2010 Craftsman Riding Mower 30 inch 17.5 hp Model 28035 Review

This mower has been updated: Go here to read my review: Husqvarna SRD Model 28002 30 inch Bagging Mower

The Side Rear Discharge Lawn Tractor (SRD) has changed from last years model.   This model costs less than the 2009 and still gives you the same quality of cut and bagging capability.  While I don’t personally like this mower, but it may be  just right for you if you have a small yard, raise your own produce and have gone “green.”  See the rest of my review after the Specs.

Listed On Sears As: Craftsman Briggs & Stratton Silver 17.5 hp 30” Side Rear Discharge Tractor


Read My Review Below These Specs:

Brand: Craftsman
Series: SRD
Model: 28035
Ca Model: N/A
Engine HP: 17.5
Engine Brand: Briggs & Stratton Silver
Cylinders: 1
Transmission: 6 speed gear
Transmission Control: Lever on Fender
Mower Width: 30 inch
Blades: 1
Cutting Positions: 6
Gauge Wheels: No
Washout port: No
Blade Engagement: Manual
Turning Radius: 16 inch
Front Axle: Welded Steel Tube
Rear Tires: 16 x 6
Seat: Mid-Back
Slide Seat Adjust: Yes
Service Minder: No

Bagger:  Included

My Review:

For 2010 Sears lowered the cost about $200 by changing from a hydrostatic transmission to a manual six speed.  This change puts this mower into the price range of the other 28 to 32 inch mowers on the market. (This mower includes the bagger)

Specifically this mower is 32 inches wide (cutting width 30 inches) and is designed to bag your clippings and easily dump them on your compost pile. SRD means: the clippings discharge out the side of the deck, into a chute inside the mower.  The chute goes to the rear of the mower and the clippings dump into the integral bagger.

Just back up to your drop pile, reach over to your left, pull out the bag lever and dump your clippings.  No need to get off the mower to dump.

Sears improved the safety switch on the bagger.  There were quite a few complaints about the bag not sitting on the switch properly and the mower kept cutting out.  With the new switch this has been eliminated.

You can not use the mower without the bag.  There is no side discharge option but there is a  mulching kit available.  It has a hitch inside the bag compartment so you can remove the bag and pull non-ground engaging attachments like carts and thatchers.  The bag comes off very easily.

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I have the 2010 model, it sat for around 2 years with no gas in the tank and I’m trying to get it started now but it won’t stay running. What do I need to do?


I have a 1/3 acre yard, but have real thick St. Augistine and would like a rider to get it done, but i don’t want a huge rider that won’t go through the gate. I was looking at the Husqvarna 38″ LTH18538 or the Craftsman 30″ SRD. I really like the design of theCraftsman mower(30″) with the bagger in back would fit through the gate easily. But the only drawback is it is a manual shift, and the Husqvarna is a hydrostatic shift. My question is, how important is automatic shifting compared to manual? I wish i could find a… Read more »


"The bag comes off very easily"…?…then why can't you simply dump collected material in toter or bins?…why must you back up and "dump"?…Everything sounds good for me except I need to send clippings to the curb for pickup. Also, how does the mulching kit work if the bag must be engaged?



If mower will not run without bag, how do you pull attachments after taking the bagger off? I have the 2009 model, and would like to do just that. Also, getting the dumped grass/leaves into bags to haul to compost site is a chore. I have been dumping onto a tarp, then folding up and lifting up into the bag. Sometimes it just dies, usually from switch on bagger. I’m ready to disable it.

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