Sneek Peek – Husqvarna’s Electric Articulating Rider

Husqvarna showcased an electric rider at the GIE-EXPO in October but they did not tell the press much about it. I dug around on their international site and found this info.

The new 36 Volt “Rider Battery” will feature a 33” cutting deck and up to 90 minutes cutting time per charge.

What do you think?  Are you ready for a very maneuverable, electric rider? This first version looks to be aimed at the normal 1/2 acre suburban yard. 90 minutes is plenty of time with this agile riding mower.

In fact 90 minutes is plenty of time to mow my one acre property.

Here is a video: Yes, it is that quiet!


This info comes off the German site. I expect the U.S. Version to be similar.

Husqvarna Rider Battery

“The Husqvarna Rider Battery is the first cordless mower articulating rider. With up to 90 minutes of operation, depending on the condition of the turf driving this battery operated Riders is especially convenient, low noise and exhaust emissions. This is the perfect choice for environmentally conscious homeowners who their neighbors are at least as important as performance and results.”

  • Low noise

    Battery drive is quiet operating noise, increased user friendliness as well as lower noise impact on neighbors.

    • Low Maintenance

      The Rider battery requires an internal combustion engine in comparison with less maintenance, no fuel, no oil and no maintenance of the drive belt.

      • SAVE

        Select Save for maximum run time.

        • Articulated

          Our innovative articulated steering increases maneuverability through improved driving pleasure. The two rear wheels can swivel completely under the rear body and allow a minimum turning circle.

        • Front-mounted cutting deck

          Front-mounted cutting deck for excellent accessibility into corners and under bushes.

        • Compact design

          The compact design ensures that the mower is easy to maneuver in tight spaces. In addition, less space for storage is needed.


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