2013 Craftsman 42 in 420 cc LT 1500 Lawn Tractor Model 28882 Review

This base model Craftsman is new for 2013 and is the best under $1000 Lawn Tractor!  

The 2014 Craftsman T1000 Model 20370 replaces this 2013 Craftsman and improves it with a great new look. 2014 Craftsman 42 inch T1000 Model 20370

Craftsman makes a lawn tractor for every budget and this is the least expensive Craftsman lawn tractor you can buy.  On sale at under $1000 it is one of the cheapest mowers on the market. It is not a “cheaply built” mower though and has the dependability and workmanship you come to expect from Craftsman at this price level. It is by far the best tractor priced under $1000.  It features a good 42 inch deck, a good 420 cc engine, and an easy to use 7 speed shift-on-the-go transmission.    For a basic, no frills mower, it has an excellent reputation.  Owners love their “Craftsman”. This mower can be equipped with a bagger, mulch kit and will pull a small yard cart!  You can mount a snow blade but not a snow thrower.

This rider is new but the only change this year is a good, full pressure lube motor!  The rest of the tractor is the Model 28881 that has gotten plenty of great reviews.

by: Paul Sikkema

Is this the right lawn tractor for you? Please read this entire review before you buy this tractor.  I am going to spend some time and go over this mower completely.  This mower is a great value but it is not for everyone.

Is this the right mower for you? The positive:

If you just want an inexpensive mower and you have a flat lawn about 1/2 to 1 acre, this tractor will do the job.  This mower does not have special upgraded features like the 6 inch radius turn tight steering. It does not have anti-scalp wheels on the deck and it does not have a deluxe seat. If you have a flat lawn without a lot of trees and other landscape features to mow around this may be a good choice for you. This tractor will mow up to 1 acres an hour.

Most owners nowdays prefer a tractor with a hydrostatic transmission: A “hydro” is easier to shift and saves you time when mowing around many obstructions.  If  your lawn does not require you to change speeds or back up a lot though the 7 speed shift-on-the-go transmission is a lot easier to use than the manual transmission in your old mower.  You don’t need to use the clutch when shifting up. In other words when you shift from 1st to 2nd to 3rd you just move the dash mounted shift lever. When you want to use a slower gear or stop then you have to use the clutch.  The transmission also has a “shuttle.”  If you want to back up just depress the clutch and move the fender mounted lever from “F” to “R” and the mower backs up at the same speed as you were going forward.  This is a nice feature that really improves the maneuverability over the older manual transmissions.

Another First For Craftsman!

No one else has a motor of this quality in this price range! This is the first under $1000 lawn tractor that has a full pressure lube OHV motor!  If you have a few slopes and ditches to mow a full pressure lube motor has a much better chance of lasting a long time than one with only a splash-lube oil system.  This motor is made by MTD and as you already know the MTD motors have developed an excellent reputation for plenty of power and dependability.  This is a major upgrade in this price range because it has a full pressure oil system with oil filter.    The lawn tractor itself has been around for a few years now and is the most dependable  mower in this price range.

One complaint you will here from your local service shop is they can’t get parts for new engines.  Sears has every part available for this new engine! Right Click Here: Model-4P90HU Engine. You can even get 10% off the parts using this code! Shop at Sears PartsDirect and get 10% off your purchase with code: 900552013 Craftsman 42 in 420 cc LT 1500 Lawn Tractor  Model 28882 Review 1

Here is a complete article on the Craftsman 420 cc engine What is, Who Makes the Craftsman 420 cc motor On The LT1500 Model 28882 Lawn Tractor and Model 29000 Rider?

Is this the right mower for you? The negative:

This mower is a great value, but it is not for everyone. It is designed to primarily mow lawns.  If you need a rider that will pull a heavy yard cart, sweeper or ground engaging attachments look at a different tractor.

– You can use a 2 bin bagger on this mower but the bagger off your old Craftsman will not fit. (This tractor is made by MTD, your old green or gray LY1000 was made by AYP) If you insist on using your old bagger you need to buy the  Model 28851 Yard Tractor.

– The specifications state it will mow from 1 to 4 inches, but in reality it will only mow up to about 3 1/4 inches.  If you like a thick, lush lawn and mow high this mower will not mow high enough for you.  If you install a mulch kit this mower may not mow high enough for you to get the best cut. (Buy a Model 28851 instead)

– If your lawn is very rough this mower does not have anti-scalp wheels on the deck. There are no after-market wheels available. (Buy a Model 28851 instead)

– This model has very basic tires.  If you have a lot of sticks and other debris you mow over or if you need all the traction you can get because you are mowing slopes look at a different mower. (Buy a Model 28851 instead)

– This mower will not mow in reverse. (Buy a Model 28851 instead)


Face it, your new mower is a mechanical device and eventually it will need some repairs.  Unlike other retailers, Sears has their own service network. Sears techs come to your home. You never have to take you lawn tractor anywhere and you never have to go find the “authorized” servicing dealer.  Just call 1-800-4MY-HOME to set up and appointment for the tech to fix your lawn tractor.

