Owner Review 2009 Craftsman YT 4000 Model 28990 26 HP 54 inch Yard Tractor

This is a guest post from Steve:

Here is my original review: YT 4000 Model 28990.

I have been using this lawn mower for about 8 months now and fully agree with this review. It’s basically right on. I use this large lawn tractor mostly for mowing/mulching, moving firewood or branches in a tow cart and plowing snow with the *high traction rear-mount* snow blade.

It does all of these items with plenty of power to spare. I use it to take care of an acre of land we live on and 1.5 acres that a family member lives on nearby (less than a mile away). I drive it less than a mile from one house to the other. I compared this model to the Craftsman GT 6000 which touted its top speed of 7.5 mph. With a GPS speedometer on board, I can vouch that the YT 4500.

As for plowing snow, once the wheel weights are on and the chains are on tight, this thing pushes like a champ. Last weekend it pushed 12″ of powder snow with no problems at all. In fact, I plowed our 175 foot x 3 car wide driveway, my mother’s 125 foot x 2 car driveway and two neighbors’ 200 foot driveways. This took less than 2 hours and more than 30 minutes of that was commuting and break time. I was about to start plowing the road in front of the house but figured I’d let the town do their thing .

As a user friendly hint, I found that improperly inflated tire pressure can account for most claims of this tractor “spinning tires” when new. Consumers need to read the instruction manual. The first thing they need to do is release 15 psi from the tires that were over-inflated for shipping purposes only. It was never intended to cut grass or do anything at that tire pressure.

Thanks and I hope you find a tractor that fulfills your needs. I believe we have!

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