2010 Craftsman YT3000 42 inch 22 hp Kohler Model 28934 Review

This review covers the YT 3000 with a single cylinder Kohler motor, 42 inch, and foot control hydro with cruise control.  If you want a larger deck or plan to install a snow thrower look at the other models.

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Read My Review Below These Specs:

Brand: Craftsman
Series: YT 3000
Model: 28934
Ca Model: none
Engine HP: 22
Engine Brand: Kohler

Cylinders: One

Transmission: Hydrostatic
Transmission Control: Foot Control with cruise
Mower Width: 42 inch
Blades: 2
Cutting Positions:  6
Gauge Wheels: 4
Washout port: Included
Blade Engagement: Manual
Turning Radius: 16 inches
Front Axle: Cast Iron – Grease-able
Rear Tires:  18 x 9.5
Seat: High-back
Slide Seat Adjust:  Easy Adjust Lever
Service Minder: None

Warranty: 2 year manufacture defects, 5 year frame and axle.  Optional 3 year Protection Plan that includes labor, trip charges and wear and tear.  (See Sears.com for details)

My Review:

This is the same tractor as the 28922 with a Kohler motor instead of a Briggs. This model features the new Craftsman style step through operator’s platform, pressurized lube engine with oil filter, and a 42 inch deck designed around the 46 inch Model 28924 Consumer Reports 2010 Best Buy.

The 28934 has the foot control hydro.  If you are new to mowers this is the new mower for you. (it drives more like your car) The foot control is easy to use and has a cruise control so you can set the mowing speed and then take your foot off the control.  If you are replacing your old Craftsman that had fender controls you should look at the 28922 fender control.

If you want a mower that will mow 1/2 to 2 acres well, handle a snow blade, and all the non-ground engaging attachments Sears offers, this is the mower in the Craftsman lineup that will do the job for you.  This tractor is heavy enough to handle hilly and rough lawns.  There are other mowers in the Craftsman lineup that will mow faster, or pull more, but this is a great all around mowing machine.  I personally like the Kohler motor.  As a commercial mowing contractor I have owned many Kohlers and they are just good, dependable engines.  Change the oil and filter every 50 hours and they will last longer than the mower itself.

I like the mid-size YT 3000 series.  I think they represent a good value and a machine that if taken care of properly will last you a long time.

These yard tractors are capable of pulling all the non-ground engaging attachments Sears offers including a snow blade.


The YT 3000 is heavy enough, but I recommend going to a twin cylinder motor (YT 4000)  if you want to attach a  snow thrower.   The Kohler has plenty of torque to handle the task, but you will wish you had bought a larger engine for snow throwing.

Final Thoughts:

Consumer Reports gave the 2010 46 inch model 28924 a best buy and Sears has designed this deck to mow as well.   There are very few negatives with this mower as long as you understand that it is a good quality mid-sized mower designed to mow lawns well.  I like this lawn mower for what it is designed for. At around $1500 on sale it is a very good value.

Ask a question, leave a comment, tell us about your mower below:

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Paul, more of a curiosity than a critical question, but my new (used) rider is a YTS3000 instead of just a YT3000. It has the Kohler engine. Any idea what the S is for?


Paul, I need to replace the blades on my 289344. The parts manual has part number 424752 listed, but also lists 422719 as “premium.” They also list a Hi-LIFT blade, part 138971 as well. Oddly, the premium one is listed as costing less on the Sears parts site than the standard with the HI-LIFT being the most. Any thought? I use the bagger on the mower, if that matters. Thanks.

Dave Frazier
Dave Frazier

I had a sear 289344 mower for about two years, I mow about two times a week. I have started noticing a rattle down under my seat on the mower deck, when I press on the brake or lock the brake it goes away. I probably have a bad idler but which one? Also I would like to jumper my seat switch It has 4 wires two black and one gray and a green (groud). Which wires should I jumper. Thanks for your help and enjoy your post.


Ok, it’s take too long and I’m just going to suck it up and sheepishly ask this question. I have a 28934 (which I bought last year and a fantastic machine, far superior to the Deere LT I had before it). My question is where the heck is the spark plug? Is there some cover to remove to get at it or something? Thanks.


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Paul, Thanks for the recommendation on Yds 3000 28934 mower. I have usede it several times and have not had a problem with it. It cuts the grass and handles my slopes well. The hydrostatic does not slip at all. One queston I went to change my oil today and did not have very much drain out the guys at Sears said it was ready to go and I did not have to add any oil. Does the type of oil used make a difference in the amount used 10w 30 or sae 30? Have other people reportd a small… Read more »

Mike R
Mike R

I'm trying to find the mulch plug for this mower..I see you refer to 198383 as the correct plug but when I contacted sears parts, they say that for this mower, they only sell the whole mulch kit and not the individual plug. Any assurance this part 198383 is correct for my mower. My Model on the fender is listed as 917.289344. Shipping is almost as much as this part and hate to get the wrong one.


Alan Bell
Alan Bell

I purchased a Sears 28934 and somehow managed to misplace the gas cap. The part number listed in the manual is 430220 which the Sears site says this about:

“We’re sorry. This part is no longer available. No alternate or substitute part has been recommended by the manufacturer.”

Any thoughts?


Paul, I am looking to buy this mower and have a couple questions. You mention non-ground engaging equipment; would this mower work with the plug aerator sold at Sears? And secondly, does this mower have an hour meter or fuel gauge?


Alan Bell
Alan Bell


I have a question about the Home Repair Protection Agreement. I understand how service works if you have it (call the 800 number, somebody comes out, parts are ordered, they come back to put them in, etc). How does it work if you don’t have that agreement? The same way except you pay? I’m not sure about whether to get it and am just trying to understand what it gets me. On a side note, I would hope that I wouldn’t need any expensive service on a tractor less than 3 years old, but that’s a different story I guess.

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