Weedeater 190cc 26” Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower Review

This Weedeater is also affectionately called the Weedeater One, the Weed Eater We One or the Weedeater We-One

This mower answers the questions.

I’m tired of walking but all the riders are too big.
I’m not allowed to push mow my lawn anymore.
I want a rider, but my lawn is too small.
I wish I could get a mower like my grandpa’s old Big-Mow or Ride King.

UPDATE Mar 2011:

Owners either love this mower or hate it. This is a nice, small mower designed to mow flat, level, smooth lawns.  If you are mowing an old, rough lawn with large trees, dips and ruts you will not like this machine.  

Last years review follows.

I wanted to see one of these new mowers before I wrote a review. I thought: The price is too low.  It’s too cute.  It has to be just a toy.

Weedeater 190cc 26'' Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower Review 1

Weedeater One Riding Mower

The True Value store near me put one on display yesterday and I spent some time going over every inch of the machine. I was primarily looking for weaknesses in the design. As I looked at the mower I compared it to the  Craftsman Shift-On-The-Go and the 38 inch Yard Machines by MTD

My Review:

What I like:

First, The Weedeater One has electric start and can mow in reverse! Most of the small mowers like the Yard Machines and other cheap mowers don’t have the reverse mow option. This was a welcome surprise.

Second, Everything on the mower was built well. The frame is heavy and all the mounting brackets for the deck are at least 1/8 inch steel. It is built MUCH heavier than the Yard Machines and just as heavy as the Craftsman 28034. It was pleasantly surprised how strong every component on the machine was designed and built.

Third, the mowing deck, spindle, and blade is well designed and heavy duty.

The 190 cc motor is large enough for the size of the deck. You may run out of power going up and down long hills or in really heavy grass but as designed (small yards that you mow every week) it will have plenty of power.

A bagger and mulching blade will be available soon.

What you may not like:

The Weedeater One does not have a hitch. It makes sense not to have a hitch because this is a riding lawn mower not a garden tractor.  The Ride-King and Big-Mow never had one and thousands of them were sold.  If you need to pull cart or other items you may want to look at a different mower.

The wheels are a little small for me and you may not like this mower if you weigh more than 220 lbs and mow sandy soil. I think it will sink into poor turf on sandy ground. Most of you will not have a problem with this.

See It In Action:

I have included links to four videos Weedeater put together to show you the features and how to use this new mower. Watch all the videos. They will help you decide if this is the right mower for you.

Weedeater One 360 view





I wish every manufacture put videos like these together for all their powered lawn and garden products.

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Jeff Crank
Jeff Crank

It is trash. We bought one 6 months ago and it has been in the shop for repairs 4 times. I have only used it 4 times. I don’t reccomend it at all.

joe mama
joe mama

great mower well worth the 500 i paid for it i recommend it to all teens and adults:)

bill clay
bill clay

Mine started to fall apart by the end of the first season. Reason: too many plastic parts. Plastic parts break! It’s an inexpensive lawn mower alright, but you get what you pay for. I need something stronger for my light/moderate use. Love the name brand, but not this mower!

Roger Robertson
Roger Robertson

I bought one during Jul 2010. Great mower for my requirements and no problems with it. HOWEVER!!! When I bought it there was a $50.00 rebate offered with it. After four lengthy calls to the company (which resulted in four promises to send it to me) I am still waiting for the rebate even tho 2011 is upon us. PP performance by the company! Enough to piss me off and vow to never purchase anything from them again!!!!!


I read the review and decided to buy one. It started up right away but after mowing for few minutes the blade housing dropped. I had to walk through the yard and find the washer and clip lock and had to fix the housing which took a few minutes. Started it up again and wow this machine is great. I mowed my yard which had about one foot of grass and it mowed it without a problem as long as you mowed at a slow pace. I will test it again tomorrow, so far so good. I live on Guam… Read more »


I bouught this mower about a month ago. I was excited, yet a little skepticle. So far, it mows my 1/4 acre like a champ and burns very little gas. I was worried about the 1/3 gallon gas tank, but it mows my entire yard on less than a tank! I have a small incline from the street up to the yard and it does fine climbing it. The only concern I have is the gear box. In high gear, it is extremely noisy…I’m guessing from the design with 3 drive chains and a gearbox that basically hangs on a… Read more »

Roosevelt Favor
Roosevelt Favor

Thanks for this write-up. I’ve been looking for reviews on this and have only found one negative remark about not having enough power to do hills but my hill is small and I’ll get the lawnmower back out if necessary. The videos were very helpful. Will be ordering mine very soon from either Home Depot or Sears.

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