2017 Swisher Ride King Zero-Turn Mower – Yes, You Read it Right!

Ok, I just had to be the first site to talk about the new 2017 Swisher Ride King Zero-Turn Mower.

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2017 Swisher Ride King

Click For A Larger View 2017 Swisher Ride King

You hear a lot of lawn tractor owners my age who yearn for the “good-ole-days.” They wish companies still made equipment like they had when they were a kid. Beefy, solid, built like a tank. Of course they conveniently forgot how poorly those original “garden tractors” mowed, how rough they rode and that the turning radius was about 10 feet turning left and 897 feet turning right. But there were a few gems. Solid, small 3-wheel riding mowers that cut better than the garden tractors, handled the tight narrow areas of the small suburban lawns, and turned on a dime while leaving 9 cents change.There were a bunch – Big Mow, Heckendorn, Eclipse, Roof, Excello, Simpson and Sears just to name a very few. Most quickly fizzled out in the 70’s but there was one that made it all the way into the early 90’s – the Swisher Ride King.

The Ride King was built a little better than the rest. It wasn’t the cheapest but it was built a little stronger, a little more simple to maintain and had very few moving parts. It just worked, was fun to drive and lasted through more than one teenager.

What is a 2017 Swisher Ride King?

The new 2017 Swisher Ride King is a retro-look zero-turn mower that has been completely re-engineered to meet all the current safety standards. Operator comfort has been improved with a padded seat, foot speed control and a tilt steering wheel. The 32 inch deck now has anti-scalp wheels, rolling wheel bumpers and the cutting height is easily adjusted with just one lever from 1.5 to 4.5 inches! The 344 cc (10.5 HP) Briggs & Stratton engine has electric start.

The Swisher Ride King is the most compact zero-turn mower on the market. Because of its low center of gravity it is also the most stable 30-36 inch zero-turns on the market. Yes, it is designed for relatively flat lawns but I’m not as concerned about its stability for trimming around old trees and small berms as I am with the other small riders.

Click For A Larger View 2017 Swisher Ride King

Click For A Larger View 2017 Swisher Ride King

Click For A Larger View 2017 Swisher Ride King

Click For A Larger View 2017 Swisher Ride King

Click For A Larger View 2017 Swisher Ride King

Click For A Larger View 2017 Swisher Ride King

Why would I want a 2017 Swisher Ride King?

  1. How big is it? It’s small, compact and won’t take up any more room than a 30 inch snow blower in your garage.
  2. It’s small enough that you may just be able to quit using a push mower to trim with. For example, I have a walkway of lawn between two flower beds that is too narrow to mow with a 42 inch rider. It’s right by the front entrance to the house and feature of the landscaping so I can’t just use a string trimmer because the cut would be too rough. The Ride King would go right through that area and I could get rid of my push mower altogether!
  3. It will cut an older, rougher lawn or a lawn with small berms much better than a lawn tractor. Because the wheels are right up against the deck this mower will follow the contours of your lawn as well as a $4000 Husqvarna Rider or $8000 Walker Mower. Set the cut height correctly for your type if grass (3-4 inches for midwest lawns) and it will never scalp your lawn.
  4. It will trim around trees and other landscaping features as well as your push mower. I’d be able to throw away my push mower if I owned one of these. Anti-scalp wheels and side bump rollers further protect your trees and landscaping.
  5. How fast is it? It will mow up to 3/4 acre per hour. Figuring in all the trees and landscaping I have to go around in my one acre yard I should be able to easily mow it in an hour and a half. I will save at least 20-30 minutes mowing my yard because it will trim closer to my landscape than a 42 or larger lawn tractor or zero-turn. I won’t need to use a string trimmer near as much!
  6. All metal and made in the U.S.A! (Warrensburg, Missouri) Built to last from one of the oldest and best companies in the business.
  7. It is a true zero-turn meaning it will pivot inside its own length. But a feature I really like is it does not use the light duty EZT hydro transmissions! Instead it uses a heavy-duty gearbox to the front wheel. Yes, it is a front wheel drive!
  8. It will go through a standard 36 inch gate. 35.5 inches total width.
  9. Single point deck height adjustment. A single crank style height adjustment at the rear of the Ride King.
  10. Yes, you can pull a small yard cart. I expect it will pull my lawn sweeper just fine for leaves in the fall but I won’t even try to use it for aerating. Why? The front wheel drive won’t give you enough traction.
  11. Outstanding maneuverability. The front drive wheel offers a full 360° degree turning radius allowing you to drive in any direction with a quick turn of the steering wheel. Simply turn the wheel 180° to go in reverse.

2017 Swisher Ride King


The 2017 Swisher Ride King Specs:

From Swisher’s Website:

The world’s first zero turn mower, the Swisher Ride King, is back and better than ever. Displaying a retro look that is reminiscent of the original Swisher zero turn mower.  With a total width of 34”, the Ride King is Swisher’s most compact mower designed to fit through standard gates and makes storage a breeze. Achieve a beautifully manicured lawn and be the envy of your neighborhood with the Swisher Ride King. Proudly made in the USA.

Ride King 32″ 10.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Zero Turn Riding Mower TWR10532BS

  • 10.5 HP (344cc) Briggs & Stratton engine*
  • 32″ cutting deck with 2 blades
  • Retro look and feel
  • Full 360° turning radius
  • Manual, single point deck lift
  • 1.5 –4.5” adjustable cutting height
  • Electric start, manual PTO clutch
  • Fits through most standard gates and stores easily
  • Low-back seat
  • Made in the USA

* TWR10532BS-CA CARB compliant option available. Call 1-800-222-8183 for pricing & availability.

Click For A Larger View 2017 Swisher Ride King

Click For A Larger View 2017 Swisher Ride King

What is the Price of the 2017 Swisher Ride King and where is the best place to buy one online?

Before I tell you the price I want to explain what it compares to and what you are actually getting for your money.

This is not a cheap riding mower like the rear engine Troy-Bilt Neighborhood Rider, Craftsman Model 29000 and Murray Rider. These mowers are built as inexpensively as possible, use as much plastic as possible and are designed as a price point just as much as a small riding lawn mower. They are top-heavy, hard to use and the turning radius is horrible. It is also not like the current Snapper rear engine rider. While the 33 inch Snapper RE130 cuts well it uses a stamped tub frame and still is too top-heavy for more than a 10 degree incline. The Ride King is built for longevity in mind.

This mower is tiny but it is built strong and well. I can easily compare this mower to the Toro TimeCutter SW3200 32 in in both build quality and long life. One big feature the Swisher Ride King offers over the Toro is the ability to trim on both sides. (the chassis/wheels are wider than the deck on the Toro)

Check out the Home Depot Sale Price Here: 2017 Swisher Ride King   Please Note: The Swisher Ride King will be available after February 20th to purchase. 

2017 Swisher Ride King

That’s it! Feel free to ask questions in the comment section below.

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how about a Swisher ride king all electric ! that would be awesome idea. Lot less parts, much more quiet….could use aluminum instead of steel,,,,i am now looking at Ryobi small riding electric for about 2500.oo —as quiet, almost no maintenance as well ..


This looks very interesting. I’m assuming it mulches the grass, but can you also bag with it? I have a lot of leaves in the fall and we use a push Toro recycler to do the job now.