2009 Craftsman PTY9000 Model 28972 Update.

This Tractor Has Been Replaced with the Craftsman Premium CTX Tractors!  


Paul your assessment of this 48″tractor is right on target.

The only next step for the public is another 3000.00 or more and go with a professional mower.

My son bought 2-1/2 acres back in June of 09 and of course he needed a tractor. I let him use my 3 year old LT1042 42″Cub with a Kohler, and of course he likes it and when I cut his yard for him two weeks later I told him he would need a 46″ deck or so.

After looking at the new Cubs LTX1046’s I felt the quality was falling off from my LT series, So I started looking at other mowers and talked to some Lawn Mower shops and one name kept coming up. Craftsman Professional Series.

Sears had them on sale, but I had to drive two states west to pick this thing up because they were selling out everywhere, but it was well worth it, The Deck, and steel hood scream quality and the ELS engine is super strong and the front bumper is extremely strong. It cut the yard about 30 to 45 minutes quicker than my 42″ (is that about what you would have guessed?) and as my son said, Dad this is a man’s tractor. Well I love my Cub and its been solid for 3 years, but I wasn’t confident with the new ones and the saleman wasn’t either. Yeah this mower I feel is better than mine, but isn’t that what we want for our children.

I highly recommend this mower and feel confident it will last for sometime to come.

Yes, when I picked it up, Sears cranked it and made sure the PTO worked and it ran well, But 24 hours later we broke it in on 2-1/2 acres and just loves cutting grass, Yeah the 26 HP BS sounds great and is stronger than my Kohler 19 HP, but it should be right? Thanks Paul, and keep up the good work.


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