2010 Yard Machines Lawn “Tractor” 38 inch 13.5 hp Model 13ac762f000 Review

Plain and simple, this is the cheapest riding lawn “tractor” available. If that is what you want, this is it!  You can ride on it while it attempts to cut the grass.  It is listed as a “Lawn Tractor” but it really isn’t.  It’s a riding lawn mower with a hood.  The deck cuts the grass but has very little lift or throw.  Don’t bother to buy a bagger, buy a pull behind sweeper …. it will do a better job. The frame is the lightest possible, the motor is the cheapest Briggs offers.  It has only two features that make it worth considering.  First, it’s cheap and second, it makes a great platform for the U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association stock class.

Listed on Sears.com as:  YardMachine 13.5 hp 38 inch Lawn Tractor


Read My Review Below These Specs:

Brand: Yard Machines by MTD
Series: Lawn Tractor
Model: 13ac762f000
Ca Model: None
Engine HP: 13.5
Engine Brand: Briggs & Stratton I/C
Cylinders: One
Transmission: 6 speed shift on-the-go
Transmission Control: Lever
Mower Width: 38 inches
Blades: 2
Cutting Positions: 5
Gauge Wheels: None
Washout port: Optional 33167
Blade Engagement: Manual
Turning Radius: 18 inches
Front Axle:  Tube
Rear Tires: 20 x 8
Seat: Low-Back
Slide Seat Adjust:  Screws
Service Minder: None

My Review:

This mower has been around for years in one form or another and people either love it or hate it.  There is no middle ground.  Some people get 10, 15 years out of it.  Most people only get two or three.  If you are hard on equipment, don’t buy this mower, it will not hold up for you.

Other than that, the Yard Machines riding lawn mower is the cheapest mower available.  There are no frills.  It will not mow in reverse.  The tires are little more than inner tubes with magic marker lines for tread.  If you have trees in your yard, you will have flats.  You might as well buy four containers of “Slime” right away and fill the tires.  There is a bagger available for it, but I strongly recommend that you don’t buy this mower with the intention of EVER putting a bagger on it.  The deck is not designed to give you good lift or throw.  It will not throw the grass well into the bagger.  It will not fill the bagger up completely like the Craftsman  YT3000 and YT 4000 tractors do.

Ok, Now that I have vented………… it beats walking.  It’s cheap.  And it looks really cool when you chop and channel it for lawn mower racing.

Photo courtesy of: exhibitoronline.com

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