2012 Craftsman CTX9000 46 in 22 hp Premium Model 25005 Yard Tractor Review

Executive Summary:  If I recently purchased a house and I wanted to buy a lawn tractor that would last as long as my mortgage I would seriously look at this tractor.  This tractor is priced well for the heavy duty construction and high end features it has.  The 46 inch deck is about the right size.  Small enough to give you a manicured cut and trim easily around landscape beds. Yet it is large enough to make quick work of the larger areas of your lawn. This is a premium estate tractor on par with the more expensive X500, 48 in John Deere.

This CTX9000 series is an exciting new chapter in the development of Craftsman tractor.  It isn’t your old Craftsman. This is truly a premium product, with a 10 gauge steel frame and full steel hood.

Is this the right mower for you?: If you are looking for the best out there…. a mower that will last and last. If you are looking at the John Deere X500 series because everything else is built “too cheap” seriously look at this mower. This is Craftsman’s best 46 inch mower. It has a heavy-duty frame, deck and drive-train.  This tractor will easily mow 1.5 acres per hour.

If this lawn tractor appeals to you also look at the Craftsman CTX9500 Premium 52 in 26 hp Model 25006 Garden Tractor.  While this lawn tractor has many great features including traction control the 25006 has differential lock and a transmission capable of pulling anything Sears sells.  If you want to mow your lawn in style and comfort, pick this one. If you want to till the garden and pull firewood out of the timber buy the 25006.  Take a look at both of them before you make your decision.

Brand/Manufacture: Craftsman / Briggs & Stratton
Model/Series: Premium Tractor 
Item Number:  25005 
This tractor is no longer available $3899.99 to 3999.99 

Basic Quality: (Cheap, Good, Best, Premium, Don’t Buy)  This is Craftsman’s Premium Quality.

Type: (Riding Mower, Lawn Tractor, Yard Tractor, Garden Tractor, Estate Tractor, Sub-Compact, Zero Turn, Stand-On) Premium Lawn Tractor. Handles most non-ground breaking attachments.
Compare it to: John Deere X500 with 48 inch deck,  Simplicity Conquest 23/46, Massey Fergeson 2600 Series, Note: Cub Cadet has dropped the 3000 series. The 2000 series is not on par with these tractors. 

2012 Craftsman CTX9000 46 in 22 hp Premium Model 25005 Yard Tractor Review 1

Craftsman CTX9000 46 in 22 hp

Automatic Traction Control
Quick Release Deck
No-Choke EFM
Low Effort Steering

18 inch Turning Radius!
Nothing else at this time

My Review:

I am very excited about this new Craftsman.  Craftsman did their homework with this tractor and it includes all of the features you have been asking for!

First, the transmission.  This transmission will allow you to go up and down slopes.  If you are mowing and one rear wheel starts to slip all you have to do is let off on the direction pedal and the transmission transfers power to the slipping wheel.  Just press on the pedal again and both wheels now have traction to pull you up the slope.  This is the ONLY tractor in this price range with traction control.

Deck removal is easy with the quick-release deck removal system.  Remove four small clevis pins and squeeze the front mounted deck release handle.  The deck is off!

This lawn tractor will mow in reverse.

The Briggs & Stratton 22 HP V-Twin engine is better than the one in your current lawn tractor.  It has electronic fuel management that doesn’t require choking to start. It starts by just the turn of the key.  The 12 gauge steel deck is easy to adjust with an electronic deck lift allowing you to have an infinite height of cut positions with just the push of a button. An 18 in. turning radius is not as tight as the Craftsman Turn-Tight tractors, but is ideal for cutting around flower beds and obstacles without tearing up your lawn.

This tractor features low effort steering and a 13 in. soft-grip steering wheel that is as comfortable as your car steering wheel. The automatic traction control and large 22 in. x 10 in. tires with Super Turf treads provide great traction . The electronic dash includes oil change and maintenance intervals, hour meter, DC outlet, and service reminder.

This article was first published at TodaysMower.com 

I’m not going to go into a lot of detail on this review.  If you have specific questions leave a comment below and myself or the readers will be glad to answer them.  This is a great tractor and if you want one to last this should be at the top of your list.

