2009 Craftsman Revolution Update:

I know there are a few Craftsman Revolutions available around the country on clearance right now.  The clearance lawn tractors are demos or refurbished units. This is a different tractor than what you are used to and a lot more expensive than the YT 3000 or YT 4000 series Craftsman’s that have been very popular this year.

The price is getting good enough on these clearance units that many of you are wondering if they might be a good tractor to buy.

Gene sent me this comment today and I want to share is with all of you that have been wondering about the new Revolution.

Hi Paul,

I have the new Craftsman Revolution riding lawn mower, and after some intitial problems with the first one I received, mostly having to do with quality control inspections on the assembly, Sears came and picked it up and replaced it with another new one. I have exactly 13.5 hours on it now, and I enjoy using the machine. This one is quieter than the first one, and I don’t notice any whine to it, or I’ve become accustomed to it; I’m not sure. It rides very well, leaves a nice cut, and really mulches the grass nicely, leaving no windrows. It turns around in it’s own space, which I need for my small 100 foot city lot. The paint job and finish is equal to a clearcoat job on todays cars; kudos to MTD on that! The seat is very comfortable, and I like the flipup arms. My mower does move forward an inch or two at startup when I release the brake, but I expect it. It is not a “lunge” forward, and it certainly doesn’t frighten me, however.  (Note: from Paul.  There is a video on Utube from April where someone is causing the tractor to jerk and claiming the mower is junk)
I enjoyed reading your responses on the mower, and I agree with what you have written. Thanks for efforts on such a new machine.

You can read my original review here: Craftsman Revolution Review


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