Deere to sell stand-on mowers from Wright Manufacturing

I normally don’t write about commercial mowers on this blog, but standon mowers are the future of mowing so when I read news like this I want to share it with everyone.

by: Paul Sikkema

Why are standons the future of mowing?

1. They are easier on your body than sitting down. Instead of your back absorbing all the bumps when you drive a sit-down mower when riding a standon your legs and knees naturally absorb most of the bumps.

2. They say a zero-turn mower will cut your mowing time in half over a conventional lawn tractor. A standon will cut that time by another 25%. Standons are much more agile than a sit down zero-turn. You can shift your weight around as you trim, they are shorter, and it is easier to manuever through obstacles.

3. They will go places you would never dream of taking a lawn tractor or zero-turn. Because you can shift your weight when driving one you can mow side hills, curbs, bunkers and ditches.  Because these mowers would go just about anywhere of the 400 properties my lawn company mowed in Northern Illinois, there were only 3 where I had to get out the walk-behind and mow a road ditch or berm.

Now, if someone will design an standon that is affordable for the average homeowner……………

John Deere Stander made by Wright

John Deere Stander made by Wright

Deere works with Wright Manufacturing on stand-on mowers (click on the link to read the full article)
John Deere has brokered an agreement with Wright Manufacturing to produce stand-on lawn mowers as demand for them grows in the professional landscaping market. The mowers will feature the technology of Wright, while carrying the logo and branding of John Deere. The partnership has raised some concerns among equipment dealers, but Wright has taken steps to maintain regular distribution of the equipment. (12/4 

Wright Stander

Wright Stander



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