Comfort – Ease of Use:  Deluxe seat, comfortable steering wheel, easy steering, large pedals, easy on-and-off. This tractor is very comfortable to drive and use.

Power For Mowing:  This tractor has plenty of power for mowing every week.

Reliability – New to 3 yrs: This tractor is serviced by Sears.  This tractor is new to Sears, but the manufacture has been making a similar tractor for many years. I do not expect any issues with the build quality of this tractor. One thing to know – Sears takes the tractor out of the shipping crate but they do not “setup” the tractor. You have to put gas in it, and run it for the first time. You may have to hook up the battery and charge it. If there is an assembly problem you call 1-800-4MY-HOME and a service tech comes out and fixes the issue. The store where you picked it up from or the delivery team does not repair the tractor.

Handling – Traction/Steering:  This tractor has superior traction and handling and is better than all the $1000 to $3500 lawn tractors on the market.   Although I recommend you never use a mower like this on wet or drought-dry slopes, this tractor will have better traction than you are used to.

Mow – Mulch- Bag:  This tractor has one of the best cutting decks. It mows very well and mulches well with the optional mulch kit. It bags about the same as all the rest.  (It does not use a separate blower)  With this tractor/deck you set the height of cut using a button on the dash. Note: This deck does not have a “striper”

Specifications, Features, Benefits

The rest of this article is taken from the retailers website. Specs subject to change.

Type:  Premium Lawn Tractor (Estate Tractor)
Maximum mowing area per hour (acres): 2 acres at 5 MPH
Recommended for moderate slopes? Yes, has automatic traction control
Excels in mowing around obstacles? Yes, normal landscape beds

Will Mow In Reverse? Yes

Manufacturer: Briggs & Stratton
Brand: Craftsman
Engine Power: 22 hp* 
Displacement: 646 cc. 
Manufacturer: Briggs & Stratton
Cylinders: Single, cast-iron liners
Type: OHV, oil filter, Pressurized Professional EFM
Charging System: 15 amp regulated
Battery: DieHard
Choke/Speed Control: Automatic Choke
Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.6 U.S. gal. 
Transmission: Tuff Torq K57 transmission 
Transmission Control:  Direction – foot controls; speed – lever
Cruise Control: Yes
Forward Speed: 0-5.8 mph
Reverse Speed: 0-3.5 mph
Chassis: 10 ga.
Front Tires: 15×6
Rear Tires: 22×10
Front Axle: Cast Iron with integral wheel stops
Hood Material: Steel
Hourmeter: Yes
Tool Tray: Yes

Cupholder: Yes
Headlights: Yes
Translucent fuel tank or Fuel gauge: Yes,
Deck washout port: Quick Removal Deck
12-volt outlet: Yes
Steering: 2-wheel steer easy steer
Turning Radius: 18 in.
Uncut Circle Radius: ? in. 
Spindle Bushings: Replaceable
Seat Back Height: 15 in. open back
Fore-aft Adjustment: 5 in. while seated
Seat Suspension: Two coil springs
Deck Lift System: Electronic
Mower Cut Height: 1.5 in. to 4 in.
Cut Height Increments: Infinite
Preset Cut Height: Yes
PTO clutch: Electric

Mower Deck

Type: Side discharge
Mower Cutting Width: 46 in.
Blades: 3
Mower Deck Material: 0.105 in.
Mower Wheel Adjustment: NA
Mower Level Adjustment: Exact
Mower Drive System: In-line belt, Manual PTO
Mower Attachment: 4 point Not EZ-Off
Mower Drive: Belt Tension Spring
Mower Wheels Rotate For Deck Removal: No


Wheelbase: ?-in. 
Overall Length: 81-in. 
Width without mower: ?-in. 
Width with mower: 51-in. 
Width with mower: (deflector raised for storage) 48-in. 
Height: 48-in. 
Weight: 802 lb with mower, no fuel

U.S. Warranty: 2 year limited, 3 and 5 year optional protection plan

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Do you think that the Hydo gear 3000 transmission in the Craftsman DGT 4000 – DGT6000 series were a stronger transmission than the the Tuff Torq K-57 transmission that is currently
being used by Craftsman in their garden tractors? Any idea why they were changed?


