Craftsman 30 hp Garden Tractor Model 28985 Video Review

This tractor is being reintroduced as the 2012 CTX 9500 54 in 30 hp.  Feel free to read this review and then go to my 2012 review to see the latest rendition of this great tractor! 2012 Craftsman CTX9500 54 in 30 hp Premium Tractor Review

To see a complete review of the 2011 model go here: 2011 Craftsman Professional GardenTractor Model 28985 Review/

Victor purchased a Craftsman Model 28985 Garden Tractor with the snow thrower on October 5, 2010 through todaysmower.  As you already know this is Sears finest tractor to date.  It’s a lot more expensive (and heavier) than the LT and YT series tractors and is not on display at most of the stores.

That being said, it is a special order tractor for our area of the country and it took Sears a couple of weeks to get the snow thrower, mulch kit, tire chains, wheel weights and the estate tractor itself to him.  I showed you some pictures he took of the snow thrower two weeks ago and when the tractor arrived last week.  (See Below)

Victor made a really great video of the tractor.  He went over every detail of the unit from the controls, to the deck and engine.  Thanks Victor for taking the time to do this and sharing it with us!


A couple of things as you watch the video.  The tractor came with a hole in one front tire and the steering wheel cap was missing.  When you order a tractor from Sears online it comes to the nearest Sears store in your area.  When it arrives it is in a crate and needs to be taken out of the crate and assembled.  The local store warehouse crew or delivery team does this. The assembly is usually just putting on the steering wheel, hooking up the battery, and on some units,  installing the seat or deck.     In this case the cap for the steering wheel was either missing or they didn’t snap it on tightly.  The hole in the tire is also not common and they may have rolled the tractor over a nail when they removed it from the crate.

If you have this happen to you just call the delivering store and tell them.  They will either offer to get you the part and you can install it yourself or they will ask you to call 1-800-4MY-HOME and schedule a service tech to come out and fix the unit.  The service techs are better equipped to get you the parts or to make the repairs than the store so don’t feel like you are getting the runaround.  The service tech route is the best way and the easiest for you and Sears.

Here is a link to the video on youtube if it is not showing.

Pictures and video of the tractor delivery: 30 HP Craftsman – First Pictures!

Pictures of the snow thrower, snowblower mount, tire chains and weights: 30 hp Craftsman Snow Thrower-First Picts

If you would like to read my complete review of the Craftsman Model 28985 Estate Tractor here is the link: 30 HP Craftsman Garden Tractor. For Real?

Come back after you bought your tractor and tell us all what you like and don’t like about it in the comments section below.

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