Craftsman YT 4000 Model 28990 26 HP 54 inch Yard Tractor Review

Craftsman YT 4500 Model 28990 26 HP 54 Inch Yard Tractor Review

Sears item# 07128990000 Mfr. model# 28990

The Model 28990 is the same tractor as the 28928 with a 54 inch  deck and 26 hp Kohler motor.

07128990000 The YT4000 model 28990 comes with the Kohler 26 hp Courage V twin engine. It features a 54 inch deck.   The 54 inch deck is vented on the top to allow more air into the deck allowing the airflow of the cutting blades to stand the grass up better.  This is the best cutting deck I know of in a consumer mower.

The deck is larger than a 54 inch deck and you can get your mowing done a lot faster than a 42 inch deck.  The 26 hp Kohler motor is my favorite motor and has plenty of power to handle the extra width.  If you want a yard tractor mower that will mow 2 or more acres lawns well, handle a snow thrower and any other non-ground engaging equipment, this is the best mower in the Craftsman lineup.

This mower is quite often on sale for $1999.99.  The price, features, Kohler motor, and large deck make this one of the most cost effective mowers available today for large lawns.  This is a good mower at a great price.


Hydrostatic Transmission with Foot Control

26 hp V-twin Kohler Courage Series Full Pressure Engine with oil filter.

54  inch precision cut vented deck with 4 gauge wheels and nose roller. Spring loaded deck lift system. Washout port on deck.

Cast iron front axle.

High-back seat with automotive style adjustable seat system

2 year warranty (manufacture defects only), 5 year frame/front axle, optional 3 yr Protection Agreement (covers all of the lawn tractor including wear and tear, labor, and attachments bought with the mower)


I like the mid-size YT 4500 series. I think they represent a good value and a machine that if taken care of properly will last you a long time.

These yard tractors are capable of handling all the non-ground engaging attachments Sears offers including a snow blade and snow thrower.


The YT 4500 is powerful enough if you want to attach a snow thrower, but it is not a garden tractor and is not designed to handle ground engaging attachments. Most homeowners don’t use attachments like pull-behind tillers, plows and the YT4500 will be just the right size. The GT 5000 garden tractors will handle a snow thrower better than this one, but they are almost $1500 more.

Be aware that Craftsman has the largest selection of 42 inch decks because they will easily fit in the back of a pickup.  The 54 inch deck on the model 28990 is too wide to fit between the wheel wells of your pickup so you will need a trailer to haul it around.

There are very few negatives with this mower as long as you understand that it is a good quality mid-sized riding lawn mower designed to mow lawns well.  I like the Kohler motor.  It has a lot of torque and coupled with the 54 inch deck this is a formidable mowing machine.   I will gladly compare this machine equally to other brands costing 1 to 2 thousand dollars more.   It is not the most rugged mower in the Craftsman line-up, nor is it the fastest, but for the money this is a great lawn mower. It is capable of pulling a wide range of attachments but is not designed for ground engaging attachments.

After you use your new mower for a while, come back and tell us how well you like your Craftsman YT 4500!

Craftsman YT 4500 Model 28990 26 HP 54 Inch Yard Tractor Review

Sears item# 07128990000 Mfr. model# 28990

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Pam B
Pam B

we bought our on 5/20/2009 & the frame has been broke since last summer & I called the store & they said warranty was up….. Was that on certain models???

Edna Kisner
Edna Kisner

I loved my 26 hp -54inch cut . everything they say is good ,but they don’t mention the transmission in them . I am on my third year with it and the transmission is coming out of it .I know other people now that is having the same problems .I think they should recall them and they need to put something in them that will hold up . This leaves a lot of people that will not buy them again .I know I wouldn’t.I have a smaller tractor that will run rings around my craftsman.I bought it because it would… Read more »


I have been using this lawn mower for about 8 months now and fully agree with this review. It's basically right on. I use this large lawn tractor mostly for mowing/mulching, moving firewood or branches in a tow cart and plowing snow with the *high traction rear-mount* snow blade. It does all of these items with plenty of power to spare. I use it to take care of an acre of land we live on and 1.5 acres that a family member lives on nearby (less than a mile away). I drive it less than a mile from one house… Read more »


ok paul very curioues to know i am going to but a new lawn mower the 2 have in mine or craftsman professional model # 28973 28hp and 54 in deck cost 2,500.00 or the model number 28990 as u wrote about above now is it wroth paying the extra money for the professional model when all i am going to do is mow a flat lawn about 1.5 acres and pull a tralier and a aerator behind it so can u tell what is the real differance or will they last the same amount of time and mow the… Read more »

Betty B

I am considreing buying either the craftsman YT4500 #28990 or the PTY9000 #28972 with one would be better. I have 5 acres of uneven grass with small inclines to cut. The one I purchase will replace PTY9000 #28872 that I purchased last year. The front steering linkages keep breaking EVERY time I cut the lawn due to a defective frame. So Sears authorized a replacement. #28872 had the kohler engine so I am leary of the Briggs and Stratton what do you think. OR should should I have Sears replace the frame on 28872

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