2010 Yard-Man 46 inch 22 hp Model 28906 Yard Tractor Review

This mower features a Kohler motor and a variable speed belt drive transmission.  It has the standard MTD Yard-man deck and plastic hood.  Ok, I’m running out of positives already.

I’m not sure why Sears is carrying this mower.  Maybe so they can show first-hand how much better the YT 3000 and YT 4000 series tractors are.  They can place the MTD built Yard-Man right next to the Husqvarna built Craftsman YT series and you can compare for yourself the superior quality of the YT’s.

See the rest of this review after the Specs:

Sears Item 07128906000

Listed On Sears.com as: Yard-Man 22 hp 46 inch Yard Tractor

Click on the coupon to check prices and read more at Sears.com.


Read My Review Below These Specs:

Brand: Yard Man
Series: Yard Tractor
Model: 28906
Ca Model: None
Engine HP: 22
Engine Brand: Kohler Courage
Cylinders: One
Transmission: Automatic (Variable speed belt drive)
Transmission Control: Foot with forward/reverse fender control
Mower Width: 46 inches
Blades: 2
Cutting Positions: 6
Gauge Wheels: 2
Washout port: Yes
Blade Engagement: Manual
Turning Radius: 15 inches
Front Axle: Cast Iron
Rear Tires: 20 x 8
Seat: High Back
Slide Seat Adjust: Yes
Service Minder: No

My Review:

For the same price you can get a proven YT 3000 series with a Kohler motor with a hydrostatic transmission.  The deck on the YT 3000 has been rated as one of the best cutting decks on a residential mower.  For one hundred dollars less you can get a YT 3000 with a true hydrostatic transmission,  the 46 inch deck that the leading consumer magazine rated so high and a good Briggs & Stratton engine.

All kidding aside this is a BIG win for MTD.  They can now use Sears award-winning service and parts network.  Up until this point MTD has had to rely on “begging” private lawn mower repair shops to do their warranty work.  The horror stories of trying to get warranty work done on an MTD litter the Internet.  Sears is even willing to offer the 3 year Repair Protection Agreement to help you keep this mower running.

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Needed Accessories:

I will add accessories in a few weeks.

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