How To Get The Best Deals At Sears!

Getting the best deals is more than just looking at the page for the item you want.  To get the best deals you need to sign up for the free Shop Your Way Rewards Program and opting to receive emails from the program.

 To join is free and easy. But there are 3 items to do to get the very best deals. NOTE: You must accept emails from Sears to get these deals.

1. Go Here  and click on the Craftsman Name at the top of the screen: Sign Up For Craftsman Club  Join the Craftsman Club. (If you are already a member log in and get your member number)  Go to your email and open the welcome letter from Craftsman.

2. Go Here  and click on the Shop Your Way Rewards Name at the top of the screen: Sign Up For Shop Your Way Rewards Join the program. (If you shop at Sears or Kmart you may already be a member) The easiest way to join is to use your facebook login. Go to your email and open the welcome letter from Shop Your Way Rewards.

3. Go Here and click on the “register” name in the top right corner of the page: Sign Up For Register using the same email you gave in steps 1 and 2. Go to your email and open the welcome letter from Sears.  Add your Craftsman Club Number.

From here on whenever you log in at,, or the other Sears Holdings Companies you will automatically get the best deals including the Craftsman Club and Secret Member Events.

When you go from this site to in the future look in the upper right-hand corner of their screen and make sure you are logged in.

Coming soon there will be additional, exclusive events for Shop Your Way Rewards Members called Secret Member events. The best way for Members to be invited to these events is to add your e-mail address to your SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDS account and opt-in to receive messages from SYWR. Secret Member Events may be announced through other media, but e-mail is the best way to learn about them first.

By providing their email address you will receive:
· Member Extra Savings Opportunities
· Member Only events
· Early Preview of weekly Sales
· Receipt Free Returns

Summary: Sears has the best tractors this year and the best prices, but they also have the most confusing sales. Most of the time the sales are changing so fast that the store associates can’t keep up. Most of the sales staff is part-time (most retail staff is part-time) and their shifts change every day so they don’t always get the info they need to give you the best deal, let alone what is going to happen next week.

From what I see for Lawn Tractors, Mowers, and other L&G equipment,  20% off retail is a “normal” sale, 23% off is a great sale, and anything more than that is a “buy now” sale. Also look at the sale plus any special incentives like bonus Shop Your Way Rewards points, free delivery and coupon codes. I’ll do my best to keep these “extras” posted in the right hand column of this site.


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