2010 Craftsman Professional Zero Turn 52 inch 26 hp Model 28875 Review

This mower has been discontinued:  I recommend you seriously look at the Husqvarna 54 in 25 hp MZ5424S Zero-Turn

The commercial mowing guys call this mower a high end residential.  It has all the features and durability of a commercial mower, except it uses hydrostatic transmissions instead of the more expensive pump/motor units.

This mower will mow a lot of lawn. It will mow twice as fast as the Craftsman Excellerator all while giving your lawn that beautiful golf course look.

Read the rest of my review after the Specs.

Sears Item 07128875000

Sold on Sears.com as: Craftsman Professional 26 hp 52 inch Zero Turn Riding Mower


Read My Review Below These Specs:

Brand: Craftsman Professional
Series: Zero Turn
Model: 28875
Ca Model: none
Engine HP: 26
Engine Brand: Briggs & Stratton Professional
Cylinders: 2
Transmission: Twin Hydrostatic
Transmission Control: Twin Lever
Mower Width: 52 inch
Blades: 3
Cutting Positions: 13
Gauge Wheels: 3
Washout port: NA
Blade Engagement: Electric
Turning Radius: Zero Turn
Front Axle: Heavy Gauge Welded Box
Rear Tires: 20 x 10
Seat: High Back with arm rests
Slide Seat Adjust: Yes
Service Minder: Yes

My Review:

I like this mower!  If you are mowing 5 to 20 acres a week this is Craftsman Mower for you.  This mower is the heaviest and most durable in the Craftsman line and at around $5500 on sale it is one of  the best bargains in the Sears line-up.  It uses 7 and 10 gauge steel for the frame and mower deck.  I will gladly rate this mower against a dozen similar mowers from other brands that all cost $1000 – $2500 more. I can show you where this mower is equal or superior in design, ruggedness, and overall features to all these machines.

This mower is a prime example of time verses money.  Let’s say you have a large lawn (5 acres.)   You can spend $1500 for a Yard Tractor and it will take you 5 hours plus trimming to mow or you can spend $5500 and get your lawn done in about 2 hours INCLUDING trimming.  For example, a 54 inch YT 4500 Model 28990 will mow  1 3/4 acres per hour well and the 52 inch Model 28992 Zero Turn will mow 2.25 acres per hour.  This mower will mow 3.5 acres an hour well.

Another example of how a mower like this can be worth the money.  My neighbor has about five acres to mow.  The property is heavily wooded and it used to take him all day to mow it with his old Cub Cadet and then usually three hours more with a string trimmer.   He finally retired his old mower and bought a 50 inch Country Clipper (very similar to this Craftsman.)  He can now mow and trim his lawn in less than two hours.  What is your time worth?


You will have to buy a grease gun and learn how to lubricate this machine.  Because it uses commercial components there are specific maintenance procedures you must do every 50 hours or so to keep the mower running for years.  If you don’t perform theses tasks you will tear out bearings, etc.  It only takes about 15 minutes to do, but it must be done.

On a residential mower like the 28922 the bearings are “sealed.” This means they are sealed and lubricated for the life of the bearing.  The manufactures typically design this “life” to be between 250 and 500 hours.  On a commercial machine the bearings are designed to last 2000 hours or more.  But they are not sealed and require regular greasing (typically every 50 hours)  I know some commercial owners who do the regular maintenance and take their machines apart every 2000 hours. They clean out the grease from the bearings and then “repack” them with new.  Some of these owners get 5000 hours or more out of their mowers.

You should learn to sharpen your own blades.  (Just ask and I’ll make a video)  With a normal residential mower you usually replace the blades.  The blades on this mower are designed to be resharpened at least 10 times before you need to replace them.

One last con. This is not a true commercial mower.  It is designed for residential use and if you try to use it commercially (20 or more lawns per week) you will not be happy with the durability of the drives (transmissions.)  Spend the extra $3000 and buy an ExMark Lazer Z.

One last comment. Sears Service.  Sears service is dependable, reliable and they come right to your home.  The reason I mention this is the high-end residential mower market is a very “fluid” market.  If you are shopping around there are a lot companies that get into this market for a few years, and then quit.  There are also a lot of dealers or individuals who try to sell to this market and after a few years, quit.  I can name a dozen manufactures I looked at in 1998 who are no longer in business.  If the company goes out of business parts will be hard to find.  If a dealer goes out of business you may have to travel a hundred miles or more to get warranty work done.  (My local John Deere farm equipment dealer just closed it’s lawn mower location and now customers have to drive 20 miles to get service) If you are shopping around and looking at other brands be very careful of the service and support.  Sears stands behind their products and you can get parts for at least 10 years.

Seriously consider buying the Repair Protection Plan.  I feel you may never use it on this machine, but on this mower the “RPA” gives you expedited service.  This means if you have a problem, Sears will schedule you in front of the regular service customers.  They will get to your home, diagnose the problem, order parts, get the parts, and get the repair made as quickly as possible.  They will make every effort to get the repair made within “one mowing cycle.”  The Protection Plan covers all parts, labor and trip charges.  It covers all wear and tear except blades and tune-ups.

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