What is, Who Makes the Craftsman 420 cc motor On The LT1500 Model 28882 Lawn Tractor and Model 29000 Rider?

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by: Paul Sikkema

The web is abuzz with questions about the new 420 cc Craftsman motor!  Ok, the buzz isn’t quite as strong as the latest iPhone 5 rumors, Dancing With The Stars or even Anne Hathaway but for those of you looking for an inexpensive lawn tractor or riding mower the questions you have are more than relevant.

I’ll keep this article short. Feel free to ask questions in the comments.

Here is what I know:

The engine was introduced last year in the Craftsman Model 25000 riding lawn mower and the owners really like the power it has. They also brag about the fuel economy.

It is designed from the ground up to handle today’s unleaded and 10% ethanol blended fuels.

It has a full pressure lube oil system with oil filter. This means it will run on inclines without running out of oil.  It is better than all the other motors currently on the $1400 and less lawn tractors.

It is not made by Briggs & Stratton or Kawasaki. It is made by MTD. MTD has been making engines for quite some time now and they are proving to be reliable and trustworthy engines.

It is designed to replace competitor’s engines up to 500 cc.

See the new Rear Engine Rider and LT1500 Here:

2013 Craftsman Model 29000 Rear Engine Rider Review

2013 Craftsman LT1500 Lawn Tractor Review

Click the graphic below to enlarge it and see all the features.

Craftsman 420 cc Engine

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    • @Don, the engine is made by Powermore (an MTD company) and it is only rated in cc’s. This motor is a full pressure (meaning oil pump that delivers oil right to the bearings) and has proven to be one of the most reliable small engine on the market.

      Here is the engine parts list in case your are interested in parts availability. Craftsman 420 cc parts

  2. Hi Paul. I am really intersted in this LT1500 as it sure is Budget Friendly at Sears, at $999 out the door, versus the John Deere Models. I understand there is a difference with this LT1500 model to the ohn Deere 100 Series D125, not apple to apples, but if I am mowing on flat ground, less than 1/4 acre in total, with the features of the 420 motor, pressure lube, and 7 speed trans in the LT-1500, and the D-125 being $1799, plus the bonus of a free portable Weber Grill, the Deere is almost double this model, and I saw the Craftsman Youtube Ad on Yourube, it seems Craftsman is proud of the fact they are offering the best bang for buck in the under $1000 price range, any thoughts? Any advice to a first time NEW tractor buyer? I am not sure why so many people diss the MTD mowers anyhow, (this is made for Craftsman by MTD right?) as I had a 35 yr old Murray 5 hp, 3 speed, and sold it last year to friends who are still using it~! Thanks! Randy, Phoenix, AZ

    • @Randy, There are two things I always tell someone looking at the LT1500. 1. It is a manual transmission. You can shift up through the 7 speeds without the clutch but to shift down you have to use the clutch. 2. It does not mow in reverse.

      Other than that it mows your lawn and the deck does a great job. The deck is the same design as all the 42 inch decks made by MTD.

  3. I just purchased the sear rear engine model 290000. This is a great running maching and easy to use. I used it late last year and need to change the oil and filter. The original parts seem to be over priced and i am wonder what after market replacements i can use for the following. I used the lawn mover late last year and it is a great running machine and very user friendly.
    Oil Filter
    Spark Plug
    Air Cleaner
    Gas Filter

  4. I have 29000 and have changed the oil several times using the plastic sleeve to try to direct the flow of oil away form the mower…..it doesn’t work!
    Can I find out the thread size on the drain plug and just screw in an extension tube?
    Regards, Bill

  5. I have a LT1500 420 cc lawn tractor.

    I’ve run into a problem changing the oil.
    The drain plug has about a ¼ inch square female hole in it.
    I tried a ¼ inch socket extension in the hole and the end of the extension sheared off when I tried to turn the plug.
    I imagine I need to buy a square socket to remove the plug, but I don’t know the correct size.
    As I said it’s about ¼ inch square, but it may be a mm size.
    It sure doesn’t give the size in the manual

    The plug is in there pretty tight.

    • @Robert, It is 1/4 inch drive. If you have a 3/8 inch set I suggest you go get a 3/8 to 1/4 drive reducer. That is strong enough to break the plug loose.

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