Reliability – New to 3 yrs: This tractor is serviced by Sears.  There have been no issues with the build quality.  One thing to know – Sears takes the tractor out of the shipping crate but they do not “setup” the tractor. (John Deere dealers are the only retailer who does) You have to put gas in it, and run it for the first time. You may have to hook up the battery and charge it. If there is an assembly problem you call 1-800-4MY-HOME and a service tech comes out and fixes the issue. The store where you picked it up from or the delivery team does not repair the tractor.

If you decide this is the right mower for you take advantage of all the special offers Sears has:

Before I give you the BUY link, Be aware of all the special offers Sears has.  Take advantage of these to get the best possible deal.

On the Sears.com page I send you to do the following before you put your items in the cart:

Sign in or Register: These are in the upper-right hand corner. Set up a profile (you do not need to add your credit card) and include you Craftsman Club member number, your Shop Your Way Info etc. Then you will automatically get the best deals all the time.

SYWR: logo-syw

Here are some examples of special offers. On the Sears.com page click the the "Special Offers" tab to see the current offers. Extra 5% off OR special financing available on lawn & garden items $299 or over with Sears card. Offer ends 21-Feb-2013 See details. Online Only! Extra 10% off all tractor attachments sold by Sears. Offer ends 02-Mar-2013 See details. Online Only! Members Get $70 in points with purchase of delivery on tractors over $1299. Offer ends 16-Feb-2013 See details. Online Only! Save $20 on purchase of $200 or more on select items Sold by Sears w coupon FEBRUARY20 Offer ends 16-Feb-2013 See details. Online Only! Save $35 when you purchase $300 or more on select items Sold by Sears w coupon SNOW35! Offer ends 16-Feb-2013 See details. Redeemed SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDS Points Offer ends 31-Dec-9999 See details. No interest if paid in full within 12 months when you use a qualifying Sears card on all items over $299 through 02/21/2013.Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the purchase balance is not paid in full within the 12 months or if you make a late payment. Minimum payments required. Items sold by Sears only. See details
SYWR It's free and you get a lot of great deals by being a member. Get 1% in points everyday and 2% when you use your Sears Card.  Plus you get special bonus points when you purchase selected items. Click on the Shop Your Way Rewards button at the top of the Sears.com page and sign up!

Here are the links: Click on the link to see the specifications and/or buy:

Item Number 28882:Craftsman 420cc 42 7-Speed LT1500 Non CA2013 Craftsman 42 in 420 cc LT 1500 Lawn Tractor  Model 28882 Review 2
Item Number 28887:Craftsman 420cc 42 7-Speed LT1500 CA Only2013 Craftsman 42 in 420 cc LT 1500 Lawn Tractor  Model 28882 Review 3

Buy Here Online, Pickup at Your Local Sears:Craftsman 420cc 42 7-Speed LT1500 Non CA2013 Craftsman 42 in 420 cc LT 1500 Lawn Tractor  Model 28882 Review 4

Buy Here Online, and Have It Delivered To Your Home:Craftsman 420cc 42 7-Speed LT1500 Non CA2013 Craftsman 42 in 420 cc LT 1500 Lawn Tractor  Model 28882 Review 4


Mulch Kit: 33748 (MTD) 42 Mulch Kit
Baggers: 24019 Craftsman (MTD) 42/46 Two Bin Bagger

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Appreciate the help Paul i was able to find it and print out a copy. And yes the warranty was icing on the cake as far as my decision to buy iy so soon after buying the craftsman 20383 mower lets just hope it holds up near as well. I do have one question the manual says to use sae 30 in temps such as here in ohio yet there is a sticker on the engine that says 10-30. Ive always used sae 30 on all my craftsman power equipment….which should i use?


Though i had picked up a 2014 20383 the sears i work at just got one of these refurbished and for the price i couldnt pass on it ( 314$ tax and all with my discount with 2 year warranty ) i have to admit im a little nervous because mtd mowers seem to get alot of bad reviews. But to give my “red mower”a break ive used this to cut the front yard which is only about a half acre. So far so good it cuts well and sounds healthy and has more power then i expected. My only… Read more »

Randall M Amy
Randall M Amy

craftsman lts1500 clutch lever cable? Any in stock?


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