2009 Craftsman Professional 36 inch Zero Turn Mower PZT 9000 Model 28977 Review

This Mower has been discontinued.

Craftsman Professional 36 inch Zero Turn Mower Review

Sears item# 07128877000 Mfr. model# 28877

PZT9000 36 inch

PZT9000 36 inch

Do your neighbors keep telling you that you should enter your landscaping in the “showcase of homes” tour?  Do people keep stopping and asking if they can tour your arboretum?  This mower is a specialized mower, designed for lawns with many obstacles, landscaping beds, and trees to mow around. Next to a 36 inch stand-on mower this is the most agile mower you can buy.   I classify this mower as a high end residential zero turn mower. It has most of the advantages of a commercial zero-turns with the ease of maintenance of a residential mower. This mower is capable of out performing all the other mowers in the Craftsman line for mowing complex lawns. This is one of the best  “trimming” zero turn mowers available today for the price.  If you like to mow lawn, and have lots of flower beds, trees and obstructions to mow around, this is the Craftsman mower for you.

This machine may seem too small, but coupled with the agility and speed of this zero turn riding mower you can easily mow 2 acres an hour.  You will be able to mow faster with this mower than you can with your current residential mower.

The PZT9000 model 28975 comes with the Briggs & Stratton 26 hp ELS V twin engine. It features Hydro-Gear ZT-2800 Commercial Duty Hydrostatic Drive Transaxle w/Variable Displacement Pumps, heavy duty 52 inch fabricated (welded) steel deck, and a 125 lb. ft. Warner electric clutch.


  • 26 HP ELS V-Twin OHV engine with electric start
  • Hydro-Gear® Commercial Duty ZT2800 Transaxles with Robust 1″ Axle shafts,cut steel gears for durability-Charge pump and high pressure relief valves for smooth quiet operation
  • Commercial Duty Warner®MagStop Electric Clutch with serviceable mid-pole brake
  • Outstanding quality of cut at speeds up to 8 mph
  • Dual fuel tanks with 8.5 gallon fuel capacity
  • Hydrostatic dump valves-allow machine to be moved without engine operation
  • Self adjusting single belt trans-axle drive and single deck drive belt
  • Large 5″ Backside Idlers
  • Adjustable high back bucket seat with adjustable armrests

2 year full warranty (manufacture defects only), 5 year frame/front axle, optional 3 yr Protection Agreement (covers all of the lawn tractor including wear and tear, labor, and attachments bought with the mower)


Compare this mower to the Toro Titan, John Deere Z520A Estate Series Z-Trak, and the Bad Boy ZT Series. The 28877 is built just as heavy, with just as good of components as any of these mowers. I think the PYT9000 28975 represents a very good value and a machine that if taken care of properly will last you a long time.

This is a much better mower than the residential zero turn mowers.    This will mow faster and better than the Dixon 30 inch zero turn riding lawn mowers.

This zero turn lawn mower is capable of handling many pull behind attachments Sears offers including a yard carts and spreaders.

At this time Sears Craftsman does not have bagger listed for this mower that I can find on their website. If you want a bagger you can get one through bobcatturf. Bobcat Turf makes the mower for Craftsman


This machine is too narrow for steep hills.  While it does have a low center of gravity, it does not have the hill-side stability of a 50 or 60 inch zero turn.  In my opinion your should mow any side-hills at an angle or not at all instead of across them.  It is heavy enough and balanced well to track on the side-hills but I feel it may be too “tipsy”  and you will not feel comfortable using the machine on side-hills.

If this is your first zero-turn mower be aware there is a “learning curve” with zero-turn mowers. Two lever control zero-turn mowers drive just like a shopping cart, but it takes some practice to keep the inside wheel from digging divots in your lawn when doing 180 degree turns. ( A 1/2 hour of practicing is usually enough to learn. When you are turning watch the rear wheel on the inside of the turn and move the levers so it keeps turning as you make your turn. If you pivot on the inside wheel you will dig holes in your yard.)

It does not have a floating front axle.  The machine is very rigid (good) but if your lawn is really rough you notice a front wheel off the ground going through dips and over bumps.  This is not a “problem” with this mower, it just is something you should be aware of.

There are very few negatives with this mower as long as you understand that it is a good quality riding lawn mower designed to mow lawns well. It is heavier built than a normal consumer mower and much heavier built than the under $3000 residential zero turn lawn mower. I like this lawn mower for what it is designed for. I give this mower a “great value for the money” rating.

Craftsman Professional 36 inch Zero Turn Mower Review

Sears item# 07128877000 Mfr. model# 28877


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