastic vents. Nothing to break the first time you accidentally run into that tree.

2. Hood Hold-downs:  Heavy blocks that guide and hold the hood. No more shaking hoods or hoods that fall off. Extra thick steel doesn’t flex when you open the hood.  This hood will be hard to dent.

3. “Interior styling”: Features and functionality: Ergonomics and information knows no borders. An Enhanced Digital Dash and Monitoring Package is one thing.  A nice Steering wheel is even better.  The Soft Grip tilt Steering wheel is a fine addition to this tractor.  No hard plastic, cracked wheel. A nice grip that won’t slip out of your hands wearing gloves.

A removable key that allows you to mow in reverse and let’s you decide if the other operators in your family are experienced enough not to back over the cat.

A switch ON-THE-DASH to set the cutting height. Now you can instantly change the cutting height for different areas of your lawn.  Short in the dog yard, long out back. Exactly 2.75 inches for the front lawn.

Depending on the model enhanced easy steering or power steering.  Of course it has a cup holder and a 12 volt adapter.

Yes, even cruise control.

You can read my reviews of the CTX line here:  CTX 9500 Reviews  This article was first published at TodaysMower.com. (Other sties: You are welcome to copy this article to your site. Please leave this reference in the body.) 

4. Under the hood:  American Ingenuity at it’s best.

No more choke controls to understand or a racing, sputtering, smoking engine when it starts. Turn the key and it starts just like your car.  This is a better engine than you are used to.  High torque so it will pull through that heavy grass without a whimper.  Realistic horsepower and electronic fuel management to give you the best fuel economy. Full pressure oil system just like your car for long life. Advanced Debris management so your engine won’t fill up with dirt and leaves, overheat and die.  The interior engine parts are polished (super-finished) to give you the longest life possible.

5. Frame: It’s about time someone built a strong frame again.  Full length welded steel frame is rigid and strong.  10 ga (.135 inch) is heavier than other brands.  This frame won’t flex and distort.  Reinforced areas for transmission and other mounting points.  You won’t pull this frame apart when pulling more than you should.  The cast iron front axle has “steering blocks.” When you turn the wheel all the way these blocks keep the front axles from bending and breaking.  If you have ever hit a bump with your current tractor and had the front wheels try to fold under the tractor you will understand the importance of the this feature.

6. Transmission: What in the world is differential lock and traction control?  Traction control is just like the system on your Subaru. When one wheel starts to slip, the transmission automatically sends more power to it, keeping you moving up that hill.  Differential lock works like rear end of a dragster or a NASCAR race car. Push a button and both rear wheels get full power.  They are “locked up” and will keep pulling and pulling and pulling.  This is one of the most requested features for hills and mowing on slopes.  This system is one of the major features that makes the CTX series worth every penny.

Speed – The Craftsman CTX-9500 will go up to 8.0 miles per hour forward and 3.0 reverse speed.

7. Deck: Ground following deck.  The large commercial mowers you see on the golf courses and parks all use ground following decks.  The decks ride on their own wheels and follow the contours of the ground.  Ground following decks give you the most even cut.  (You do have to replace the gauge wheels every few years.) The CTX series has electric height adjustment. Infinite range of cut between 1 and 4 inches.  Hydraulic lift on the CTX-9500 54 inch model.  Other brands put full length rollers on this type of deck, but rollers can make the deck mow unevenly.  Rollers also flatten the grass and myself I prefer and nice lawn where all the grass is standing up, not one where the grass is flattened out.  This deck uses wheels on the outside edges giving you the best cut possible.

CTX deck sizes are 42, 46, 50 and 54″, so you can get your yard done with fewer passes. Deck adjustment and removal is quick and easy….and it goes back on just as quickly.

8. Handling: Easy steering. The steering on the CTX series is a super-responsive driving experience. The steering is quick and responsive so you can corner and cover irregularly shaped spaces with incredible precision. The Model 25007 even has power steering. Turning radius is sized for the tractor and ranges from 14 to 18 inches.

9. Tires:  Heavy-duty, deep tread tires. Large tires give you complete control on rough lawns and superior traction on sidehills. The tires appear to be heavier duty than you are used to.

10. Pricing: This is the best value for a premium lawn tractor.  Craftsman is giving you all the premium features at a price you can afford.  You won’t pay a premium price for premium features.

Overall: Honestly American. This is one great tractor with no Chinese influence.  This is the Craftsman you have been waiting for.

Plus, with Sears Service heritage, you can purchase your tractor with the confidence of knowing that, should you ever need any service on your tractor, Sears would quickly be available to help.

Why am I continuing to write about these new tractors?  Because this is the first time you can buy a premium tractor from a nationwide retailer.  This is the first time you can buy a premium tractor without having to worry about if the dealer is going to be there next week.  And this is the first time you can buy a premium tractor at an affordable price.

You can read my reviews of the CTX line here:  CTX 9500 Reviews


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