2011 John Deere 48 in 22 HP Riding Mower Model D140 Review

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Here is the 2011 John Deere 48 in 22 HP Riding Mower Model D140.  This tractor sports a new hood and a free 10-point delivery inspection by certified John Deere technician.  This new inspection program insures your new mower was assembled properly at the factory and the mower is ready to mow.  Be assured this new mower is ready to run!  This riding mower is sized for your medium sized suburban lawn.

It’s Not The Best Lawn Tractor….It’s The Best Lawn Tractor For You!

My Rating of this John Deere Riding Lawn Mower:

John Deere D140 Lawn Tractor

My Value/Cost Rating: Yard Tractor,  Mows Lawn Well, Mulches. Great for 3/4 to 2  Acre Lawns, Light/Medium Hauling, Snow Removal. Accepts Medium Duty Attachments & Bagger.
Type: Yard Tractor.
Engine Type: Good.  Full Pressure Lube.
Transmission Type: Hydrostatic. Listed as Automatic but is actually an automatic.
Speed Control: Pedal (Foot) Infinite
Accepts Medium Duty Attachments: 

My Review:

Priced at about $300 more than the highly comparable YT 4000 Craftsman and the LTX 1050 KW Cub Cadet, this John Deere lawn tractor is a great mower for medium sized normal suburban yard.  This model features the new John Deere hood design,  step through operator’s platform, full pressure lube engine with oil filter, and a 48 inch deck.

The D140 has the foot control hydrostatic transmission.  This transmission is easy to use and will perform well for mowing and medium duty yard tasks.

If you want a mower that will mow 3/4 to 2 acres well, handle a snow blower, and all the non-ground engaging attachments this is a great choice for you.  This tractor is heavy enough to handle gently sloping and smooth lawns.  There are other mowers that will mow faster, or pull more, but this is a great all around mowing machine.

I think this machine does represent a good value, but like most Deere’s it is overpriced in today’s retail market.  This is John Deere’s economy line and this model does use The John Deere motor (the dealer version uses a Briggs & Stratton motor) If you take care of of the lawn tractor properly it will last you a long time. My neighbor is very happy with his two year old 140.

This yard tractor is capable of using all the non-ground engaging attachments John Deere offers including a snow blade and snowblower.


Craftsman really up’d the ante this year with the introduction of the Turn Tight on their YT 3000, YT 4000 and GT6000 series mowers.  The new Craftsman’s 8 inch turning radius is so much better than Deere’s 18 inch turning radius that it would be hard for me to go buy the Deere.  The D140 John Deere has a great reputation among owners and is a good choice if you want “green” on your lawn.

The D140  is heavy enough if you want to attach a  snowblower.   You will be glad you bought larger twin cylinder engine for snow throwing.

Final Thoughts:

John Deere is a great company and they are one of the largest manufactures of farm equipment in the world.  They have had a great reputation for good quality lawn tractors.  The dealer network is good, though mainly located in rural areas.  If you buy one from Home Depot be sure you understand the service options available including extended warranties and local service options.  If you end up buying a Deere from them and then finding out that you have to haul your lawn tractor 40 miles to get it serviced or repaired …. the John Deere D140 may not be the best choice for you.

There are very few negatives with this mower as long as you understand that it is a good quality mid-sized mower designed to mow your suburban lawn.  Take care of it (do the normal maintenance all lawn mowers need) and it will last you a long time.  I like this lawn mower for what it is designed for.

Product Description

The John Deere 48 in. 22 HP Hydrostatic Front-Engine Riding Mower features a V-twin engine with overhead valve design for powerful performance and yet efficient fuel economy. Hydrostatic automatic transmission and 2 foot control pedals allow you to set your own pace while moving forward and reverse. The Edge Cutting System (deck) offers a smooth underside to prevent grass buildup, and the deep deck design lifts grass for a better cut.

  • 22 HP, V-twin engine offers powerful performance
  • 2-pedal automatic transmission is easy to use
  • 48 in. cutting swath easily cares for up to a 2 acre lawn
  • 3-blade edge cutting system provides a precise cut
  • 18 in. turning radius allows maneuverability
  • Wide, step-through frame allows easy access on and off the tractor
  • Controls are color coded and at your fingertips
  • 16 positions allow cutting heights from 1 – 4 in.
  • Can travel at speeds up to 5-1/2 MPH for efficient mowing
  • Hour meter helps monitor usage for proper maintenance intervals
  • Cruise control and electronic PTO engagement for efficient operation
  • MFG Brand Name : John Deere
  • MFG Model # : D140 BG20544
  • MFG Part # : D140 BG20544
  • Number of Cylinders : Twin Cylinder

Extended Warranty:

I am having difficulty establishing just what extended warranties are available for this tractor through Home Depot.  I went through the check out process but at no time could I find the option to get an extended warranty.

John Deere does offer a plan that extends the normal 2 year warranty by one or two years (defects, not wear & tear.)  Their best maintenance plan is not offered on this mower.


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