2009 Craftsman Test Drive LT 2000 Model 28907 Model 28908 Model 28910 Review – Test Drive

Craftsman Test Drive – LT 2000 LT2000 Model 28907 Model 28908 Model 28910 Review – Test Drive

I had the opportunity to test drive the LT 2000 on April 7th.  I specifically drove the Model 28908. 

In general this riding lawn mower is exactly what I expect. A simple, easy to use,  lawn tractor.  The control layout is the new style Craftsman and you find it is very well laid out and intuitive.  These three models mow better than the old Craftsman you are replacing .

The LT 2000 Model 28910 is a 20 hp 42 inch hydrostatic transmission with 2 front gauge wheels on the deck.
The LT 2000 Model 28908 is a 19.5 hp 42 inch automatic transmission with 2 front gauge wheels on the deck.
The LT 2000 Model 28907 is a 19.5 hp 42 inch six speed manual transmission with no gauge wheels on the deck.

I drove the Model 28908 Automatic version of the LT 2000.  The automatic uses a CVT variable speed belt drive similar to the drive in a snowmobile.  It is quick, responsive and great if you have a lot of trimming, flower beds, and other obstructions.  I personally liked this drive, but the one I drove tended to change speed on it’s own when you took your hand off the controls.

I would suggest the Model 28910.  I generally drive with my hand on the speed control but if you are the type that has both hands on the wheel you will probably like the Model 28910 Hydro Version much better.  I drove the 2008 version of the 28910 last year and the hydro drive works great.  The hydro transmission in the 28910 has a reputation for being strong and maintenance free.

Is this the LT2000 series the mower for you? A few things to keep in mind when considering these mowers and comparing them to more expensive models.

– The Model 28907 has no gauge wheels – no anti scalp wheels.  The model 28908 and model 28910 have two front anti-scalp wheels on the front of the deck. All other Craftsman Yard Tractors and Garden Tractors have four or five anti-scalp wheels.
-These Craftsman Lawn Tractors are easy to get on and off. The LT 2000 models feature an easy to use step through operators platform.
– These three models are great mowers for lawns under 2 acres.   You can pull light attachments and they all mow well. These Craftsman mowers will mow in reverse.
– This mower cuts better than your old one.  All other 2009 42 inch and 46 inch decks except the Model 28903 were redesigned this year to match the quality cut of the 2008 Consumer Reports Craftsman Best Buy Deck.
– These Craftsman models feature a pressurized engine with oil filter. The Briggs & Stratton Gold line is a Craftsman Exclusive
– These Craftsman models feature an easily adjustable seat. If you have tall and short people using the mower look at the LT 2000 models.
– For about $100 you can upgrade from the old style LT 1500 to the newer style LT 2000. For about 200 to $300 more you get gauge wheels, a better engine and an automatic/hydro transmission.

There is not much more to say.

You can order this mower online, and have it delivered right to your home using these links:

Craftsman LT 2000 Model 28910 20 HP 42 inch Lawn Tractor
Craftsman LT 2000 19.5 HP/42″ Lawn Tractor Model 28908 Please Note: The 28908 is on a sell hold for a couple of weeks. Techs are rerouting a cable that may cause a belt to fray prematurely. It should be available again about May 1st.
Craftsman LT 2000 19.5 HP/42″ Lawn Tractor Model 28907 

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Keith Kokos
Keith Kokos

oct 4,2009-i just purchased a 28908 for $1289 at my sears store but have not yet taken delivery because they do not have it in stock. Then I found your website. I read the reviews of the 28908 and also the 28926. I have about 1 acre of grass, half fairly level and the rest with a small slope. I want to mulch. I have a few questions. 1.Should i try to buy this mower on line and cancel my existing purchase to save more money. 2. And is the 28926 twice as fast as the 28908. Are there other… Read more »

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