Yazoo and Kees Brands To Disappear

Husqvarna announced today they are discontinuing the Yazoo/Kees brand and focus on the Dixon and Husqvarna product lines.

Many of you won’t even remember the Yazoo Mower and didn’t even know it was still being made.

Early Yazoo 16 hp

Yazoo was one of the early attempts at making a zero-turn mower. Before the Yazoo most small acreage farmers were using small farm tractors with underbelly mowers. The Yazoo cut their mowing time in half. It was very popular in the Midwest.

Compared to mowing cemetaries with a Heckendorn it saved even more time.

While the Yazoo was a real time-saver it did have it’s faults.  The biggest fault was the Tilt-a-Whirl ride you got hanging off the backend of the mower while trying to control it.  The first time you drove one it scared you half-to-death.  But, wow could you mow lawn compared to others on the market at that time. When Gravely came out with the Pro-Master 50 and others like Skag developed the mid-mount the Yazoo was dead.

Kees came along a lot later and focused on the commercial walk-behind market.  I don’t know why but they bought the Yazoo brand and proceeded to produce commercial mid-mount and walk-behinds until Husqvarana finally bought the struggling company out.


Yazoo, Kees, it’s been a long run …… it’s been fun!


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