I’ve had this tractor since it came out and have had the hardest time finding parts and attachments for it that work. The sears service has tried 3 times just to get the right replacement blades and they still haven’t found any that fit! The sears guy finally said he thinks it is based on a snapper not a simplicity…
How do I find replacement blades if neither sears or craftsman can help me?
Leeds MA

Tom M.
Tom M.

Hello folks. I bought a CTX 9000 18 months ago and it has been nothing but trouble. I have a large yard to mow and many, many trees to trim. I thought his tractor would be perfect for my needs. Unfortunately, it has been broken and not running more than it has been working. I only have 46 hours on it because it simply has not been available for use because it has been broken so much. My wife and I have attempted to deal with Sears in an honest and reasonable fashion, and all we have gotten is the… Read more »


Paul, I went to the Sears Home Store to check out the new in the box CTX9000. When I got there I notcied one in the parking lot. I looked at it and it was used, a lot! dents, scratches and worn shift knob. I lifted the hood and inside it said returned, DO NOT SELL. So I went inside and asked about the one they have new in the box. She wasn’t aware of any and asked me where I saw it. I told her online. She looked online and couldn’t find it. She then said she would go… Read more »



I looking at purchasing the Craftsman G5500. You siad it was very good and a great tranmission. I have now found a Craftsman Pro Series CTX 25005 that is cheaper.
I was wondering your though between the two. Is the transmission the same?
I know the CTX25007 has a bigger transmission. The 25005 has traction control, which I think would be nice. I planning on using it for 3 acres of lawn and some moving of wood.
There is some slope to the property. Thanks!


How are these generally holding up two years down the road on the 42″ version? Looking at a leftover, seems like a good deal. How is the service on these? What else should I know or be cautious of?

Ben Lee

After 2 years this mower has been nothing but trouble.You can’t keep belts on it,the electric deck motor has been replaced twice. When it is rigfht it drives and mows great but way to many breakdowns..

Ben Lee

Paul do you think the Briggs Pro EFM engine is as good as the Vanguard ?

Ben Lee

After 40 hrs no problems.It has a great cut with plenty of power.The traction control is what I like best..


Paul is the trans in this foot or lever controls thanks nick


Paul’does this tractor have bushings or bearings on the front spindles for the front wheels? if bearings are they maint free like on the john deere 300 series. looking at this model also besides the husq. with traction control.seems like most of them just have bushings thanks nick


Bob, thanks for the insight, you seem very knowledgable and honest . Here is my question.

I am definitely a lawn guy. I have stayed with the craftsman brand now for over 15 years (2). It’s time to get a new machine, I’ve done my homework and I’ve narrowed it down to 2. It’s between the Craftsman CTX 9000 46″ and the John Deere X 320. I would GREATLY appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks, Scott


Looks like a re-badged Simplicity Broadmoor – but about 200 bucks less. Personally, I like Simplicity’s full length anti-scalp roller for the extra dough. I’d bet the Simplicity accessories would fit the Craftsman. No rating until I buy!

Richard Niederegger
Richard Niederegger

Sorry to bother you with another question. I was in process of ordering the CTX9000 46″ mower and realized that there is not a extended service plan available as there is for other Craftsman mowers. Can you comment on the lack of availability. I would like to purchase a plan, but am reluctant to do so unless purchasing at the same time as the mower.

Thanks for your assistance.

Richard Niederegger
Richard Niederegger

On the Sears website, it indicates that the 46″ deck has three blades. Is this correct?


Richard Niederegger
Richard Niederegger

Thanks for the good reviews of lawn care equipment. I am planning to purchase the CTX9000, 46 inch as my first riding mower. Do you have a part number for the correct grass bagging kit for this mower?



Paul’ This seems to be a heavy duty yard tractor.Its specd.out heavier or stronger then some garden tractors. Seems like a nice unit. keep up the great reviews. nick

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