2014 Ariens Zoom 34 in. 14.5 HP, EZT, Zero-Turn Riding Mower Review

Ariens Zoom 34 in. 14.5 HP Briggs & Stratton EZT Transaxles Zero-Turn Riding Mower Review

Is this mower for you?

After reading this review 80% of you will realize that a 34 inch zero-turn is not for you.  An other 10% won’t listen to me and buy one anyway. That leaves the 10% this little zero-turn was made for. In fact I highly discourage you from purchasing this zero-turn unless you know for sure it will work on your lawn and it is exactly what you need.  Read on to find out why.

Here are the three main points of this  zero-turn and why it is not for you.

Zoom 34 Price: I have noticed many of you buy the Ariens Zoom 34 because of price. It is the least expensive zero-turn on the market. What most new owners don’t understand though is that the price is least because it is the smallest zero-turn. Most of you who buy this should be purchasing at least a 42 inch like the Craftsman 20411.

Traction:I bought my zoom 34 about 1 1/2 years ago at first it worked fine until got broke in i have a slight slope to my back yard and it can’t hold itself on the slightest hill try to stop or slow on hill it tears up yard as it slides and can’t turn on incline either wheel just spins as it chews up grass. So unless your yard is flat don’t purchase it!”  This little zero-turn is worthless on slopes of any kind.

The reason it is no good on slopes is the rear tires. They are too narrow. On zero-turns all your turning power and hillside grip is caused by the rear wheels. The smaller the tire, the worse the unit is for traction for turns and on hills. This problem is compounded when you are going downhill and try to turn. The forward motion and the lack of traction cause this zero-turn to skid uncontrollably. In addition if you weigh more than 150 lbs there is then too much weight on the front wheels and the unit will not turn on wet grass.

No, the problem can’t be fixed.  This ZTR uses the same EZT transaxles found on most 42, 46, 48 and 54 inch residential zero-turns and they physically are too large for Ariens to install larger wheels on this 34 inch deck.

Weight: The Zoom 34 is also too light to handle well on slopes or ditches. Because of the weight there is not enough traction to hold it on the slope. I’m not talking about a steep ditch-bank here. Any slope at all causes this unit to slide down.

Bagger: I absolutely do not recommend a bagger for this unit. The weight hanging on the back will create havoc on what traction it does have.


Do you still want this model? Ok, let’s talk about the positives.

Quality: Don’t get me wrong, this is a well built unit. I like Ariens and this one uses the best materials and engines. The transmissions are quite heavy for the weight and torque of the ZTR. If you have a small, 1/2 acre flat yard this is a fun mower to use.

It discharges clippings very well and evenly with minimal clumping, better than many mowers. The 7 position height adjustment pedal is excellent, makes more expensive models seem featureless. This is one of its greatest features because it let’s you raise the mowing deck to go over things, such as tree roots, etc.
I used a 30 inch ZTR on my lawn for many years. I used it and put up with the negatives of such a small mower because I had gates and a lot of landscape features I needed to go through.  I finally changed my landscaping so I no longer need that small of a mower. 
To purchase go here: Ariens Riding Lawn Mower. Zoom 34 in. 14.5 HP Briggs & Stratton EZT Transaxles Zero-Turn 915157 Check out the Free White Glove Delivery Service Video


Zoom 34 2 Delivery within 7-10 days by a local Ariens representative. At Delivery the customer will be taught by Ariens how to operate and maintain the mower. The Ariens Zoom 34 in. 14.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Riding Mower has a 14.5 HP Briggs & Stratton single-cylinder engine for high productivity and powerful cutting performance. The 34 in. cutting deck mows more grass in fewer passes and less cutting time, and the zero-turn radius allows you to easily mow around obstacles. This versatile riding mower has 7 settings to allow you to select cutting heights ranging from 1 in. to 4 in. to suit your needs.

  • 14.5 HP Briggs & Stratton single-cylinder engine for high productivity and powerful cutting performance
  • Twin EZT hydrostatic transaxles designed to deliver responsive, smooth, effortless control
  • 34 in. cutting deck mows more grass in fewer passes and less cutting time
  • 12-gauge, stamped-steel deck with 2 maintenance free spindles and standard side discharge for user convenience
  • Zero turning radius saves you time and helps provide precision control and maneuverability with the tightest turning around obstacles
  • Travels up to 6 mph forward and 3 mph in reverse for efficient mowing
  • Fully welded steel frame with fixed front axle for durability and reliability
  • Foot-operated deck lift with 7 cutting heights ranging from 1.5 – 4.5 in. for a customized operation
  • Mid-back seat offers operator support
  • Fully adjustable control arms can be adjusted in 3 different directions to help a accommodate operator preference
  • 2 gal. fuel capacity to help reduce refueling needs
  • Includes 3 year limited consumer warranty
  • Includes deck washout port for a convenient way to keep your deck clean and maintain optimal performance
  • Platform offers a low center of gravity to ensure improved stability, handling and hill-holding capability
  • Item usually ships in 7-10 business days
  • In most shipping areas, Ariens offers white glove delivery service, Zero-Turn mower will be shipped to your local Ariens authorized servicing dealer for set-up and inspection prior to home delivery, inspection includes operator’s manual confirmation, set tire pressure, check fluid levels, test start unit and file warranty registration information,
  • Disclaimer in qualifying area only – If an Ariens authorized dealer is not in your shipping area, Zero-Turn will ship unassembled, directly to you via regular truck delivery. To confirm White Glove Delivery availability prior to purchasing, call 888-927-4367 option #2. It will be delivered to your door mostly assembled simply attach the handle using basic instructions

To purchase go here:Ariens Riding Lawn Mower. Zoom 34 in. 14.5 HP Briggs & Stratton EZT Transaxles Zero-Turn 915157

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Hi Paul,
I am thinking of buying this mower because I have a completely flat, approximately half-acre fenced yard with gate. I can buy this from my local dealer for 2199 + tax. A few questions-
(1) Do dealers ever “haggle” on prices for mowers?
(2) I have 2 herniated discs, and am trying to avoid a “bumpy” ride, are these mowers “bumpy?”
(3) Since you do not recommend a bagger for this mower, does it mulch well?
(4) Is there a better or comparable model you would recommend over this mower, in the same price range?

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