2011 Husqvarna RZ3016 Zero Turn Riding Mower Review

Update: This mower has been discontinued through the big box stores but is readily available from your local Husqvarna Dealer and Biuld.com. My Dealer is Eau Claire Lawn Equipment. Please use the Category Menu in the right hand column to read the current reviews. 

I have a house on one acre with 14 landscape beds, 40 trees, 16 Lilac bushes and a 60 ft by 60 ft dog yard with a 34 inch gate.  I own a 30 inch zero-turn and if I needed to replace it this would be the mower I would buy.   It is the perfect size for all the obstacles I have to go around and through.  A 42 inch Lawn Tractor or Yard Tractor is impractical for my yard.

I have had a chance to test drive this mower (I didn’t get to mow with it) and compared to my 3033 Dixon this is what I like:

Tires: For it’s size it has nice large rear tires and front casters.  I hate the tire size and “Z” casters on my old Dixon 3033 and the RX3016 is a major improvement.  The larger tire size helps it to not divot the lawn and makes for a much smoother ride.  Having the larger tires helps it to go through dips and potholes much better than my old machine.

Transmission: The EZT hydrostatic transmissions are smooth and dependable.  The old “cone drive” system on my Dixon is slushy and you never, quite know where you will end up when you turn.  The EXT’s are very precise and easy to use.  I would love to have this much control with a small mower like this.

Size: 30 inches wide.  I have a 34 inch gate on my dog yard and a 30 inch mower is perfect.  I also own an OLD John Deere 8 cu. ft. dump cart that’s only 30 inches wide and the RZ3016 would be perfect for pulling that around the yard.

Adjustable seat: I’m big and my wife is tall and thin.  Having an adjustable seat on a zero-turn is a must.  This allows us to both comfortably use the mower without one of us having to sacrifice comfort.

Motor: The 16 hp Briggs INTEK  has plenty of power to mow at full speed.  (The old Dixon has only a 10 hp) Coupled with the 3 gallon gas tank you can easily mow 4 or 5 acres before adding fuel.

Price: At about $2200 this mower is a great value.  I know….many of you are used to paying a lot less for a lawn tractor or yard tractor, but this machine is well worth the money!   This  mower is actually cheaper than than my old machine was 15 years ago. (I paid $3400 for a comparable Dixon back then)

Speed: The RZ3016 is capable of 6 mph.  (realistic mowing speed about 4) Coupled with the 16 hp motor I know I can cut my current mowing time of 45 minutes by quite a bit.  I dare you to try and mow my yard with a 42 inch yard tractor in that amount of time!

Easy to work on:  I do all of my own repairs and I like the way the RZ3016 “opens” up.  All the components are easily accessible.

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Here is a summary of the mower’s features from the Husqvarna website:

The new RZ3016 raises the bar on compact size, without compromising performance. From the rugged steel tube frame, maintenance free drive system and new high performance cutting deck, to the simplified controls and smooth operation, this new addition offers outstanding value to the RZ family.

Engine  Briggs & Stratton Intek
Power 16.5 hp
Electrical System 12V- 16Amp
Air Filter type Standard OEM
Fuel Type Gasoline
Fuel tank volume (with reserve) 3 gal.
Drive system
Transmission type EZT
Speed forward, min-max 0-6 mph
Speed reverse, min-max 0-3.5 mph
Cutting deck width 30 inch
Cutting deck type Stamped
Cutting height, min-max (approximate) 1.5 – 4.5 inch
Blade engagement Manual
Blades 1
Seat type Vinyl with built in slide
Tire size, front 11×4-5″
Tire size, rear 18×6.5-8″
Base machine, length 72 inch
Base machine, width (chute down) 36 inch
Weight 395 lbs
Productivity 1.6 acres/hr

2011 Husqvarna RZ3016 Zero Turn Riding Mower Review 1

30 inch Zero Turn At Sears!

To buy this mower click on the link below.

Husqvarna 966 61 23-01 Self-Propelled RZ3016 16.5HP Zero Turn Lawn Mower with a 30″ High Performance Stamped Steel Mower Deck 966 61 23-01
2011 Husqvarna RZ3016 Zero Turn Riding Mower Review 2 Free shipping is available at this time.

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nick noel

Paul if you purchase a husqvarna product at sears can you take it back to sears if you have any warranty issues ? thanks nick noel

nick noel

Paul as always thanks for the quick reply! i was refering to the husqvarna rz3016 not the yard tractor. dont know if this will be available at sears?@ if a mulch kit is available? my son cuts acouple yards on our street with a 21″ push mower he wants me to get the zero turn not the tractor so im not sure what to get again? thanks nick noel

nick noel

Paul this is not available at sears at this time, do you know if it will be ? Also is a mulch kit available for this ? (gator blade @ plug)thanks again nick noel

nick noel

Paul thanks for the quick reply.I dont think the zero turn is for me.will be either the sears 28034 or the husqvarna 20hp kohler/46″cut yard tractor sold at sears.Leaning towards the yard tractor seems like you get alot more for the money.I assume that husqvarna is the same as a craftsman with out the tight turn?@ also if i use the link u have to sears for the husqvarna will you still get your commission with out reviewing the tractor? thanks again nick noel

nick noel

Your message… hi paul also looking at the snapper 150z-18.5/33 wanted to know the pros @ cons of each thanks for all the great info. nick noel


Hi Paul,
How would this one compare to the Craftsman 28″ rear engine riding mower for my small lawncare business? You provided some great information for me on the Craftsman mower and after some more searching, I found THIS mower.
I have storage space issues on my truck and off season AND I’m limited on funds and would have to finance whatever I get.
Any thoughts on this compared to the Craftsman?
Thanks again.

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